I got back this afternoon and found I was French.

Day 401, 12:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Peter Steven

Not actually french, of course, just living in France. Or rather, french-occupied Walloon. I was stationed here with the navy, logged on this morning, fought to defend the province from the french attack then went out for the day. When I got back at about 7 this evening, I wasn't particularly surpised that Walloon had been occupied, since we'd been losing heavily. But actually being in an occupied territory is quite strange if you've not experienced it before.

The first thing I noticed after logging on was that all the latest news reports were in french. I realised this would make it somewhat harder to find out what was going on, but was fairly sure I could find the english media if I looked for them.
The second, and rather alarming, realisation, was that I had no money. Looking at the bar on the left of the screen, where wellness, gold and cash are shown, I noticed my cash reserves were zero. It occured to me at this point that with no money I would be completely unable to buy a moving ticket to get back to the UK, and I was fairly relieved that I had a few days supply of food in my inventory. Upon further investigation of the marketplace and monetary markets I discovered that yes, I did still have all of my GBP from before the occupation. But I couldn't spend them in the french marketplace, couldn't buy things from the British marketplace and nobody was willing to exchange GBP for FRF. So, no buying moving tickets, food or weapons for me.

On looking at the active wars section of the army page I discovered that a resistance war had been startedin Walloon, and my first instinct was to take part in the hope of making Walloon British again, but I restrained myself for 3 reasons;
1) No weapon
2) Winning the resistance war wouldn't make Walloon British. It would, I think, make it Belgian.
3) I read the eUK forums and saw that the official orders for my platoon were to stay put and do nothing until the resistance war was over. This made me more relaxed; it basically means I was being told to sit still and do nothing.

So here I am, sitting still and doing nothing. I assume the congressional elections in Walloon have been pretty much buggered by the occupation (I was quite amused to find my home screen asking me to vote in the French congressional elections, but had already voted this morning). I've lost my membership of the PCP becuase I'm not in the UK any more, but I can get that back easily enough later.

The resistance war is actually looking pretty even at the moment. I hope it doesn't last too long, because in 3 days I'm going to run out of food. I could get some more, but I think that to do that I'd have to convert some of my GBP to gold and then to FRF, and the exchange rates are criminal.

I'm not sure if there was really a point to all this, but I was bored and I thought it might be interesting. I'm off to have some garlicked snails now, they're great.
Merry Christmas.