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Day 1,979, 12:37 Published in Ireland Brazil by MUFC992

Good evening eWorld,
So much things are happening in eWorld around us, so much things to write about and so much things to happen in near future, I really don’t know where to start writings. Before anything I have to say that everything in this article is my personal opinion and not the eIrish, I’m not writing this as President of Ireland, but only as citizen of the eWorld.

Looks like TWO moved to another level, Serbia signing MPP with Romania was sure thing to come if you follow the eWorld’s press. I knew something like that must happen. Romania obviously isn’t the old Romania, they don’t have politicians strong enough to say know, looks like Romanians had enough of sitting with the weaker side in this game and they’ve decided to switch sides. Not the first country who’s done it, but it’s significant because that country was one of the founding members of EDEN. What does it mean for the eWorld? Well TWO or how I call them now THREE continues to accept new members, strongest only, I’m sure that Romania will become a member of that alliance, or at least unofficial member. Hungary and Spain aren’t happy with that Serbia decision which could lead to internal fights in that alliance. It’s not the first time in eHistory something like this happens. I don’t believe any country would leave THREE because they are just too strong and too influental in the eWorld.
This also means that EDEN is on the knees, EDEN won’t be around for the long time and that’s sure thing now.

2. CoT vs. THREE
Relations between this two alliances has never been worse, looks like they are becoming a real rivals and their cooperation won’t last for a long time. USA - one of the biggest TWO enemy has joined CoT which just added fuel to the fire. It’s more then obvious now that there’s a plan made by TWO’s HQ to invade USA. That will happen soon. Interesting part of the story is that USA is still friendly with many proEDEN[ countries and they might become the first country of many who will join CoT. That’s one option and I think it’s likely to happen. I believe EDEN countries would choose CoT over TWO, at least most of them. I’d prefer CoT over TWO aswell. This will only lead to bipolar world once again, but this time with lack of trust between members of each alliance. When this game started noone was betrayed, now I can’t think of a country which is not betrayed by one of its friends. Some countries betrayed their friends many times, some became known of it, but there’s also countries who never betrayed anyone. I believe eIreland is one of those, we didn’t even betrayed Bulgaria when they left EDEN, I’m proud we always stick to our allies and I believe it’s the only thing that will be remembered.
What if conflict between TWO and CoT actually starts? I can imagine two scenarios, in one of them EDEN would try to help USA (and CoT by doing that) and in the other EDEN would keep fighting in their own battles and profit from CoT/TWO conflict. That would mean three powerful alliances in this game where each one would be able to fight the other one. Since TWO is stronger then both CoT and EDEN I think those two alliances will create better cooperation.

That’s what I’m hoping for. Since TWO is so powerful now, they will have a choice what to do next. Will they keep fighting EDEN only or now when USA joined CoT they will turn on CoT too? That’s question I’d like to know answer on. I hope they will turn against CoT. Only because that would make this game funny again. If that happens everything is possible. It will be interesting to see some countries making peace between eachother once again, it will be interesting some old allies fighting against eachother, it will be interesting to see what will EDEN gonna do.

It’s time to say goodbye to this alliance. It’s been great alliance, a real brotherhood, one of the strongest ties between some countries has been created here. It was the alliance which determined all other relations between some countries. But it’s also dead alliance, alliance without future and alliance which should have strenght and say: “Alright guys, it’s been great fun, but it’s over now, let’s move to future” and start creating something new, adopt the new relations and have some fun once again. eRepublik has always been bipolar and that’s what EDEN members must know, I believe each EDEN country will pick someone TWO or CoT and they won’t like those given options, but there’s no other options. As I already stated every country already betrayed someone and maybe it’s time now to forget some of those betrayals and build new friendships based on present and future and not the past. There won’t be perfect alliances anymore, that’s sure, there will never be an alliance EDEN once was, but there will always be friends, let’s just pick the side who has more of them and try to forget some bad things in past. I believe Ireland don’t have problems with any alliance since we never done something which would discredit us. I believe any alliance would be happy to have eIreland as their ally, simply because we’re always here for our allies. We won’t refuse call for help.

Once countries start picking their new friends there will be a lot of people who will consider that as betrayal and there’s gonna be many new conflicts in this game, I can only imagine few of them. That’s the most interesting part. Everything we know about alliances so far, everything we know about friendships might change soon.
Just look at what Romania done, they burried all friendly relations with their long time allies only for one MPP with Serbia, things like that happens and things like that will always happen. It’s just matter of time when other EDEN countries will start doing this.
It’s like someone took bunch of cards and splitted them on the table, now it’s up to every country to pick some of cards and create a new group of cards. It’s gonna be interesting who will choose each group.

What will future bring to eIreland? I really don’t know. I know that most of Irish citizens would always pick CoT over TWO, but I also know that most of Irish citizens would pick proEDEN side over CoTWO side. That leads us to a position where we have to wait and see what happens. Now when our old bro’s Bulgaria and USA are in CoT that alliance becomes the favourite. But the problem is our current allies Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay are in constant fights with CoT and not so much with TWO. We’ll have to choose our destiny once again and only because alliances constantly changes. We’re not in good position and I know it’s hard to pick between two of your friends and we’ve been in similar situation several times so far. Ireland will always have on mind who our friends are and that’s what makes us strong country, big country and proud country. We’re one of rare countries who NEVER made an enemy out of friend, noone ever wanted to take a revenge on us, just because we have strenght to be in weaker alliance, but in alliance which contains our friends.
Bulgaria invited us many times, but that would mean we’d betray many our friends, proEDEN countries wanted us to hate Bulgaria, but that would be betray to Bulgaria so we didn’t do that.
We’re now in CUA, it’s a Brotherhood and I believe it’s the real thing, we have gained a lot of new friends who proved themselves as great help, we didn’t lost anything. We have to make sure we never lose them as friends and allies and we’ll do exactly that.

UK is in strongest alliance in the eWorld and we have to know that, our advantage is that we have good friends in every alliance. We have our own alliance - CUA, we have USA and Bulgaria in CoT, USA often helps us and Bulgaria never fight against us. We have even those who respects us a lot in TWO and wouldn’t pick us to bully the smaller country. We built that reputation in the last 3-4 years and that’s exactly the reason we’re always on the map. We’re maintaining that reputation today aswell. We’re always in the fight for our friends and they know that, that’s the reason they love us. You have to earn respect and we done exactly that.

I hope CoT and EDEN will found a new alliance. I don’t think EDEN countries would join CoT, they would maybe fight for that alliance here and then, but they wouldn’t join as official members, so my opinion is that those two alliances should found a new one, containing strongest countries of both alliances ( Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, RUSSIA, Macedonia, Indonesia, USA, China etc. plus smaller countries as Bosnia, Albania, and maybe even Ireland if we choose that way ), that might seems impossible at this moment, but that actually might happen. If the leaders of those countries find strenght to forgive and forget what happened and turn against the future common enemy TWO it’s more then possible. It would be a great fun once again.
The thing that bothers me is the possibility our new (AWESOME) friends would might pick the other side and I’d really like to keep them as friends, that will put us once again in diffcult situation and we’ll have to choose once again.

One thing is sure, a fun times are in front of us and I can’t wait for something to happen which will spice up things and make this game funny again. So go ahead TWO, attack CoT and create fun. Go ahead EDEN, dissolve alliance and start thinking about future. Go ahead eCountries, open you minds to new ideas. And CUA, all I want is make sure we keep fighting together, I made so many friends in those countries that I’d never leave them alone.

TWO and CoT gonna start fighting soon. EDEN will fall apart. Maybe we’ll see fun in this game again. I’m dreaming about the old EDEN.

MUFC992, Citizen of the most loyal country in this game


NKFV Day 1,979, 12:47

Hail CICA!

NKFV Day 1,979, 12:58

Finally read the article. Nice thoughts. Voted.

Djubre Mucko
Djubre Mucko Day 1,979, 12:47


D A R T H V A N Day 1,979, 12:48

POLE ! + V + S

Apostol Mao
Apostol Mao Day 1,979, 12:49


Damhnaic Day 1,979, 12:52

I don't see a dream in that.

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 12:53

You should check the last paragraph ;😉)

Damhnaic Day 1,979, 12:57

I see no dream in that.

Damhnaic Day 1,979, 12:58

There's no dream in conflicts and war, there's no dream in hate and bashing, there's no dream in promoting all these things.

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 12:58

Probably because you don't have required knowledge to know what I'm talking bout ;😉)

Damhnaic Day 1,979, 13:01


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,979, 13:12

This is a war game Damhnaic. 😑

Ashkoort Day 1,979, 12:56

Hahaha, ti si naivni sanjar. I ja sam bio nekad, lijepo je to, al kad tad prestane. Shvatit ces jednom ; )

Pablo Delft
Pablo Delft Day 1,979, 13:04

Nice article! And for sure you can count with a lot of new friends heading South!

Helios IYI
Helios IYI Day 1,979, 13:09

I like the picture in 6. IRELAND hahahahaha ohohohohohohomuaaahahahahh

Helios IYI
Helios IYI Day 1,979, 13:09

I like the picture in 6. IRELAND hahahahaha ohohohohohohomuaaahahahahh

ManuR Day 1,979, 13:13

o7, nice
v + s
Enjoy the game

Tim_Holtz Day 1,979, 13:18

you must be dreaming if you think Greece will be in the same alliance as MKD and Bulgaria.

plus the fact Ireland isnt wiped has nothing to do with reputation, if you had a valuable resource poland needed you wouldnt be free that is 100% guaranteed, you were lucky enough when resources came out to be positioned geographically well and not have anything particularly valuable to big nations

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 1,979, 13:18


DzeGuevara Day 1,979, 13:21

Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Indonesia, USA, China etc. plus smaller countries as Bosnia, Albania, and maybe even Ireland if we choose that way

Instead China add Hungary and Turkey and I would sign. China is fighting just for themselves, why should i fight for a 100/100-recources -country to conquer additional regions they don´t need, when countries like Albania have no congress ? Never again!

Would like to have Hungarians on proEDEN-side, i think Serbia made a decission between HUN and ROM !

Only Turkey-Bulgarian relation would be a problem, but damn it Bulgarians, forget your RL-issues, Turkey is not your real enemy in this game, look Greece-Turkey-relationship. If they can be allies (and even friends) in this game, you can come over it, too.

Vesko Petkov
Vesko Petkov Day 1,979, 13:26

Hahaha, so Albania can't be friends with Serbia? There is always RL, but here is not because of this. The biggest EDEN countries are fighting for themselves, the smaller are not getting help .. is this a friendship?

DzeGuevara Day 1,979, 13:30

I´m not Albanian (: As far as I remember, the most EDEN-countries, at least the west-balkans (croatia, Bosnia, Albanians) and Ireland , most of them fought for Bulgaria, your position in EDEN was not so bad as it was for other countries.

Vesko Petkov
Vesko Petkov Day 1,979, 13:34

Well then Bosnia they're enemies with Serbia in RL.
My opinion is another: if EDEN collapses the countries will look for a new friends. I will be happy to fight with Bosnia, Croatia or Albania. Never with Greece, Romania or Turkey, they're not fighting for the alliance, only for themselves

DzeGuevara Day 1,979, 13:56

I would also like to fight with Bulgaria again, since i play this game, they where one of our best friends, i still didn´t came over that hole crap. I hope there will be some solution in future.

Vesko Petkov
Vesko Petkov Day 1,979, 13:59

There is gonna be, very soon. EDEN and Bulgaria have already deleted Serbia . Why we can't make it again?

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Day 1,979, 13:22

Things are definitely going to get more interesting.

A new world war bring, new alliances, new wars and most importantly FUN! ^^

Phase 1 completed, moving on : 3.

Vesko Petkov
Vesko Petkov Day 1,979, 13:23

Absolutely true 🙂 o/
My thoughts are the same. Maybe EDEN countries will orient to CoT because of Serbia and old friends like USA, Brazil(if they join CoT). Greece and Turkey are possible to join TWO. I think that Croatia, Bosnia and Albania are able to join the CoT side.
It is simple. CoT looks like the possible old EDEN, and TWO are ex One, Phoenix.
Always we have two sides, not three

Sei Kaon
Sei Kaon Day 1,979, 13:25


Quentin Conners
Quentin Conners Day 1,979, 13:27


FabMao Day 1,979, 13:28

Voted.. great article 😃

Velin Genadiev
Velin Genadiev Day 1,979, 13:32


MCBadea1919 Day 1,979, 13:59

you'll never beat the irish... becouse they beat themselves.

T1nk3r Day 1,979, 15:45

The late Bishop Sheen stated that the reason the Irish fight so often among themselves is that they're always assured of having a worthy opponent.

MCBadea1919 Day 1,979, 17:40

Yeah, fear to be beaten by others, so they take an opponent on thier size. 😁 If you cant figt , you make ally with strong ones. Good strategy for ... i cannot pronunce that word... is not for human race.

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 17:55

MCBadea ever heard of Shakira's song "I'm a gypsy" ?

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,980, 02:52

@ mufc I take advantage of this comment o say "du-te-n pizda matii Şi lasă-ne".

MCBadea1919 Day 1,981, 05:08

I send you a picture... we'll see that i am more like a irish and you like a gypsy. 😁 My halogroup will confirm this thing, yours ?

Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,979, 14:11

so my opinion is that those two alliances should found a new one, containing strongest countries of both alliances ( Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Indonesia, USA, China etc. plus smaller countries as Bosnia, Albania, and maybe even Ireland if we choose that way )

THis mean that you want from us to left a great ally as Mexico, Peru,Paraguay. That will never happern my friend.
And Bulgaria and Turkey will never be in same alliance again. Believe me 🙂

Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,979, 14:12

And Greece and MKD in same alliance ?! Nahhhh forget about that to 😃

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,979, 14:21

Interesting thoughts, though I'd have nations with less issues with one another in that dream alliance. I do think CUA, Asgard, or NaN all have the chance to grow rapidly from EDEN's decay.

ChrisJF Day 1,979, 14:35

I think we should either stay with CUA, or go to CoT.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,979, 14:51

Staying with CUA depends on what alignment Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay choose.

ChrisJF Day 1,979, 17:47

Does anybody really want to join TWO?

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 17:53


ChrisJF Day 1,979, 19:44

I think CUA should merge with CoT. We're more or less allies as it is

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 19:44

Well CUA is an enemy with CoT unfortunatly 😛 I hope that will change

ChrisJF Day 1,979, 20:14

Really? I thought they were friends 🙁

MUFC992 Day 1,979, 20:17

Nope 😞

ChrisJF Day 1,979, 21:23

Aww 🙁

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,979, 22:22

If CUA went pro-TWO South America would just become one giant continent fighting together 😛

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