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I don't need babies to make alliances...

Day 1,887, 05:10 Published in USA USA by stylez of roman

When will this bullshit stop? Has our government become more destructive than the REAL US Government?

Our citizens want to fight... Our citizens NEED to fight... Your little "liberation" game is just a ponsy scheme to focus attention away from your CoT Plans off having an Alliance with the world so you don't have to be held accountable for your actions...

AFA members will jump all over this by the way and say hey he supports us and should disregard this entire government... But that couldn't be further from the truth. Do the people in power completely forget that this is a game?

Do they realize that this would be more fun if we were just fighting random people to gain ground and bonus' every day?

Ok people in the government... Hear the cry of just 2-clickers... THEY WANT SOMETHING TO GET IN TO... GIVE THEM A FIGHT...

Fuck it... just attack Serbia, it's a game what do you have to lose.

Thanks, Stay sexy and start the REVOLUTION!



stylez of roman
stylez of roman Day 1,887, 05:11

Just man the F&*% UP!

samdoo Day 1,887, 09:55

Thats exactly why people dont like the game and quit all the time.. All that is left is the millitary mod.. nothing else.

stylez of roman
stylez of roman Day 1,887, 11:10

Your right but thats eReps fault for ruining the good parts just to make a profit. But right now EVERYONE in eUSA is 2 clicking cause we haven't had a real battle in what? 2-3 months?

ceasaris Day 1,887, 12:10


Candor Day 1,887, 13:00

Voted, can we attack SOMEONE already?! We being all friendly and what not.

Mungo Monroe
Mungo Monroe Day 1,887, 16:45

Voted, we need to prove ourselves to be able military powers, not hippies too scared to fight!

Sam Patriot
Sam Patriot Day 1,887, 20:56


Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Day 1,887, 22:30

i think they want to stop PTOers from some CoT countries (indo and FYROM, who work closely with serbs). but in his article fingerguns says now that we joining CoT, they'll help us in ATO operation. but the question is, what if they decide to camp out in USA too, and then we'll have another iNCi-style party?

Candor Day 1,888, 00:39

Truth is we need people from all over the world to move here if we want to be a great nation. I'd prefer they be able to communicate in english, otherwise meh.

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