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Hypocrisy & Irony

Day 1,786, 11:56 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by NoTie112

Dear readers,

I was surprised to see the amount of controversy my recent article resulted in - I guess that can only mean an opposing voice was missed for too long! It sparked many replies, and I felt the need to review the reactions in another article. I might continue a long string of articles, and will dub my newspaper ‘The Reductive’ from now on, which is an irony which can be interpreted in many different ways.

The Robbery of the eNetherlands
First of all, I noticed a large number of replies mentioned the robbery of our eState during my term as Country President, and my presumed role in that disastrous event. It’s completely irrelevant to the discussion(s) held, and a way for my political opponents to make me politically irrelevant, especially towards newer players, who haven’t had the chance to formulate a neutral opinion on this case. I want to stress, again, that I am innocent, and am until otherwise proven. I fully accept the bad karma my name’s been given, because I can indeed be blamed for my inability to solve the robbery, but only that fact I am responsible for.

Sorry guys, this is the only money I have ever robbed..

My ‘retirement’ in America
Many have accused me of foolishly leaving to the United States, I accuse them of being illiterate. I have once thought of leaving to the United States, indeed, but never actually did. Even if I did, I would never, ever, leave the eDutch community. I have been eDutch for more than 2 years now, and will do everything in my limited needs to serve my country again and again.

Too proud to leave

Now on to the more interesting stuff;

The most replies were given by members of Geuzen Partij Nederland, but they combined, they added the least. They seem to think I was attacking them, or the current government, while they were one of the sides I didn’t even bother to talk about. I even applauded Van Spijck, for grabbing power so flawless and smooth. Yes, I did state we are Poland’s puppets - but we’ve been for months now. Yes, I did state the current government is conservative-reactionary - in the eyes of the Dutch Socialist Party they certainly are. It gives me the impression GPN desperately tries to keep the media ‘clean’ - or at least have difficulties adjusting itself to opposition so publically given, which they haven’t had for a long time.

I do believe the current government isn’t too good, but it can’t be entirely blamed on GPN or van Spijck (as activity is low). However, I do believe the selection of government members and their skills is lacking. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, WhiteTemplar, for example, insulted one of our most important partners in the world by refusing an ex-Dutch player coming from that same country entrance to our country. I believe that some people have only been given this or that position on the sole ground of political support during the elections - that happens in any elections, but usually they still deliver more than capable enough people. There are more examples of this behaviour within this government.

I have to congratulate Democratisch Nederland and Dutch Patriot Party, who despite the differences between my and their views and personalities were able to at least post some useful reactions. The same goes for The Dutch Socialist Party, which I criticized. It’s party leader, MikeBanes, defended himself in a respectful manner, which have proven my objections to the Socialists’ support to Van Spijck wrong. In fact, The Dutch Socialist Party, might be the only party with real political interest and ambition left in this country.

The Progressive Party didn’t even bother to reply in any way, which is a perfect representation of their current abilities. The current party management completely neglected the history of their party. It once flourished during the rule of Pierre Delvaux and myself, which by surprising tactics, managed to have a major say in Dutch politics. The current party management, however, caved in to populist elements and decided to coup the political party and place it in the current miserable state. The Progressive Party has turned from a major player into a minor sheep farm, owned by the parties who do actually hold and power of significance. A party without vision, besides trading political support for governmental positions of no importance.

There are however elements within the party that have stayed true to their true ideals, they are however in silence. They helped me build up the party during the beginning days, and have been left under a a complete alien political ideology even since. I wish them good luck, and I hope I can one day congratulate my former party members once again, in a recovered Dutch progressive movement.

I recognize comparisons between The Progressive Party and actual party 'GroenLinks'- How many 'Kunduz'-agreements can The Progressive Party sign, before being completely irrelevant?




Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation Day 1,786, 12:13

The Robbery of the eNetherlands

My ‘retirement’ in America
Boo! Go to the eBelgiums you traitor.

Now on to the more interesting stuff
Boo! You were the biggest whiner when you were attacked in the media.

Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation Day 1,786, 12:13

^Summary of the article for the tl;dr

RikW Day 1,786, 12:18

As far as I'm concerned the main reason TPP supports is the fact that he is the only candidate and follows Weekstrom, one of our party members, and thus also TPP's, financial plan and not being puppets. I agree TPP lacks a clear profile and activity, and I tried for a long time since you left to increase it, but it wasn't really succesful unfortunately. Since there aren't any other active members in TPP willing to run for PP I am still PP although I can't be active enough. You are still welcome.

2.D.G Day 1,786, 12:26

We have a mad (and probably 12 year old) cureofthought.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,786, 12:28

So where are your progressive ideas? Maybe put some time in real opposition instead of aticles judging people without even an attempt to decent argumentation.

NoTie112 Day 1,786, 12:29


This is probably one of the more argumented opposition eNetherlands have had in recent time, at least in the eRepublik media.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,786, 12:35

What Zeeuwsmeislje means is that instead of just trying to bash people for the work they have done maybe you should table some of your own ideas first. Perhaps if you presented something then people wouldn't judge you so much. I wasn't around when the robbery happened so I am neutral towards you. But I have to agree that you need to start presenting your ideas in a party instead of just saying all the bad things about other parties.

Mc Claren
Mc Claren Day 1,786, 12:43

I do not like Groenlinks nor do I like Jolande Sap therefore despite everything else thou shall not receive a vote from me

Gwom Day 1,786, 13:14

quote: "The same goes for The Dutch Socialist Party, which I criticized. It’s party leader, MikeBanes, defended himself in a respectful manner, which have proven my objections to the Socialists’ support to Van Spijck wrong. In fact, The Dutch Socialist Party, might be the only party with real political interest and ambition left in this country."

Thank you NoTie to revise your opinion of DSP. Maybe a backup when you have no other party to join....?

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,786, 13:27

Aye, I too am pleased to hear of your revision. We are glad some people in the community believe in the DSP and our struggle. 🙂

Mr. Sphere
Mr. Sphere Day 1,786, 14:30

Due to the lack of cooperation towards the dutch citizens and congress we were unable to prove your guilt but you have been unable to prove your innocents either and while having been given a lot of opportunities to do so you choose to ignore the request of congress and instead showed a bad attitude and refused cooperation.


Tijl Uilenspiegel
Tijl Uilenspiegel Day 1,786, 15:03

if you are innocent, why didn't you just cooperate with congress? pride?

PariahDog Day 1,786, 15:26

Rather than being blamed for not solving the case, it is more accurate to state you obstructed it. By not providing screenshots or an acceptable reason while ignoring questioning, you have actively prevented others from seeing vital evidence. Whether these actions covered your own hide in the theft of the gold or not is a moot point. This obstruction is on equal footing to the actual crime committed, and both warrant accusations of treason. This is not the behavior you'd expect from a president.

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 1,786, 18:30

Despite the fact that you revised your opinion about the DSP i still have a bad feeling when it comes to you. I still don't buy it. "Waar rook is, is vuur". If you're not guilty of treason, you are guilty of not being transparent towards your fellow citizens. Eitherway, your name is still dirty..

Xyrrath Day 1,787, 01:06

I guess the drama games have been started once again.

As I tell people this everytime the discussion starts about the robery of the Dutch bank. Isn't it enough proof for you that the admins didn't ban him for robbing the bank? Money that he took should be always be traceable to him and it will be punished by admins. Once admins can't seem to find any leads back to him and let him play the game how it was intended to be played is the most clear way of telling if he did it or not.

Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation Day 1,787, 02:03

Xyrrath you know this is BS do you? When the same thing happened in Germany and he openly confessed doing it he was not banned either. He is the highest command in the nation, he is allowed to do with the money whatever he sees fit. Including giving 600 Gold to the Belgiums.

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 1,787, 10:48

So Xyrrath what are you, his lawyer? lol

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