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How to make money in eAustria.

Day 1,846, 04:21 Published in Austria Austria by OEBernd

sometimes people ask me how o make money in this game and every few months people want to rise the import tax. But look at the calculations below and see that eaustrian people are producing and selling under their production costs (especially with employees).

Here is a guide how to easily make money with manager work or your money.
Profits with factories.
As you can see only q5-q7 weapn comps make a profit with a raw price of 0,06 and manager work.

Food factories always make a profit atm.

But check: often you make more money with just selling the raw than producing goods.
And if you fight with low q weapons often it is cheaper to buy them than producing on your own. Even with tax.

Last but not least there is a mm transaction every ecitizen should do.
Put 0-∞ ATS on the mm with rate 0,003 (atm-but rate didn´t change for a long time) and wait seven days. Shortly before the mm offer ends it becomes nr. 1 in the list and people buy. How much depends on the time/day and there is a gold limit of 10gold per day (mm+donations).
So you can easily transform ats into gold and after selling the gold again you can do the same again over and over again.

this is often more lucrative than buying comps so think about it. It´s about 3 minutes every 7 days and makes much more profit than mw and you can start with 1ats.


CP eAustria

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NettoBoy Day 1,846, 04:32

that's true, start thinking, stop begging

spachti Day 1,846, 04:37


denke aber über 3334 ats im mm macht keinen sinn weil man ja max 10g transfer pro tag haben darf

fois i foisch lieg bitte info - donn muas i des ändern

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Day 1,846, 04:43

moniez :3

SturmW Day 1,846, 04:55

Unfortunately, the Raw in Weapons is 0,07 and nobody buys Q6 food:(((
In eAustria have only one way to make money: to sell raw weapons materials!
The game is terrible for young players. No money, no food, no weapon - you can not play more than once a day!
I can not do 25 hits per day, without paying real money to Plato!
No way for me!

Schwrzwolf Day 1,846, 04:58

spachti: theoretisch könnte ja jemand schon vor Ablauf der 7 (ich hab auch schon von 10 gehört) Tagen einige deiner ATS kaufen. Dann ist es praktisch, wenn am Ende der Frist doch noch ordentlich Geld von dir gekauft werden kann. Außerdem mag ich es, wenn mein Geld nicht verführerisch (=ausgebebereit) nahe auf dem regulären Konto sitzt, sondern aus den Augen und aus dem Sinn "angelegt" ist.

nochwas dazu:

OEBernd Day 1,846, 05:05

@spachti: 3334=10 gold yes but I always have more money on the mm so it I really have no money I have some left there.

1 0,25 2
2 0,20 1
3 0,42 5
4 0,29 3
5 0,33 4
6 5,71 7
7 0,98 6

As you can see q2 is the cheapest food and with a price of 5,71 for 10 health it is not worth buying the q6 food because nearly everyone has enough storage. With food there are not any benefitl like more hits/damage.

Vreath Day 1,846, 05:56

Very nice! Votado hardo

OEBernd Day 1,846, 08:17

Yeah it is on purpose that the food costs are not in the calculation

wschwabe Day 1,846, 12:58

Im Vergleich zum internationalen Markt liegen unsere Preise verhältnismäßig hoch, speziell bei Q6+Q7 Nahrung verzerrt dies das Bild doch etwas.
Nach meinen Beobachtungen fangen die internationalen Preise langsam an sich wieder zu stabilisieren, was aber nur heißt das wir uns an die derzeitige Preisstruktur gewöhnen können. Durch Produktion ist derzeit eigentlich kein Gewinn mehr möglich wenn man alle Kosten (auch die Anschaffung) mitrechnet. Handel ist das Zauberwort.

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,846, 13:33

wow danke für die aufstellung. sehr interessant

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