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How to be Awesome, with TC

Day 1,861, 07:15 Published in USA USA by Samoht Resyk

This week I have asked one of our newest Officers to write about her Experience with the United States Training Corps.

Meet Master Sergeant 29HEK,

After having played eRepublik for about four months, I decided in late September to enlist in the eUSTC.

Much of the time I had already invested was spent hopping from group to group, trying to find my fit, not really staying in any one place for too long. I was looking first and foremost for a community—for a cohesive, organized, active unit in which I felt not only welcome and valued, but also productive and purposeful. Further, I had never been oriented to the game and hoped to finally gain an understanding of its mechanics.

In the days following my enlistment, I was struck by the cordiality with which my platoon leaders received me. It was clear through their steady outreach and efforts to engage me that they meant not only to help me succeed in basic training, but also to make me feel like a great part of a great cause. They provided extensive learning material on eRepublik and its war module and ensured that I was well-equipped at all times.

Later, when I joined the forum and IRC, I discovered a broad, energetic crowd that, like my platoon leaders, sought to answer my questions and offer me a sense of support and inclusion. I toiled through training, responding to roll call, taking tests, and acknowledging orders, and eventually graduated. I was transferred to the reserve division, where I continued to work hard and earned a number of honorable promotions.

The time came when I had to make a decision about where I wanted to take my military career. The choice, for me, required little thought: I wanted to remain a member of the incredible community I had found, and, moreover, I wanted to serve as an officer in the eUSTC, working directly with trainees to get them the information they needed and prepare them for success in the eUSA Military. I have been an officer for just over two weeks now and have already had the opportunity to meet and interact with some great people.

Serving with the eUSTC has been the single most fulfilling part of my experience in eRepublik. It is here that I have forged many friendships; enjoyed my greatest growth as a player; and learned leadership, selfless service, duty to country and allies, and, above all, the value of community and community building.

Whether you are a new player seeking guidance or an older player seeking companionship and a way to get involved in eRepublik’s compelling metagame, I invite you to enlist.

In closing, I would like to extend my thanks to those who oversaw my training as well as to those with whom I now have the pleasure to work: GEN Samoht Resyk, LTG blondeninja, LTC Snorunt30, CPT Malovent, CPT stephen s, 1LT Lolo Combodo, 2LT Infinite One, 2LT StrahmDude, and MSG Serenna Lorenz.


If you would like to Join TC and have an experience like this simply Apply here:
And make sure mark on your application that you heard about USTC from Sam I am!

Sam I am, Signing off



Malovent Day 1,861, 12:53

First for TC!

29HEK Day 1,861, 13:31

Wow! That 29HEK person sure can write.

arteshesaye Day 1,861, 21:58

50 q3 food=1 sub+1 vote
please write number the sub and vote in comment

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,862, 10:16

TC is awesome!

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,862, 15:01


Infinite One
Infinite One Day 1,864, 10:41

Voted! Great job 29HEK

kitmen Day 1,866, 01:51

29HEK is a pretty cool person, mighty nice when I talk to them on IRC.

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