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i am just a simple potato

Day 1,451, 20:42 Published in USA USA by potato134

hello today when I was growing in a potato field in Ireland I thought of a funny story and i will tell you

once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a potato by the name of tomato. All the other potato's made fun of him but what his friends didn't know was that he was going to be the last surviving potato. During the potato famine in Ireland all of his potato friend's except for him. He was puzzled by this fact and went to the altar of potato's. At the altar of potato's he asked Kartoffel aka. the potato god "why am i the only surviving potato". He replied "you arent a potato you are actually a tomato". With this new information he no longer felt bad for his friends and then decided to go to the remains of them and would plant himself there. What was a potato field became a tomato farm of such greatness that only the mighty cheetah synesi could challenge them. Synesi with his gigantic claws clawed at the field but to no avail the tomatoes survived they even survived through winter it was a miracle. One day synesi was caught in a trap by the tomatos and was then killed.
The end good day and may potato be with you!!!



Rike Tosh
Rike Tosh Day 1,451, 20:45


Synesi Day 1,451, 20:45

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

potato134 Day 1,451, 20:46

may potato be with you

potato134 Day 1,451, 20:47

or tomato 😮

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,452, 23:24

I prefer potato.

Uhriventis Day 1,452, 02:03

Po ta to.

Creativitya Day 1,452, 02:04

Potatos worldwide, unite !

Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence Day 1,452, 03:07

10 points to potato134

TDavis3000 Day 1,452, 10:29

Your shout made it seem like Synesi was quitting. I was concerned for a moment.

potato134 Day 1,452, 10:35

he is not quitting rofl

Synesi Day 1,453, 23:01


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