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How To IRC

Day 1,658, 01:33 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This is a game where community and communications are key and, if you’re like me, within only a few minutes of starting this game you will start seeing the acronym IRC everywhere and have no clue what it means. Everyone says the best way to get in touch with them is through IRC, but what is this mystical mode of communication? Hopefully this article will be helpful in at least giving you the basics on this and other ways to get in touch with people

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. This is one of the most used modes of communication in this game, and the only one that is in realtime that I’ve run across. There are many modes of using IRC, you can either use a browser based system such as Mibbet, or download a client to run outside of your browser. The client you use is basically user preference, they all should be able to connect to the Rizon server, the one used by eRepublik. To get you started I suggest Mibbet just for its simplicity and because you don’t have to download it. Once you get into the game you can talk to other people and figure out what client might work best for you and go from there. Lets get you started here…

Click or copy/paste
It should bring you to the mibbet homepage

From the dropdown menu next to “Connect” select “Rizon [webirc]” as you see in the screenshot. In “nick” put your screename (preferably the same as your name in eRepublik) and put the channel you wish to join in “channel”.
Some good channels to start off are:
#mentors (Department of Interior Mentors)
#bootcamp (eUS military starter branch)
#TC (eUS Militia training branch)

Once you get on you should register your nickname. All you have to do for this is type “/msg nickserv register password “. Enter your password (longer than 5 characters) and valid email in place of italicized words. After this you should get an email at the address you typed with a confirmation code. Back in mibbet type “/msg nickserv confirm confirmationcode “ and you’re good to go. Welcome to the IRC!

Some basic IRC commands

People in the IRC should be able to get you going with IRC commands, or you can go to this website and see a decent list of commands.

Join: to join a channel from inside IRC type “/join #channelname” and you’re done. Simple eh?

Query: query is used to start a private chat with someone. Useful if you need one on one time. To do this type “/query username

Help: for more help in IRC type “/help” and a list of help topics will come up.

Changing your Nickname: Oftentimes you will see people in an IRC room who have names like “emdoublegee|brb” or something like that. They did not log out then log back in with a different nickname, they simply changed their nickname in server. To do this, type /nick newnickname and it will change your name for you. This is helpful if you are stepping away from your computer for a few minutes, or as you will see next, you have to deal with a ghost of yourself.

Getting rid of a ‘ghost you’: If you happen to get timed out or your internet connection does something funky and you sign right back in, you will oftentimes join under a different nickname because your original nickname is still “in” the room. To fix this problem, type in /ns ghost ghostnickname yourpassword. After the system logs out your “ghost”, you can change your nickname back to your original.

PM’ing someone in IRC: In my last article I explained about querying someone, but if you just want to stay in the same room and send a message only they can see type /msg theirnickname yourmessage and you’re golden. If for some weird reason you want to leave a PM for someone on IRC instead of like a normal person in the game, you can. Type /ms send theirnickname yourmessage and when they come on they will get the message from you.

Running a Channel

If you ever find yourself in a position where you want to set up a channel for personal use, or if your party/MU/government asks you to set up a channel, it’s pretty simple. First you have to have a registered IRC nickname. If you don’t remember how to do this, you probably shouldn’t be setting up your own channel, but you can see my basic IRC article as a refresher.

Once you’re a registered IRC user, join whatever channel it is you want to run. If you are the only person in that channel, you will automatically be given operator status (@). At this point simply type in /msg chanserv register #desiredChanName desiredCHANpassword channeldescription. The description is just what people looking at your channel’s info will see, it is not the topic or anything like that.

Now that you have a channel you will have to assign access types to people. By default, whenever someone enters your room they will have an access level of 0. They will not have voice in the channel or anything else. Adding a bot to your channel will make this a lot easier, but I will tell you how to do it without a bot, in case you are adverse to an AI.

The different access types/symbols you will see are :
(+) Voice(VOP) -Ability to chat in channel even when moderated
(😵 HalfOp(HOP) -Ability to kick/ban all users below. Can give access type up to ‘halfop’ to other users.
(@) Op(AOP) -Ability to kick/ban all users below. Can give access type up to ‘op’ to other users
(&) Admin(SOP) -Ability to kick/ban all users below. Can give access up to ‘op’ to other users
(~) Owner -God. Can do almost everything in the channel. 2nd only to Founder

There are 2 ways of assigning access in your channel. The default is the XOP system. This is the simplest because you only assign the types I described above. To give someone access you simply type in /msg chanserv AccessInitials #channelname ADD usernickname.

The other method is the Access method, which involves assigning number levels to users and is a little bit messier. For this reason I will not explain it here, but if you want to know about it, comment or PM me and I will get back to you.

Now these are the ways you would assign access and run your channel on your own, but there is a much easier way to do it. That is to add a Bot to your channel!


Bots can be quite helpful in running a channel. They serve a variety of functions, depending on the Bot. The default bot that you can get in IRC comes with a variety of different names but basically has the same functions. You can use it as a shortcut for a lot of other commands, like the ones I just told you above. Here are a few commands to get you started.

Getting a bot: To get a bot type in /msg BotServ botlist. This will bring up a list of bots available to add to your channel. Pick a name you like and type in /msg BotServ assign #yourchannel botname. Your bot should show up in your channel.

Assigning Access Levels Remember how I told you earlier this would make your life easier? Now all you have to do to change access levels in your channel is type .voice/halfop/op/protect/owner theirnickname and you’re done! How simple is that!

Kicking/Banning If for some reason you want to kick or ban a nickname from your channel, simply type in .kick/kickban nickname reasonforkick/ban and they’re gone.

Again, this is not by any means a comprehensive list of commands in the IRC. However it does give you some good knowledge for using the IRC to its full potential. Make sure you vote if you found this article helpful so that others can find it easier to!

Other Forms of Communication)
Two other forms I want to talk about just briefly that you are probably more familiar with are forums and PMs.
All(or at least most) of the major organizations in this game have a group forum. Just follow the link for the group you’re trying to get in touch with. One you should check out first is the eUSA forum here. This is the forum for the eUSA and a good place to find starting information. Definitely check out the “Welcome Center”
PMs(private messages) are in game messages to other people. To send one click on another players name and in the top right of their profile next to their name is a envelope symbol. Click this and you can send a message only viewed by them.

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Evil.Elvis Day 1,658, 02:17

IRC is where its at.

Evil.Elvis Day 1,658, 02:18

IRC is where it's at.

ZeneFallX Day 1,658, 05:59


Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,662, 10:35

I use ICEChat a stand alone IRC client.

hax0rin42 Day 1,664, 13:08

it doesn't work for me, i am the only one in the chat room

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