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How we can help the Philippines! (Must Read)

Day 1,991, 00:28 Published in Philippines Philippines by UberNewbz
Steps on how we can improve the Philippines:

* We can sign NAP treaties with countries invading the Philippines such as (Indonesia, China).

* We can create a relationship with power/equal countries and create an
alliance with them

* We can increase Job wages to increase our economy and money flow meaning we purchase items only in the Filipino brand.

* We can create a babyboom pact(increase the Filipino

* We can elect a President that actually speaks English/Tagalog and take
action towards helping the Philippines other than creating resistant wars that doesn't help

* We can elect congressmen that are active and vote in laws that
actually help the Philippines

* We can recreate Active ministries such as Defense, education, economics.

..(These are the FIRST STEPS on how we can help the Philippines together)..


GMJBL15 Day 1,991, 02:24

Choose "power" countries CAREFULLY. ingat ingat din po

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,991, 05:00

If we just keep on creating treaties, I think that will bore the military commanders

UberNewbz Day 1,992, 13:07

No were just going to create a treaty so we can actually have time to strengthen ourselves and the economy cause we are being poorer each time we hold resistance wars cause my job doesn't paying me enough it's barely enough to do anything.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,992, 18:04

The economy is really bad now for the whole eRepublik. It will be hard to fix them

UberNewbz Day 1,994, 01:09

Starting anywhere can make a change no matter how bad the economy is , at least we are trying, we have to work together and strategize. 🙂

Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 1,991, 08:03

Most of the countries don't care, friendship of 200ish < resources

UberNewbz Day 1,992, 13:15

Well if power countries aren't looking at us because of our economy status we can still befriend countries that has the same or equal status as us I think having some sort of alliance with other equal countries we can benefit each other. Any kind of change can make a big difference.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,992, 18:05

I agree! I want to join one of the small alliances (like NaN, CUA, Asgard)

UberNewbz Day 1,994, 01:14

That's great do you think joining one of those alliances, one of them will accept us?

killer456 Day 1,992, 01:31

People is buying in the Indonesian market because is cheaper! But it doesn't help the country, is helping our enemies! Please just buy in the Philippines market!

UberNewbz Day 1,992, 13:10

Maybe you have to help and persuade people of the Philippines to buy local(Filipino) resources and how much that could help the economy.

Counte Day 2,001, 08:20

Comment deleted

Counte Day 2,001, 11:46

Hi there!

I just joined this eRepublik a few hours ago, and what strikes me as the main root of all the country's woes is the basic lack of proper information dissemination, a good mass media board. We all know that improper marketing is always the downfall of any business, and that failure is resounding here. Think about Jose Rizal, he's literally our National Hero because he was a astounding and dead "intelligencia"

If the we properly attune our minds through an interactive, current, formal, and relevant media/poll system, we know that there will be a domino effect of internal and external resolutions. Yes, we do have to inform everyone to buy from the Philippine market; Yes we do need to rally people to the cause of immigrating in to our country; Yes, we do need to break the local/interior borders and differences and restructure the parties/members of the government. All this can be solved with a systematic chronicle that is easily accessible, intuitive, and distinctly Filipino.

UberNewbz Day 2,003, 06:11

Hey, thanks for your input and inspiring fact, Ive been recently messaged by (kb1992) which he is running for president, he also has the same ideas on which we can improve the economy and is more detailed about how we can in this link: vote for him as he is up for democracy and a better future for ePhilippines!... 😃

Counte Day 2,003, 06:31

Kamusta na, kaibigan?

With no disrespect, I suggest someone proofread the article for some very minor flaws.

But aside from that I am impressed by the promises of his campaign. The direction if he would be elected would tackle the basics of our e-nation, a reversal of damage if i may say. Any aid I can offer to the nation is truly in the bottom of my heart.

Sadly though, I can not vote yet due to my insufficient strength. If only the universe had been kinder and pointed me to this wonderful game, maybe my vote (and the friends i'm bringing in) would have been available to the best candidate. Such a shame.

Once again, I'd Like to offer my aid to any supportive endeavor for our nation. Mabuhy! V

with all respect,

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