I am not Oblige

Day 2,570, 20:22 Published in USA Pakistan by rainy sunday

I can be your long lost pal~

By now you've probably seen more than a couple articles saying that I'm doing something. The sands have been stirred, and the skies have darkened with its portents, and I am here to tell you that the rumors about me doing that something are 100% true. A lot of you probably thought this day would never come.

I am here, today, to announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America. 😁

For formality's sake, I'll just say that I've been around for quite a while and done most of the things. Not necessarily all of them, obviously, but definitely most of them. And it is this sort of experience that I would like to bring to you guys. If you want the tl;dr here's yet another handy link for your perusal.

Suffice to say, I've done the work. And I care about this community deeply. I wouldn't have stuck around as long as I have if I didn't. And it's time for me to give a bit back, to work for you and all of Emericka, and to bring a little joy to December. Without further ado, here is my cabinet:

Vice President/First Lady: Aramec
Chief of Staff: dmjohnston
Deputy Chief of Staff: RaccoonGoon

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Derphoof
Deputy MoFA: Kemal
Deputy MoFA: Swagg
Envoy to Pakistan: Kusuri Uri
Envoy to Serbia: A^2
Envoy to South Africa: Tenshibo

Secretary of Defense: john nwp
Deputy Secretary of Defense: Synesi
NSC: n0s3y
NSC: garmr
NSC: The Mike
NSC: Rommel Erwin
NSC: TellUrGrlThx

Secretary of the Interior: Err0ka

Secretary of Education: Delyruin
Deputy Secretary of Education: Cody Caine

Secretary of the Treasury: Zoli
Treasury Deputy and Keeper of Shoes and Ponies: Evry

Secretary of Technology: Mike Ontry

Propaganda Minister: Paul
Deputy Propaganda Minister: as George sTrolls
Deputy Propaganda Minister: Ghost of Tom Joad
Pony Express: catsch73

DHS: Malarkey
Whitehouse Medic: Pearlswine
Head Chef: Israel Stevens
Dessert Chef: WildOwl

Archon of Dio: Publius
Mahou Shoujo: Nicholas Ryan
Grand Vizier: LordRah2l
Rainy’s Little Bastard: Chickensguys

To Be Punished: Arrden

I love you. I really really love you.