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Day 2,038, 05:21 Published in Japan Japan by Minakami Suoh

Of course, the profiteering of SSG and SoS from CtG often colored them blind to any form of nuisance these Balkan Tutsi could stir, ignoring all common sense for the sake of the success of their own parties. In a twist of irony and contradiction, a woman who in the past fled and abhorred this country due to it being "PTOed" by a much smaller - albeit much louder - group of eNorth Koreans (FoH), somehow fell naive to the promise of collaboration and splitting of power. That power ultimately didn't last very long, from what I observe.

Excluding my own part in her rise (seeing as Angelkovic approached me much earlier on the premise of burying the hatchet and wishing to be friends; and originally Myung_Kei was to be the President before unknown private bargaining occurred - in which I was simply told to have trust - between the eSerbian's beloved Empress and Ceda in the midst of the initial negotiations for CtG to betray former party allies DNP), I have to say the events leading up to today would have never occurred if numerous people from the eJapanese community (and by eJapanese community I mean the real eJapanese community, excluding PTO factions from eSerbia) weren't so stuck on screwing each other over and understood that we aren't going to take back this country by consistently separating ourselves into catty high school cliques.

I'm especially ashamed of SSG, who's original founder and a close friend I brought into this country for the sake of helping it prosper has been reduced to something akin to lapdogs of CtG - attacking anyone who might openly speak out against the blatant increase and abuse of power that their masters hold. I'm ashamed of Spokesman Flaco Jimenez, another friend I brought into this country, for allowing his party president to be selfish at the demise of the eJapanese community. And I'm more than ashamed of Zodiarque, who continues this obnoxious play of neutrality and harmony - a coward's method of handling reality - even in the face of everything reaching a climax of the eJapanese community losing any real control or influence in this country against blatant enemies of the state. That despite being told to work together, he continued to create a split that lead up to a cake walk victory for CtG. That was incredibly selfish from many people, who's names I do not need to mention. Disgusted.

Get it together before we end up wiped permanently by a more powerful enemy due to our inability to have common sense when in the face of adversary.

Crown Prince,
Minakami Suō

P.S: You are free to attack me, but that makes nothing I said in here any less true. Do yourself a favor and think about where you want this country to be in the next few months, and if you actually care for something more than a colony, you'll begin to truly work together.


eYudakens Day 2,038, 05:28

Seems like an article coming from the heart with no politics in mind. That I support! VOTE!

kowalski_afc Day 2,038, 05:32

With this i'll agree 100%;
"I have to say the events leading up to today would have never occurred if numerous people from the eJapanese community weren't so stuck on screwing each other over"

I have the respect for your point of view. But, you should consider that you're guilty also and admit it. Last 2 - 3 months, you're in 2click, but before, you was one of the main actors of whole drama and you cause many "bad blood" in this society.

If you want to blame someone, you should ask to forgive your faults at the start.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 2,038, 05:36

"seeing as Angelkovic approached me much earlier on the premise of burying the hatchet and wishing to be friends" - you should read the whole article instead of picking out snippets. Bad blood was created because it's obvious what CtG's agenda is, and still remains to be.

kowalski_afc Day 2,038, 05:43

You're real drama prince, Nowe (almost to say Drama Queen) xD
You still didn't get it? You still think that this is PTO action? Because you were one of the loudest "old" "eJapanese" with such conspiracy theory, the theory which leaded us to this point.
I read the article several times before i put my comment. Bad blood was created much more earlier, when you started with your attacks and with your wish to stay in politics and on the top for a long time.
There are still people which can recall how you was buying dmg for eRoC against eJapan. How it was? 2 gold for 1kk?
And i don't want to mention your previous "good work", when eJapan was wiped away

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 2,038, 05:45

Except I was never on the top of politics - and now you're trying very hard to derail my point, as expected. Good luck with that, this article wasn't for eSerbians anyway.

kowalski_afc Day 2,038, 05:52

Nowe, you still don't see the point which i'm trying to show you? read your last comment once again. And again and again and again.
When ex eSerbians were asking you to stop all accusations, you ignored them. We did all what you asked for, we stop with articles on serbian, we removed serbian flags, we enter the government and never try to vote for some malicious law.
But, attacks on us didn't stop. Sometimes i have the feeling that some parties doesn't have the program of the work except to scream "PTO PTO PTO".
Action and reaction, Nowe. It's all about that.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 2,038, 12:52

Nowe has been making drama long before CtG even came...

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,038, 13:06

Yes indeed he has, just like you have been making multies long before CtG even came~

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 2,038, 14:09

/facepalm Name more than 1 "multi"

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Day 2,038, 06:01

Oh please Nowe, you were one of the most vocal flamers resorting to quick accusations based only on the RL nationality of your opponents, how can you claim everybody is wrong and you are the only one without any fault? Also your self-destructive way in order to solve the issues is completely out of reality like when you wiped out the forum or you tried to help eRoC to wipe eJapan.

ardishabutaro Day 2,038, 06:03

I made mistake for you two candidacy. But i feel your mistake are worse than this term.
And stop talking about my founding father, you use that "friend" relationship to ask me to support you back then, one thing that i can't forget forever (biggest mistake i did in my eLife)

tarasino Day 2,038, 06:57


ahava3233 Day 2,038, 08:09

Sips tea and eats popcorn...

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,038, 08:33

Oo ahava

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 2,038, 08:58

Oh, Hi! I haven't seen you in awhile.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 2,038, 16:54

Hi ahava

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 2,038, 11:56

The topic isn't really new,but
the article is very well written, it was a pleasure to read it.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 2,038, 12:49

tl;dr > Everybody's wrong, only you are right.

ahava3233 Day 2,038, 12:55


Zodiarque Day 2,038, 14:14


Moshiwake arimasen deshita.

I feel honestly terribly sorry for my disappointing you. I tried to stay neutral for this is how I am and if the game would require me to act otherwise, then I'd probably quit. I'm sorry I can't afford to add frustration of the situation to my daily share of stress, for my sake and selfish will to keep my health at a decent standard.

Again, allow me please to apologize, Koutaishi-sama.


Zodiarque Day 2,039, 00:35

Lol ! Thank you so much, you made my day !

Darshu Day 2,038, 16:16

Otherwise great read. GL Nowe!

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 2,038, 16:46

I'm not going to talk about your past actions as I wasn't here when you made them, but remember, everyone has things to hide.

I'm just going to say that things ain't white or black, there are a lot of greys. I don't agree with leaving CoT, I am probably very missinformed about everything which has happened this term but I'm 100% sure that what you call "eJapanese community" didn't even give Ceda a chance.

I honestly won't give fucks about what people thinks about me, but since I came here I always had more contact with the "community" than with serbians, but the community is dead, unable to make new people stay, unable to play together to achieve goals. You're not better than any of the people you're ashamed of because you did the same than them, going in a separate way than others.

On the other hand, let's face truth. Most people in DNP is a PTO group from hungary. You might say DNP supported Akki or someone else in the past, so what? How many times have Usu and Koppa been called puppets? Won't people understand Akki would be supported by DNP in exchange of accepting some conditions? So in case now eJapan is under a PTO, what changes from the situation of 6 months ago(besides the regions we have lol)? Nothing. We'd have gone from a PTO to another one having in the way 3 months with a president of the "community".

On my eyes, the "community" gets what it deserves and everyone inside it is guilty and everyone inside it should say what themselves did wrong before blaming others. On my case it might be not knowing how every single person in the community is so I could act the right way with each person, on yours, looking for drama and offering gold for damage against eJapan, maybe?

PD: It sounds stupid if you keep calling yourself "Crown prince" as we have no emperor anymore. Sounds like.... "I once was a friend of an important person who isn't around anymore, now I'm nobody but I keep reminding people I was somebody thanks to that other person."

ardishabutaro Day 2,039, 02:37

robin for new Emperor!

ardishabutaro Day 2,039, 02:41

and your full name will be: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Robin-Ibz of Japan.

tarasino Day 2,039, 04:40

Keep licking those Serbian boots, my girl!

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 2,039, 04:55

Keep attention whoring my bitch.

Minakami Suoh Day 2,039, 05:31

Comment deleted

Minakami Suoh Day 2,039, 05:35

Comment deleted

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 2,039, 05:50

The fact you have absolutely nothing against me beyond incidents which I have apologized for - minus "buying damage" which multiple sources can tell you I never gave out a dime, ultimately shows you're speaking out of your ass. Let alone, how many people in this community has done anything they should be guilty of. Just. Just stop yourself right there. Since we're going to be frank, let's get to it. I think you feel like you're quite a hard ass, but all I'm seeing is some autistic little fuck who didn't get anywhere until he inserted his nose directly up Oraizan's cunt and cleaned it for a few months until he became moderately relevant - if you can even call it that. So let's not talk about anything regarding my title and the people I know, or who were friends with - because they themselves could tell you I don't do shit for the recognition of others, or ride the success of another person unlike certain others. Exactly what have you done again, and why do I get this sort of superiority complex? It's undeserved, and Oraizan isn't around anymore - watch yourself, brat.

Beyond /that/ part of your "response", if you can even call it that, there was absolutely nothing relevant that came out of your mouth. It was all shit. It was all an attempt to sound intelligent through having a lot of words and honestly, anyone with half a brain - or who isn't autistic; I'll need samproidz to come read your garbage of an essay to see if it actually makes sense for your kind - will easily recognize that fact. The topic had little to do with DNP, and absolutely nothing to do with Akki - and while you're trying to potentially justify Ceda who seemingly has screenshot proof of his being a puppet - you're doing a horrible job at it considering both Koppa and Usu were also proven to be puppets. Hell, Usu himself told me he wasn't allowed to do jack without the approval of Geezus, and that Geezus had the final say in everything.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 2,039, 05:51

However, the thing you're even more wrong about is that they're PTO agents from Hungary; which is pretty damn hilarious considering they've been here for YEARS (even before who the hell are you? came along). They've sat and advanced with the country, they've fought against Hungary, and they've helped Asia along with the rest of the countries, even if they didn't support some of the choices. Yeah, Geezus tends to be selfish, but if he wanted to really PTO us or actually was a puppet of Hungary, that much would have came up by now. Exactly where do you draw lines between DNP - and CtG? They aren't similar, and they aren't alike. You're grasping for straws and attempting to discredit a nuisance problem by claiming another is virtually the same, and through your cynicism, we should do absolutely nothing because we're 'screwed' anyways.


I'm not even going to bother responding to the rest of your trash since those are obvious issues the community has always faced, ever since your ass got here. Who are you again, honestly? If you can't give me an answer beyond being some SoS douche then you need to pipe the fuck down.

P.S: I really hate that they show "comment deleted" and crap. Can't even make edits without it being super obvious I made grammar boo boo's down the line, oh no.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 2,039, 06:06

All I gonna answer to: Who are you again, honestly?
Someone who could claim to be a crown prince as much as you. So I guess we both are nobody. 🙂

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 2,039, 06:11

You're so cute, no wonder Tarasino has his eyes for you.

synhro Day 2,039, 03:14

When in doubt..demagoguery.

tmcg0130 Day 2,039, 03:31

Japan is a lost cause

Zodiarque Day 2,039, 14:47

Japan is a beautiful place and I think you are misunderstanding it with eJapan.

Please, refrain from speaking ill of the place some of us here and I are strongly attached too.


Sardar Confucius
Sardar Confucius Day 2,039, 17:51


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