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Education: How to Use Discord

Dateline: Summer 2019; Republished March 2023.
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Internet Relay Chat. Rizon. Coldfront. Nickserv. Chanserv. Botserv.

All of these are essentially relics of a bygone era. Once critical to the organization of browser games and forum communities, they now lay dormant and abandoned to time.

In its place, a better system has emerged on a new service.


Discord is the new happening place for real-time chat in every country. So how do you get there and how does it work?! Well, let’s explore!

If you download the app, or access discord from your browser, this is how it will look:

This is a shot of my profile on the eUSA Discord Channel. As you can see, there are pleenty of icons, images, roles, etc to go through on this page.

First, to join a server, you must be invited by someone who is on the server. They will give you a link, like this one for the eUSA Server:

Congrats! By having an account and clicking that link, you’re now in the eUSA Discord Channel!

Let’s break down this home page then. On the left side, you’ll see this bar:

This bar on the left side shows you all of the servers you have joined. This is at the bottom of my bar, and you can see several servers you may recognize. Up at the top, you have Sweden, the USA, the UK, the old eNPR Server, Feds, Pfeiffer’s Stream, and the SFP Discord.

At the very bottom is a “+” symbol. By clicking that, you can create your own server. Perhaps you’d like your own private channel, or even one for your MU/Party!

Next to the servers, you’ll see this bar:

Here you’ll find the channels and options for the server you are currently paying attention to.

In the eUSA, we have several servers, for various purposes and levels of access. For instance, the PotUS Cabinet has access to the Cabinet chat. Server admins do their business in the Admin Chat. Congress can meet in the Congress tab, as well. Defense and Command are for priority battles and coordination.

The voice channels are there to chit-chat with your fellow citizens, and others. Simply click on one, and you can immediately chat with others in the channel, a la Skype or Teamspeak.

At the bottom, you’ll find personal option. Clicking the microphone will mute your mic in voice. Clicking the headset will mute your headphones and microphone. Clicking the gear takes you to your own personal settings for voice, notifications, avatars, account security, etc.

In the middle, you’ll find the servers chat section. At the bottom is obviously where you’ll type your messages in chat. The “+” on the left side of the chat bar allows you to attach files and images. The “smiley” on the right gives you access to a server emoji list.

To tag people in your messages, simply treat it like Twitter and place a “@” symbol in front of their name, which allows you to select the user for tagging. They will receive a notification, upon being tagged in the chat.

Up top, you’ll find server/channel info and a few buttons. The “bell” icon allows you to mute the channel, so you won’t get notifications. The “thumbtack” shows you any “pinned” messages. The little “person” icon toggles the user bar, found on the far right.

Notifications can also be muted by user settings, by server, by channel, and can be customized to all mentions, or none. You can mute entire channels and servers by simply right-clicking, and checking a box! Easy! No more notifications!

This is the current online member list. You can use this to see who is online, and active in the server. A green dot on their avatar means that they have been recently active. An orange dot means that they are away, or recently inactive. A red dot is essentially a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

You can click on a name to reveal info about that user. A card will pop up to show you what usergroups they belong to, as well as an option to view their profile.

At the top, clicking on the “@” will show you what messages you’ve been tagged in. The “?” will pull up a help tab, where you can ask and “Frequently Asked Questions.”

And with that, you’re all set! You know everything there is to know about basic discord functions, as a new user!

All you need to do now is Download Discord and join the eUSA Server!


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[Education] How to Use Discord

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