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I want to be a Congressman.

Day 1,794, 00:43 Published in North Korea China by Kim Will Sing

I present my candidacy for a seat in the Congress and I present it in the Worker's Party of North Korea.

My proposals:

Citizenship requests
We have requests for citizenship.
If I am elected, I will consider each request case by case.
Any citizenship granted by me, will be public and in a newspaper article.

Import taxes
I would vote in favor of tax cuts for imports.
Again, it will be public and in a newspaper article.

If we have to sign an alliance with another country.
It will be, once more, public and in an article.

Personal quality
I speak English and French (so if we need to speak with eFrance or eBelgium, I can help).
I do not run after money.
I don't cheat, cause cheating is for cowards and I have too much self-esteem to act as such.

Personal objectives
Liberation of eKorea (first: Pyongan)
Peace with eChina (only if our country is free)
Inform the eKoreans of the situation in the country (transparency politic)

I need your support so if you want to vote for me, please write it in the comments.

PS: If you like this article, don't forget to subscribe to my newspaper and/or to send me weapons, food and/or money.


A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,794, 04:12

Vote and you have my support.

But there is a change in the voting process. Now everyone is voting for a Party (not for a person) and the congress members are redistributed according how many votes the Party has.

btw I don't even think that we'll have Congress elections ; )

Kim Will Sing
Kim Will Sing Day 1,794, 04:23

Thanks for your support.
No Congress elections... You think eChina will attack us to take Chagang?

A r a g o r n
A r a g o r n Day 1,794, 04:58

No, I think "our" CP will attack China in order to lose and be deleted again.

TurtleShroom Day 1,794, 08:00

I strongly oppose anyone that wants peace for China. They are our mortal enemies.

Other than that, you clearly know what you're doing, and I commend that. I do suggest, though, that you fight tooth and nail for any alliance with China. Also, NEVER ally with Serbia. They WILL turn you into a puppet state.

We should ally with South Korea and with the United States.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,794, 13:35

No TurtleShroom. We need protection from China if they attack. I would rather have India or Indonesia. Also, vote for Worker's Party in general.

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,794, 17:16

Comment deleted

Ling Chang
Ling Chang Day 1,798, 11:52

We should make alliance with the eBrasil is a country in growing economy in erepublik! I speak Portuguese I can lead this "negotiation"

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