I am eAmerica!

Day 420, 15:59 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

I was driving home last night and began to listen to some music from a local radio station. As I was driving down a stretch of hilly and curvy roads at about 50mph (Speed Limit: 35) I began to think to myself that I was being quite reckless in my driving.

I was doing something that was hazardous, but quite pleasurable. There are few things more invigorating, save for a few physical acts with other human beings of the opposite gender, than driving fast on a smooth surface; albeit hilly and curved. The act is purely individualistic, as Emile Durkheim himself once put it, to fulfill one's "internal desire to be pleasured by oneself."

Pleasuring Oneself?

I came to a revelation while driving: Everyone in the eWorld (yes, I do think about this damned game even when I am driving), especially eUSA, represent this individualist attitude. Like such, I began thinking about the active voices in eRepublik, namely the wannabe media moguls.

Constantly writing what the public was interested in, jumping on the bandwagon to reach the lists so more may be able to subscribe. Good examples are when the USWP was called "traitors" or with the PEACE-Atlantis problems.


This bunch sickens me. Some of them decided that an MPP Canada will worthless, since the event of Canada being attacked was low and many other reasons. What about our Atlantis obligations? What about good faith and moral meaning? Then...it hit me like my radar detector screaming "POP Gun Alert!"

eAmericans Suck

Seriously, they really do. We pride ourselves in hard work, loyalty, pride (priding ourselves on pride?), and freedom. We are contradicting all of those things. Many eAmericans use the decoder (not hard working...but good for productivity and I will not stop it), bash their own country and allies, degrade themselves by making fools of their opinions via the media, and sit back and watch as PEACE invades and puts down resistance wars.

Atlantis is Imperialist Too!

This is true, but not as an organization. Pakistan, Indonesia, and Iran all together alone hold up the largest mass in the New World. I, however, will not spare Norway or Romania, which both rival this trio's land size.

In a previous article, I referred to Indonesia, Iran, Turkey and Romania as the Axis of Evil of the New World. Now that I think about it, Romania is not evil at all, and neither is Norway.

Despite Russia breaking agreements and starting RWs way too early for the Norwegian-agreed freedom movement, Norway allowed it, and further allowed negotiations for freedom. When Romania attacked Russia, it was not out of imperialism, but for the sake of the game's enjoyment.

We, as Romania's ally, failed her. We began to distrust the war, and we began to second guess our abilities at success. The term "Fight with no weapon" was used like "Are you serious? That will kill us!" when it should had been "Good war effort for saving our tax dollars!" In all seriousness, fighting with no weapons does not hurt you, it only helps the country.

So...eAmericans act like real Americans. We second guess everything, and we are hateful towards foreigners. If we were attacking, say Mexico, for land and fun, we would have no problem and expect Atlantis to support it. I am sure the Romanians could say the same thing.

How about the "Axis of Evil"? Turkey has committed the eHolocaust and offered Israeli freedom after V1, yet they continue to overthrow Israeli-backed political parties and further oppress them. Indonesia has given no land up except two in Australia, and as far as I am concerned this does not free them from their South African and other injustices.

Iran is imperialist to the bone, gobbling up all of China for its own. This is intolerable.

As Atlantis, as a single organization, we need to unite, put aside our pitiful grievances, and look at the two "imperialists" in Asia: Romania and Iran.

When push comes to shove, Romania will support us. Romania will back us up. Romania will exhaust all of its tanks and resources to our defense (as they had done with Argentina, Spain, and other allies). They helped us secure regions in France when all seemed lost, and yet we abandon them? What will Iran do? Continue until all of China and South Korea is taken? How about Japan? I understand that it is a PEACE country, but it borders Hawaii and our western states. I see no problem with fair Japan bordering us, but what if Iran suddenly shared a border with California? Then what?

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