Day 5,934, 12:47 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican


Date: Day 5,934

Dear Swiss, allied nations and friends,

Starting a dictatorship was neither a cavalier nor an easy decision.

I’ve been part of eSwitzerland for fourteen (14) years. I’ve seen good and bad governments come and go. I’ve seen hostile take-overs repeatedly. I’ve seen coups start and end. There are many Trump type personalities out there. All real life countries know this and some of their citizens either deny history or unwittingly submit to this narcissistic and destructive behavior.

We have an instrument within the rules of eRepublik that can both be used for nefarious intentions or for the intention of defending and protecting our eCountry. It is called dictatorship and its use for the latter intention is one we deliberated intensively. The decision was unanimous.

Within this article I will explain the reasons and I can only hope that the majority agrees with our decision. But first let me tell you about me personally. I am still the same Rican…. Sometimes called Uncle Rican. I have not changed. I still adhere and subscribe to the values and fairness of true democracy. I am still a stalwart proponent of this type of government… but alas, there comes a time when pernicious methods must be used to protect that very democracy. Furthermore, I can assure you that we will joyously return to a truly democratic state as soon as possible following the elimination of threats to our security.

Over a period of several previous months we had been made aware of intended coups and take-over plans that we watched progress and gain strength. We monitored these events carefully and judiciously. We had inside knowledge of their intentions, plans and methodologies. We watched and we deliberated. We have seen similar methods of action against small countries that seem like easy targets for small groups to try to take power in the country and then be functional and provide benefits to large countries that who sometimes collaborate to make this happen or seek to destabilize and then obtain benefit and control.

At a certain point during our investigations we noticed that these disparate actors were coalescing and joining forces. At this point we decided that the time to move was now in order to protect eSwitzerland from the chaos and destruction that would have ensued. All political parties and all loyal citizens were consulted about what to do and we unanimously decided to place our government in a temporary dictatorship until the threat was eliminated.

Please allow me to repeat myself when I say that we will joyously return to a truly democratic state as soon as possible following the elimination of threats to our security.

We are willing to answer any questions that you may have.

… and so, I remain,

Uncle Rican