How to become even more ecroat in few days

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Playing erepublik (at least for me) is not about the gameplay (gameplay? in erep?) but about people. So no surprise that after I moved to ecountry I love, I became even more interested in RL Croatia. As we had some holidays in Russia in May (thanks to the International Workers' Day) i planned my first trip to Cro.

Ok, to be honest, I had only bought the tickets, cause Rabbit of Caerbannog didn't allow me to do anything but that. For the first time in my life I had an "all included" trip cause my dear esister put a real effort and love in preparing it.

Could have never imagined before such a welcoming and hospitable country exists. Rabbit of Caerbannog and RobiToni I am took few days off to drive me around the country. We visited Zagreb, Rastoke, Split, Sibenik, Zadar in just 4 days. Gjuro Zlikovsky was our guide in Split. Lots of people came to the meetings that were organized while I was staying in Cro. Zadarski Osvetnik came to see us even despite being ill. And believe me, you all can't just imagine the level of happiness, positivity and friendliness that I felt there.

I would like to thank everyone who participate😛
- in Zagreb: Rabbit of Caerbannog, Roko.Zagor, Marko Dzoic, ultragudra, I am not dSoKre, CoronaMortis with friend;
- in Split: Rabbit of Caerbannog, RobiToni I am, Dr. L U I G I, Gjuro Zlikovsky, IVANDUJE3, D A Y E R U S, Podmorje;
- in Zadar: Rabbit of Caerbannog, RobiToni I am, Marko Dzoic, ultragudra, Dr. L U I G I, Feynovac, alioth, JablanCro, Zadarski Osvetnik, Sexy Macan, Basil II, TrunksZ, Queen of Thai with another girl who played for only a week or so. And of course zdlemmy.
Sorry if I had forgotten anyone, not intentionally. The order of mentioning is also irrelevant.

Long-awaited meetings with people I am fond of had finally become real. Still overjoyed, still amused, still can't believe it happened.

Same feeling I have about the country itself. Rainy weather in Zagreb changed for the sunny one when I arrived. On the other hand while we traveled there were some clouds for comfortable drive. Hail added some adrenaline and the strong wind appeared just when I became curious about it.

The architecture, the scenery are amazing. Have loads of photos but in order not to spam selected a few:

Had seen Zagreb with Rabbit (we walked quite a lot), Rastoke with Rabbit and Robi, as previously mentioned, Gjuro literately told us a lot from the history of Split. Moreover I had a fine walk in Split by myself — at night, when everyone was sleeping. Spend like 2 hours sightseeing (some creepy views included). Zadarski Osvetnik showed us some part of Sibenik. Must note the cathedral there is really impressive. Haven't seen much of Zadar yet cause zdlemmy > Zadar 😛 But I'm pretty sure I will return to Croatia soon enough to continue getting to know beautiful country and people.

PS. Warbhoy & Th0mas Shelby u know whom I wanna come for as well \o/
PPS. There are still lots of people I would like to see, and not only from Croatia. Hope many will come to the meeting in August \o/
PPPS. I believe photos from meetings are on telegram, Cro and CODE spam channels. Maybe someone like Rabbit will make an article as well 😉

Hvala svima. Volim vas :3