How to improve dictatorship module [KZ No.1]

Day 2,859, 03:10 Published in Switzerland Serbia by mungos032

Hello dear readers,

a long long time since I wrote it, so after such a long break I decided to start new newspapers as a sign of a new beginning.

Today's topic will be a dictatorship and my proposal to change this module.

Looking at the list of countries of eRepublik, it is easy to notice that 2/3 of them are under dictatorships. In my opinion it does seem a bit ridiculous and illogical compared to the real life. In addition, the vast majority of those countries that are under a dictatorship are in fact organized "self-dictatorship" which tells us how bad everything is designed in this case by admin. Citizens of these countries are denied the right to political life because it leads, in this case only one person and a couple of his close associates (call them the government). Some will say that despite the dictatorship, some of countries have Congress and the government that all laws voted through group messages or something, and I'm asking why all this work when there is a voting system from the first day of this game until today, why bother ? It would be interesting to see how the voting look like.
What I am saying is that the vast majority of 2/3 of these countries (under dictatorship) with dictatorship gained nothing but trouble. A small part of that 2/3 countries (under dictatorship) are under real dictatorship, but in 100% of cases, this dictatorship is not used to control that country (the conduct of foreign and domestic policy), but only for looting the treasury of these countries. And what the citizens of these are going to do after months of looting of their country? Imagine yourself in that situation.
But as much as I indicated to you the problems of dictatorship, btw I think you are also aware, it seems that admin is not good with abolish of dictatorship. So I will not even attempt to initiate any petition for revocation.

What I want are changes in this module that will improve things in the e-world and make them more realistic.
The main and the only change which in my opinion can lead to an improvement of this module is to increase the price of launching a military coup at 1,000,000 as well as raising the price of starting revolution to 1,000,000.

What specifically will this change bring?

-Well certainly will reduce the number of countries that are under a dictatorship which would correspond to the situation in real life.
-Not every military unit could launch a military coup, but only the strongest, richest.
-Military units who would start the coup would not have benefited from the looting of the country because the price of the coup was much higher than the money they would get after looting of the country, so the coup would only start units that have enough money, and whose only reason is establishing control over a country (leading its foreign and domestic policy).
-Regarding the former dictatorships, the price of the first revolution after the potential introduction of these changes will remained the same (200,000).

On this occasion I would ask you to VOTE AT THE FORUM for the introduction of this change that would definitely change the look of e-world, when I say change I mean improve.

Please do share your thoughts with us! Thanks in advance!

Press director of "Kultur zeitung" and CP of Switzerlan😛