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I`m alive

Day 1,996, 15:33 Published in South Africa Israel by Chaim Dov

Fellow readers I am alive!!

Final exams and my mini vacation are now over so I have returned. I`m sorry if anyone missed my satire but I will getting back into the groove, just need to find out what has happened!




lancer450 Day 1,996, 19:42

My finals are just about to begin. : (

Chaim Dov
Chaim Dov Day 1,997, 08:58

Feel sorry for ya!! Goodluck 🙂

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,997, 08:51

That's Cool. I guess we will have to wait.

Badger06 Day 1,997, 09:17

from what I recall u werent missed

Chaim Dov
Chaim Dov Day 1,997, 13:52

Knowing how hard english can be to read I'll repeat, "MY.....READERS" if you need anymore help inbox me. Within a few short months we'll get you to master it

Krimpie Day 1,998, 02:09

Chaim Dov Knowing how hard (E)nglish can be to read, I will repeat: "MY.....READERS". If you need any more help, inbox me. Within a few short months we will get you to master it Fixed it for you. A couple of more things you can change but I cannot be arsed with the effort involved. People might stop believing I'm a lazy-j00 then. -K

Drake Franco
Drake Franco Day 1,998, 10:19

Oh I miss finals!

Chaim Dov
Chaim Dov Day 1,998, 15:49

I couldn`t understand why!

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