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How many fruits are needed?

Day 2,641, 01:47 Published in Norway Norway by Furious Tank

Come out, come out wherever you are!

CP Jan 2015: Joshua Morriseau
Before him our country was called eNorway. Now we are FruitLand!

"This is eRepublik, Not eDictator" are you shure mr. President?

Come out, come out wherever you are!
This country needs new people who know the rules!

Our new CP fight for fruits not for other resources 😃 (hint: check Weekly Leaderboards)!

Long live FruitLand 😃



Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,641, 11:26

You needed tokens to pick your resources, Norway had 0 tokens as we won 0 fights during the resource wars. I brought up the idea of buying tokens several times to Congress, every time it was not something Congress supported. I picked our resources accordingly to try and give us 2 food, 2 weapons and 1 house but without tokens all the good picks were gone.

If you didn't want fruit you could of donated money to buy tokens, fought harder in battles. I only picked the resources that Congress wanted. I can not win a battle a lone.

And your article has some misinformation. I am not the CP, but thank you for thinking that.

Furious Tank
Furious Tank Day 2,642, 00:27

Tokens are for bidding 🙂. No one wants fruits... they a free.

Are you stu... or ?!? You are CP Jan 2015, taulen is CP now: hi fights for fruits (more than 1M influence... check old weeks).

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,642, 00:33

Tokens would have cost 85,000 per one. Congress did not allow the purchase of tokens. What would you of liked me to do, whip out my visa and buy Norway a token out of my own pocket to make you feel better?

You are showing your true colours here and they are not pretty ones I must say.

Furious Tank
Furious Tank Day 2,642, 00:37

lol. You just had to choose various resources!

i don't care about resources. Young players need resources for make money/food/weapaon/etc.

Furious Tank Day 2,642, 00:36

Comment deleted

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,642, 00:36

Which I did…..

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,642, 00:37

Why delete your comment I already seen it.

"You just had to pick resources!"

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,642, 00:40

I did pick resources, like every other CP in this game. You don't think I can click a button? Congress wanted 2 weapons, 2 food and 1 house. So I picked in that order. Its not my fault nobody wanted fruit, you need to get over it, its rather pathetic.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,642, 19:34

It's just a pity that neither the CP, nor the Congress he blames for these actions informed the general public about all of this. Together we might have come up with some money to buy ourselves a couple of good tokens. Now we'll never know cause both held it to themselves.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,642, 20:36

Yes I'm a piece of shit.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,641, 16:21

I guess we're the fruit masters of the North now. Let's hope this still can be fixed although I don't see how. 😛

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,641, 17:11

Assguard…Fruitland? Lol these jokes are just to easy now.

Jasper Zuidema
Jasper Zuidema Day 2,641, 16:56

I can confirm what Joshua is saying, I saw what resources he had picked because I helped suggest to him, he went for 2 food, 2 weapon and 1 house but because Norway didn't win any battles they didn't win any tokens, that is why you are stuck with fruit, simple as that.

This is NOT because he chose to screw Norway over like you make your article seem, he did the best he could for you guys! If anything you should be blaming the admins of erep for getting you stuck in 'Fruitland'

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