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I am sick of this argument

Day 1,896, 12:45 Published in Japan South Korea by the tormented one
** This piece is purely my frustrated rant as an independent citizen.

Really, a lot of RL Chinese players or maybe also people from other countries too have continued to use this argument to look down on us as we are some sort of eSub-humans, or criminals. They questioned if there is any point in talking to us because we dont speak Japanese, or we are not RL Japanese.

If I moved to eJapan with the consent of the eJapanese community, why cant I be eJapanese, or someone who eBorn in eJapan, why arent they eJapanese in your eyes(assuming they are not multis)? It is only a few month ago that long time eCanadian citizen temujin BC became the CP of eIndonesia voted in by players from mostly RL Indonesia. Was he a PTO too? This is a guy who probably as EDEN as it come, and fought for eChina and eRoC thousands of times.

What matters does it make to you what language I spoke, if I joined because of the hospitality of the people here, and I genuinely love and respect this community and will defend it with all my resources. What does it matters to you?

Whether I am a PTOer or not? Isnt that something for my community to judge?

This really baffle me because this is a game, a fantasy game in fact, that you can be pretty much anyone you like. But according to some weird unwritten law, because we are not RL Japanese, we have no right to be eJapanese, this is a bit hypocritical that a lot of RL Taiwanese are now eChinese, and a lot of RL Chinese are eTaiwanese, and a lot of American Chinese or Canadian Chinese or Australian Chinese are citizen of both countries.

And then they will say they accept them because they speak the same language or share the same culture or ancestry.

But if I say I share the same culture with RL Japanese too, then they will be say this is not allowed because you are a foreigner, you are a PTOer.

For people who constantly mix RL into the game, even in real life, what appearances you have, what language you speak dont necessarily dictate which country you belong to or love. Ironically, one of the biggest immigrant group in my RL country are the Chinese. So, according to their own definition, they are the RL PTOers? And they deserve ill treatment from the country they called home?

A lot of Chinese people follows J-drama, Japanese manga, anime, J-Pop, Japanese food, Korean food, K-Pop, etc.... Many Singaporean Chinese actually want foreigners to think they are culturally Japanese rather than Chinese because they have been influenced so much by Japanese culture and technological advances.

So, in real life, we can identify with whatever we like, Why not in a game?

PTOers is a pretty hated term in eRepublik, I hate them too because this imply these people who carve power from their host country but dont care about the community they belong to. But that doesnt define all eJapanese.

And besides, the Chinese dont always hate PTOers, the Taiwanese have publicly thank the FSR, a well known Romanian PTO group for their assistance. Maybe I was wrong that a lot of people called people like us as fake eJapanese, maybe it is just a poor excuse for something they try to hide.


Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,896, 13:02

Well, the problem is that we have in Japan some (a lot?) of people who don't care about japanese culture, japanese language, and ejapanese stuff, so I think it is easier to say that every non RL japanese is a PTOer^^

And well you can't trust a country like eJapan that easy.... as long as there are that many "bad" people in eJapan it will be difficult that they will begin to trust us again.

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 1,896, 14:05

I think eROC is more alike to Japan than even eJP. Most of immigrants like "samurai","susi",etc. And compare to eROC, many citizen aren't accustomed to Japanese language。

Koragi Day 1,896, 14:12

Let me identify your answer as you cant answer it yourself. The people we are calling PTOers are the people who come to this country and have no respect for eJapan, they bring their countries flag and place it next to Japan's. Why? Because I guess they can't just accept being eJapanese. All of the people that come here and bring their flag with them and get called PTOers deserve everybit of it. Come to Japan and be proud to be eJapanese I say, don't come to eJapan and say "Look at my serbian flag next to the Japanese flag". If you truly want to help eJapan then do so by showing full support to eJapan, show off the Japanese flag alone, not with another flag next to it( Unless this is with foreign affairs which people moving to eJapan wanting to be eJapanese aren't all Ambassadors for one country now are they?)

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,896, 15:33

Even though it's sad, it was nicely written article.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,896, 17:10
Koragi, if you want someone respect your words, then please, put all flags in your argument, not just serbian.

Koragi Day 1,896, 17:55

But, they dont have a flag in their profile picture just a private MU pic, and they have the IMJ banner supporting the national army. I dont see anything wrong with supporting the national army.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,896, 22:12

It's a game.

kowalski_afc Day 1,896, 22:29

@ That 1
I understand your point of view, but you missed the main thing.
Let me tell you something about living in strange country (and believe me, i'm talking about RL and eR).
Really doesn't matter do you share the same things with people which are living in the country where you moved. As long as you respect them, you will be ok. Also, intelligent people will respect your point of view, your way of life and you as long as they see that, in bottom line, you don't make any harm to your new country, as long as they see that you are doing everything to help that your new country make the prosperity.
It's not really matter where are you from. It's not really matter how you came. It's not really matter if someone tells you that you are PTOer or not, because your acts will show more then words.
In any way, i'm finding really funny that those people who blame others that they are PTOers after one or two same words to them, start to cry like a child. Why? They can't stand the same insult? Why? Anyone?

@ Koragi
So, the whole thing is about the banner? Only that? Or you have some personal problems with new eJapanese? I'm not quite sure where is the problem which you found? In flags?
Do you want to give you some examples where people put the flag of another county like their profile picture just because of fun, respect or something else? So, let's all those people blame for being traitors or PTOers or something else...

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,897, 23:07

Well Koragi is right, but even if the don't have the serbian flag... everyone see the true patriot stuff where they fought for serbia... At the end Serbian will be forever PTOers. (It looks like you did some bad stuff in the past).

People who don't "love" Japan, shouldn't come to eJapan.

ps. there are some nice serbian player, but most only in eJapan there are around 75 bad serbians.^^

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,897, 23:19

@ Koragi
This rant isnt about the Serbians, and I am not cover up that there are PTOer in this game. They do exist. And feel free to speak up if you want, it is a free country.

I was from eSK btw and I came here through the hard way of going through all the immigration processes on my own, I didnt bring anyone with me, I tried to fit in and help out. but judging by your response, you may think I am speaking for the Serbians, no, I was speaking up for eJapanese, people including you.

the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,897, 23:21

@Myung Kei
It is indeed a game, I think I said it in my rant too.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,897, 23:23

This comment is to all ex-eSerbian immigrant, or other ex-foreign immigrant. Do not fear this community. The "original eJapanese" people are nationalists, and conservatives. eJapan never really looked forward to accept foreigners, especially foreign parties (for example the eSouth Korean KOJAN party, or the Turkish iNCi party - these ones banished long time ago, and there had been more) but you will always find friends. The eJapanese drama is about factions and intrigues, and sometimes reason is forgotten over emotion. Both of the two greater factions has its own sins of course. CtG clearly choosed the faction I choosed aswell, and the main reason of hostility against you from the other side is because of that. I and my party belives that everyone has the right to prove his or her loyality to his e-nation, and in my eyes, you new eJapanese citizens proved enough. You are not alone! Btw Voted ^w^

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,897, 00:11

I believe that other say that eJapan is PTOed, bc its easier to justify their actions against our country (like invasions etc),
I've also heard that one of eTaiwanese invasions (almost a year ago) was because we didn't fit their imaginations about how eJP should look like (They were frustrated by lots of trolling, not enough of ACG and no japanese language if I remember right).
Finally ... ourselves shouting all the time that we have a lot of PTO (Serb&Turk or whatever) inside, doesn't really help to build better image of eJP overseas ... 😣

Fuyumi Day 1,897, 00:27

here's a simple fix, tell all the people with other countries flags in their profile pic to take their flags off, they dont need to add a japanese flag, just dont have another countries flag in your picture, thats it

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,897, 00:55

>The "original eJapanese" people are nationalists, and conservatives. eJapan never really looked forward to accept foreigners, especially foreign parties (for example the eSouth Korean KOJAN party, or the Turkish iNCi party.)

That's the farthest from the truth as you can get. The "original eJapanese" consisted of people from all around the world in real life, and in game the "original eJapanese" hailed from eSouth Korea, eNorth Korea, eUSA, eMalaysia, eUK, eCanada, and eGermany to name a /few/. Everyone was welcomed to eJapan, and they still remain welcomed to eJapan so long as they do not cause /controversy/ the second they get in, or blatantly swarm in and attempt to gain heavy political influence in the government.

There was absolutely no "hosility" to the KOJAN party, they simply existed - and I associated myself with a number of members of that party. Likewise, you seem to use history you weren't even present for to paint some victimized "eGaijin" portrait of yourself and CtG by equating them to iNCi, a party that admitted to PTO & ATO of countries - the group in which was /illegally/ brought into eJapan for "ATO" when there was no PTO threat present. They "left" because the "original eJapanese" knew how to actually hunt down multis and curbed their attempt to establish a place in the government.

I have no issue with CtG, and the majority of eJapan has no issue with CtG. They have done well in at least /trying/ to get to know everyone and to be more vocal, and that is all we're really asking for. I don't care if they have a Japanese and Serbian flag crossed, it's no crime to be patriotic to two countries. I don't care if they have flags or borders of Serbia still maintained in their personal avatars. Stop nitpicking over small details, they don't have to like anime, manga, or even Japanese culture - because according to the argument, eJapan and Japan itself is completely different and frankly, eJapan has its own culture.

Minakami Suoh
Minakami Suoh Day 1,897, 00:59

In short, stop victimizing yourself and your party rather than owning up to the fact that yes, DNP is a shady group of people and do absolutely nothing but attempt to dismantle everything the rest of us is trying to create simply for your own selfish gain.

I hope from this point on that CtG will continue their current proceedings with the nation and become essentially members of eJapan, and to have patience with the rest. It is only a very vocal minority (plus bobbySAURON) who has an issue with you, not eJapan itself.

kowalski_afc Day 1,897, 01:59

Supplies for eJapan people:

Please, chain shout. Thanks!

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,897, 11:25

@koragi you dont see turkish flag on that profile picture?
Maybe you need glasess?

h idenshi
h idenshi Day 1,897, 11:30

Quite frankly the citizens of eRoC have every right to say that. You may all be eJapanese but the majority sure as hell do not act like Japanese. In their eyes and mine this is more than enough to justify their decisions. I think they've made their position quite clear and it is a very fair one at that.

Koragi Day 1,897, 12:54

Its a turkish emblem but guess what, they are in the IMJ and you serbs join eJapan and stick to your serbian MUs maybe if you joined the national MUs you would fit in better and not be seen as outcasts. The turks are atleast fitting in and joining our MUs and our political parties and not forming their own serbian MUs and serbian parties so you can all sit around speaking in serbian all day.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,897, 13:59

Well we support such things from turkey members, because theirs DO in eturkeys MU were allways against our allies, but in serbian MUs DO is the same or similar.
Constantine party doesnt have closed membership policy, you are all free to join and share ideas and interests, candidate for congres and proposing projects.

Albert tseng
Albert tseng Day 1,898, 10:54

U just come for the interest of ur motherland, nothing more.

or u'll choose to be an ejapanese at the beginning.

just face it.

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