I Challenge You Admins!

Day 2,474, 19:07 Published in Nigeria USA by Oothere

Hey guys,

Today I would like to give the admins a challenge with my new Proposals. I could see the admins are trying to challenge players to do tournaments to buy more gold. The recent tournament just happen to went so fast a lot of people had to spend much of their money or just give up fighting. When I first saw the tournament, I first taught this would be an interesting tournament and I had to spend much of my gold till I ran out. At the end, I still needed more gold that I try to downgrade some of my companies but seriously I had forgotten my pin. Oh boy, I had set my password a long time. I got really mad I contact the admins but they were asking for more of my personal information which I find too much and stressful. Now Admins why ask too much of personal information just for a pin?

Lets get down to the main point but if we have this type of tournament frequently, It would be useful to developing Military Units if we have more money coming from admins for Military Unit. Also I would like to point out an idea that could give admins Military Module strategy a rating of A+.

My Proposal are as follows:

1. Develop a Mass email communication to the entire military unit members. Give this power to the commander and second Commanders only to Mass email all regiments members. Allow Captains to Mass email their regiments members only.

2. Give the power to the commander and second commander to take money from the Military Unit account with the approval of the entire Military Unit Captains. lets have it at 66% approval for it to pass.

3. Give powers to all members to store supplies for the Military Unit and Give powers to commanders, second commanders and captains to Mass supply all active members.

4. Lets the Military Unit have an Income coming in based on opponent defeat every week. lets have it as 1000 kills =500 CC deposited to the military unit account.

5. Give powers to MU commanders to spy on other Mu's with a Successful rates and rejected rate. This could be measure in the Military Unit standing leader board base on the ranks of both Mu.

6. Reset Up Captain elections so it could be fair to all members. Also so it won't make the commander as being Bias towards its members. Also set up second commanders Election

7. Give power to commanders to change the location of the MU with 66% approval rating from captains and second commanders.

8. Give powers to commanders to set up a based salary for Second Commanders, captains, and members for the work they do in MU.

9. Give Power to commanders and Captains to award members and the award should stick in their members profile.

Admins wants to make money too. So How about set up a storage Limit on the amount you can supply to military Units. To get more storage, commanders have to pay with gold or currency.

11. Give the powers to Commanders, Second commanders, and captains to contact members through their emails directly when they are inactive or there is an alert.

OK admins, I am challenging you to do half of what I mention or 1/4 of it. I am sure they wouldn't take any actions but if they don't I would have to challenge myself to stop buying anything relating to erepublik.

If you accept the challenge please spread the word to the leaders involve in this game to make some good changes.

Shout out word is :
I challenge you admins!

Also feel free to write the admins a "I challenge you admins 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on!" and post the article below. If I see your "I challenge you admins!", I will also shout out to my feeds.

Thanks for reading and Watch out to my next article on the Kill Rush Tournament.

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