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I am so Shocked I ripple like Waves

Day 1,835, 20:54 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

It's a short article with no heading, no thoughts of the day, no pictures and just some honest answer to someone's article.

I would have ignored it hadn't it been for your claims of Being Mr. "I am So Serious That I can get Scary".
The other reason being Party Bashing that I thoroughly find implacable. India needs more activity, more people and more newbies. And when you start bashing newbies as to why they didn't join your party and that they joined another party, it just transcends all limits. Party bashing leads to cracks in the very foundation of the whole community and that's not what we need.

So here are few points to your "serious" troll questions

1. Why did Abhinay include people who are not in congress?

A: Those people are Cabinet Members. Asmita is HoC, Hemanathan is CP, WildQuark is MoMC, Uv Ajed is head of Babyboom and retention.

2. Why Were IU members left out of the thread.

A: The last time I checked, the thread had M. Khurram, Shockwavve, Shreyash Wadiwala, varundewan, SykoFk, Dinesh raju, Vigorious, Master Duce 007, Asmitatheone and Hemanathan Kumar. All belonging to IU.

3. Why weren't they included in first thread. This is biasing, etc. etc.

A: I think you should mail the admins asking them to increase the thread limit to 50. Just in case you weren't aware the in game thread has a limitation of 30 People. And just in case you haven't checked, please note that there is no forward bloc congress member in the first thread either, nor are there any Yuuva, Ashwamedhism or MMB members in the second thread. And sorry this isn't called "being biased", it is called being more "Organized".

To quote abhinay
"its contains common members : hemanathan, asmita, uvajed, myself(as i created)
congress members of IU and FB

1st thread consist of congress member YUUVA, Ashwamedism and common members...."

And if you still feel that it could have been made some other way by mixing up the party members and making a thread with 30 members in one and 10 in other. Then can you assure me that someone belonging to one thread won't come up with an accusation that "this is the 2nd class congress member thread"

All this stupid "My Party is bigger than yours", "my party is better than yours" will end up taking us no where. And it's more disheartening especially at time when we are trying to organize one of the biggest meet-ups of a virtual community in India with a motive of not just finding new players and like minded people, but also bringing the community close together, in an attempt to make it one big close knit family in real life. Our attempts at this seems pretty futile and waste. It also ends up giving some of us more reasons to stay away from this game, than to waste our valuable time in trying to make it a better one.

One more thing..Shouting and bashing a newbie who made a mistake isn't called trolling. It's called being rude and immature.


Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,835, 21:14

nice explanation sam.

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,835, 22:09

yeah GROW UP...!!!

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,836, 23:15

After Ashmita's explaining, I think all guys should calm down. chill!!!

deadlydisaster Day 1,836, 00:47


ShockWavve Day 1,836, 01:11

How hard it is for a person to just say " hey bro , listen I messed up the candidate list , I will be careful in future and sorry about leaving ur whole party members out of main congress thread "

Instead , let's eat the complaintant

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,836, 01:52

It is not called being organized by conveniently leaving out a whole party. Abhinay was supposed to make a thread and include congress members in order of activity. Also just Including few common members doesnt solve the problem.
What are the chances, issue discussed in the first thread will be discussed in the second? Also, it was divided on basis of parties with similar ideology. Most issues will be "solved" without any sort of opposition.

ShockWavve Day 1,836, 06:22

^^ relax Dinesh

terlika Day 1,836, 06:26

calm down guys we are too few to divide the country in no election time, ican promise you that type of action can only ruin the eNation and eCountry,This is exactly what i left behind when i decide to leave eBulgaria this is what happen there

ShockWavve Day 1,836, 12:52

I like the title of the article .....And like u too UvAjed .....u r my best buddy ......I am big fan of ur articles

ShockWavve Day 1,836, 12:55


Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,837, 08:07

hmm a bit harsh Sam.

Treian Day 1,837, 11:43

While the questions raised could have been addressed in private, the are legitimate questions.....

The answers provided seem innocent enough to have this all over with, but immature comments from both parties won't serve a greater purpose for the nation.... (ie: two words: grow up) this kind of thing isn't positive nor constructive......

After these two articles have been read, all we need to take from it is
1- Legitimate questions raised
2- Reasonable answers given...... THE END.

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