I Will Not Be Bullied

Day 4,595, 13:54 Published in USA USA by NY Kingpin

I wasn’t intending to write an article but I was attacked yesterday.

I haven’t been playing very long and it all started off well. I took advantage of all of the Department of Interior programs I could qualify for and worked everyday. I joined the largest party in the eUSA and it was very active, I’m unsure how active other party’s are but the WTP is always giving away food and even sometimes cash. I used to stop by there just to get Q7 food which for a newb is pretty handy. There seemed to be a lot of chatter about multi’s but I just thought it was idol gossip, maybe they are being made a scapegoat I don’t know, I don’t really see any advantage to multiple accounts. As I gained enough cash from working and producing food of my own, I started not going to the party chat everyday.

I signed on today to find out that yesterday in the party feed Dominar Rygel XVI stated that I had been verified 100 percent as a multi, which came as a surprise to me I did not know what I did to deserve this designation. No email to me, nothing just a statement in the party feed stating “I would also like to point out that these two accounts are 100% multis. I would also encourage the members to report them”. I thought I had been lynched. I guess I will be looking for another party, I really liked the activity in the WTP and I will be surprised to find a more active group I’m afraid.