I don't wanna do, but I have to ~ چند تا هیت کوچولو

Day 4,907, 04:28 Published in Iran Iran by megahack


تمام این ماموریت ها تا پایان روز 4913 یعنی ساعت 23:59 اون روز فعال هستند

...این مقاله در حال بروزرسانی میباشد
!با تشکر از صبر و توجهتان

خسیس بازی درنیارین قشنگ اندورس کنین

قشنگ تمومش کن

شاید مجبور باشی یک نبرد را چندین بار بجنگی تا پیروزش شوی - مارگارت تاچر

ـ 1. در 5 نبرد مختلف حداقل 500 انرژی مصرف کن

سکه بهاره 100+
Make it count
You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it – Margaret Thatcher

1. Use at least 500 energy in 5 different Deploys until Day 4,913 23:59

Reward : +100 Springcoins

The world needs heroes
Celebrated by brothers in arms, envied by rookies and hunted by enemies their deeds are forever set in gold

Battle Hero, Sky Hero and Campaign Hero medals are counted.

1. Win 1 Hero medal

Reward : +100Springcoins

Strive for prestige
It's a good week to have a good weekly challenge

1. Reach 500 Prestige Points in the Weekly Challenge

Reward : +50 Springcoins

Show me the money
Hard work deserves fair pay
1. Work 1 times for your Employer for a salary of at least 1500 Currency
2. Work 5 times ...

Reward : +100 Springcoins

See the world
The week is short and the world is wide
1. Travel 25000 Kilometers
2. Travel 75000 Kilometers

Reward : +50 Springcoins

Home sweet homes
Home is where the recovery begins

1. Activate 1 houses
2. Activate 5 houses

Reward : +50 Springcoins

Ramp up production 1/7
Make stocks or flood the market. Will you make the right call?

Assign 5 Employees in your Companies
Reward : +100 Springcoins

The benefactor
Support independent journalism

1. Endorse 5 articles
2. Endorse 10 articles

Reward : +50 Springcoins

War is raging
Battles large and small are popping up everywhere in the new world. Rookies and veterans alike are called to arms

1. Fight in 5 different Campaigns

Reward : +100 Springcoins

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