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How to Manage a Three Front War

Day 1,883, 22:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GameChanger

Hey guys!

I'm sorry if this article has few graphics or features. I just wanted to get this out as soon as possible, and besides, I don't need graphics for this

Lets start with the countries we are fighting.

We have initiative against them, and we should be able to wipe them tomorrow. It is vital we do this before the next Canadian attack. Otherwise we will have a damage drain

Netherlands: they have initiate on us, and will probably attack tomorrow night, or the next day. This is an important one. Assuming we wipe Norway tomorrow, that is one front gone. The Netherlands have one region. If we can beat them off and counter-attack immediately, we can wipe them. Doing this will take resources off of Canada, and make it hard for us to beat them. However, wiping the Netherlands will make it a one on one war that will be far easier to win.

Canada: technically the biggest threat we are facing. They have similar damage to us, and have the initiative. We should attempt to win against them, but if a Norwegian or Neth. battle is on, forces should be focused on that, to take out the smaller fronts.

In summary, in order to win this war, we have to be smart. Don't fight if the wall is over 55%, save your energy. Fight against Norway and Netherlands first to knock them out of the war. Canada can be dealt with afterwards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

GameChanger out.



Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,883, 22:21

Unfortunately, a front doesn't close when you wipe another country. They merely use RWs.

chugaystyr Day 1,883, 22:24

^^ but NE is no longer active in that case and wiped country can't attack cores after succesfull RW

War3hous313 Day 1,883, 22:25

nice point.

surferdude Day 1,883, 22:32

When I started fighting Canada, they had 90% of the red bar.
I had 5 small bombs and 5 booster bazookas
When I left the battle, we were winning.
Tada - that is how to win

jamesw Day 1,884, 02:59

Its also a good idea to take account of the likely damage given to nations. The order of importance also relates to the order of MPPs and likely support - Canada first, then Norway, then NL. As well as this, its important to focus on the offensive against Norway and NL - as you mention.

However this isn't everything. War is also about cycles of influence, from nations timezones to their own support, to the effect past relationships/arguments will have. As it is, Canada is the biggest nation, with the most support and the most 'orgranic' (ie from their own citizens) damage. As well as that their time zone puts them in the driving seat because their own damage is very useful to them - and they can start wars when we and our allies sleep.

Thus, whilst closing the wars with Norway and NL may be in theory the best move, they are nations that will rely on huge EDEN support to win. Further, they are nations that we can easily win against in a RW. Focusing on Canada may seem silly because they're the strongest, but defending ourselves against them actually does us much more good than attacking NL or Norway. The priority the UK Government has right now, Canada, is probably the wisest.

Although it goes without saying that the idiocy leading up the us facing this potential 3 front war, is far from even the verge of wise.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,884, 04:17

We also need to run away from Russia, they are able to NE us in 24-48 hours.

klop123 Day 1,884, 04:34


Danie Fox is right.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,884, 04:47

Seems like BA tried to eat more then he could chew, . He's now crying for CoTwo to help, I'm going to say it again. eUK is full of great people, but BA is not one of them. You in eUK need to realise that BA is only making a fool out of your country.

Suomii Day 1,885, 04:17

all EDEN forces are on you and this time daddy poland is not here to help you

Marek5 Day 1,885, 05:35

lets wipe kanada again

alexg737 Day 1,885, 16:49

Maybe we should keep eNL if we win this war...

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