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How Did We Win?

Day 2,131, 23:53 Published in India Croatia by ANANTHAKRISHNAN

*All that is given below is not something of real and is only an imaginative affair.
*This article was not meant to criticize or hurt the feeling of any particular Person or Country.
*All that is given below Is My View and does not have anything to do at all with any Governmental Institution
*The Following Pictures and Links are set by me myself so Please be kind enough to report if you find any faults with it.
*Sorry I was late on reporting the article, I had an internet Connection problem in my house.

Hello to my fellow Indians,

I know we all are in a mixture of emotions after winning back two of our regions. As The Sentinel reports we are not completely happy with we ourselves beating Bosnia and Heregroza. We admit that BiH was the least Liked Member of the ABC (Albania-BiH-Croatia) that we liked to kick out of India. But we all know that we were not left with any other options. We need a Congress. We have a limit to what we can suffer. They crossed it and so we needed to attack. First let me start by reporting the various events after the fight.

The Chief, of the Country President, Shockwave’s Security, Mr. M.Khurram, was the first man to express his joy of winning openly. He published an article named A Tribute in his newspaper. He wrote out the story of the Great CP.

Asmithatheone, Chairperson of the Asmita News Network or ANN (as the Chief of Security Calls it) expressed her dislikes of BiH being the prey to our attack. This thought came to be widely accepted in India as most of the People agreed that BiH was the most decent Country that had taken over Indian Land.

Now to bring up my point; “How did We Win?”
This question has a tactical answer. We won because we hit with the Nuclear Missile named “Power of India” or “India” which was manufactured by the Ministry of Defense of India or the Ministry of Offense of India (the way our C.P addresses it). The costly project was started after a wipeout of Indian Lands by a strong power named ABC (As Asmita addresses it). Now I will describe the various parts and facts of the Missile produced by the Ministry of Offense of India.
NOTICE: - All that is given below is Super Secret Technology of the Indian Offense Ministry. This theory is copyrighted by the Ministry and Copying this is Strictly Punishable by Law. All the below Information was received to the Soul of India from the Chief of Security according to the Right to Information Act in eINDIA, Passed by the eINDIA Government. Copyright and All Rights Reserved. : P (More Pictures will be posted once available. For now it is a super secret project.)

1) The Outer Shell: The outer shell is made with a mixture of different substances, the most important and costliest being the Hard Metal named “Confidence”. The Confidence used for the Manufacture of this Missile was mined from the “Minds of Indians”, a storehouse for almost all metals. The outer shell also had various other parts including the metal named “Ignorance”, which was the reason for the High Thrust of the Missile. Other elements included in this outer Shell include “Patriotism”, “Friendship” and “Strength”.

2) The Warhead: The Warhead which is the top most part of the Missile was made with a powerful substance called “National Guards (D1)”, a Substance that has been long ignored by many of the leading Powers in the World. It is due to this Substance that the Warhead was able to Guide the Missile in the right Direction, Overcoming the Bosnian Fluid Friction. This part gave the entire Missile encouragement to move forward.

3) The Fuel: The most expensive Item needed to make such an amazing rocket was the Fuel needed. The fuel used for The Power of India missile includes 65% of “Country Currency”, 20% of “Tanks” (better known as Weapons) and 15% of "Food”. The Country Currency needed was received from an important place in India named Deadley (a.k.a Vigorious). The Tanks needed was collected from various places like Jaskaran, Shockwavve and Lysander. The food was used from the Food reserves left with Ananthu, which was under Government Control. Thus the most expensive part of the project was completed without much trouble.
File Picture of Food:

File Picture for Tanks:

4) The Flame: The flame which gives the missile speed and power was a 50,000 CC wide one powered by the Country Currency Part of the Fuel. The Flame, which was the element, “Combat Order” in its raw form, gave the much anticipated thrust to the missile. The thrust made huge changes in the entire look of the missile.

5) The Explosives: There was One Nuclear and Two Ordinary type explosives fit into the Power of India Missile; The Nuclear Explosive was made from a Mixture of Substances Called “Tanks(D4)”. The Main constituents of this mixture included “Indians” and “Allies”. The Nuclear Explosive worked out perfectly and India after a long time successfully used the element named “Allies” for its Benefit. The two constituents mixed out perfectly and the Bomb was in its full power. The Other two Explosives namely; “Soldiers(D2)” and “Special Forces(D3)” were also made from the same two constituents, but, in different quantities. In Division Two, the amount of “Allies” was reduced and “Indians” increased. The same was the thing for Division Three, but here the amount of “Allies” was a little varying from that of Division Two. All the three explosives together were able to destroy the Bosnian Missile Stoppers (Missile Batteries) and make huge damage on the Bosnian Side.

6) The Central Unit: One of the most amazing facts of this missile was that there was no single Processor to this entire Missile. The Missile was guided by a number of processors connected to each other to form a single, large and high Quality Processor named “#India”. This Processor is manufactured from a raw substance known as “IRC”. There were a wide number and variety of processors involved in #India, but, the most important of these were; “Shockwavve”, “DavidSelva”, “Nagaraj”, “UVAjed” and “Asmita_”. The High quality Processors named “Lysander”, “Mohan” and “Citizenneel” too played huge roles in the working of this Missile. The #India contained many other processors too and these together were able to guide the Missile towards its destination without Fail.

7) The Fuel Procedure: The fuel which was received from Deadley was later transferred to two compartments in the Missile namely “UVAjed (Storage)” and “Citizenneel (Storage)”. Upon the ignition of the Missile, the fuel was transferred to a Special Compartment Called “Indian Armed Forces” or “IAF”. The “Lysander” processor was in charge of the Fuel usage part of the Missile.

Those were the important parts of the Missile. Now let’s see some amazing and wonderful Facts concerning the Power of India Missile.

1) The Creation of The Missile: The Power of India Missile was created after the ABC Confederation started to bully India and use its resources. The Missile was entirely made in India with some material including the Powerful radioactive component “Allies” being imported from foreign lands. The Missile was not given much importance as India was never in access to the Powerful and Important Element named “Allies”. But this all changed when a Super Power named “Serbia” along with its partners gave us the element, through the War-Commercial Process known as MPP (Mutual Protection Pact). The Missile was made in different parts in different areas of India and assembled in “The Indian Forum”.

2) The Use of the Bomb: The Missile was first used in Bihar in a War offered by the Bosnians. The Missile proved to be extremely successful and was used in the Later, West Bengal Resistance War too. The bomb found its target in both places during its uses.

3) The founder of the eAtomic Theory: No One knows the exact founder of the eAtomic theory. There is a widespread view that this theory occurred in the minds of Our Former CP, UVAjed, while he was sleeping. He had put this into test in small scale in the Southern territories of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka to evacuate a ‘problem’ named Pakistan. Even though the one who found it is not sure, the thing that is sure is that it was Mr.Shockwavve, A two time eNobel Prize winner(in the field of Trolling) was the first man to put it into use after modifying it. It is said that Shockwavve got this idea when he accidently bit a Hot Chilly while eating Butter Chicken. He put it into use to bring back Bihar and West Bengal and evacuvated another problem named BiH.

4) The Planning of the whole project: The Planning of this project, reportedly held in a small room in the IRC building of the Indian Government. There are romours that the actual meetings were held in Lysander our MoD’s Dreams! The story tellers say that the MoD had seen all the Important Indian Personalities in his dream in the form of Angels and they told him that,”It was high time India is Free”. But many call the romours idiotic because they say that Lysander is too busy to even sleep. I too think we have to agree to that cause if it was in his dream it won’t be so perfectly put into use.

5) Total Number of these Missiles at present: No One knows the total no. of Missiles that the Indian Government produced, But reports indicate that the Indian Government had produced around 20-25 of these and had used them in respective battle grounds (Bihar and West Bengal) in regular intervals of 1:45 Hours each. Reports also state that Indian Government has a lot more resources to make more of these missiles. (Can’t be confirmed, Reports were Unofficial)

The Regions in Pink are the areas where the Missile was used:

And So I end my article. Hoped You Like it. Now My words to you; …..WAIT….. How could these be my words to you? Isn’t this everybody’s feelings??...Ha? God Only Knows… Anyway…
India had actually somewhat invited all these problems in. As we all know we are not so happy to have wiped the B out of ABC, because our enmity was more with A-C. But there is no way we can redo something and even if we do it is too risky. So now what we have to do is to take the necessary actions to have a Good Government and Congress and Protect Our Current Regions. We need glory and prosperity. Protecting our Current regions should be the of the top most concern for us. So Best Wishes.

Thanks for Reading.
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*This article was not to insult any particular Citizen or Nation.
*Please forgive me if I have in any ways hurt your feelings through this article.
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reborn from the ashes
reborn from the ashes Day 2,132, 00:01


ayush121212 Day 2,132, 00:08

great article 🙂

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,132, 00:13

Wall of text...

Xaaryth Day 2,132, 00:19

Great article

JasonNoronha Day 2,132, 02:25

Superb fun to read... v and sub

Nagaraj Suraj
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citizen ss
citizen ss Day 2,132, 03:54

nice article.... 🙂

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Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh Day 2,132, 07:26

Yeee, i got a mention 🙂 🙂 🙂
So happy lol. 😛
Nice article btw 😃

Vishroid Day 2,132, 07:59

nice article, and funny too.

Asmitatheone Day 2,132, 10:37


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Sam Thakur
Sam Thakur Day 2,132, 19:51

You have the art of writing in you. God Bless You !!

Wonderful Article...i totally enjoyed it....o7

Terciopelo Day 2,132, 22:13


Isengard13 Day 2,133, 00:32

we want these bombs in croatia and albania too, india rule

David Selva
David Selva Day 2,133, 05:55

you have come a long way in writing articles bro and this one needs the special prize for the "best article of 2013"
Good work o7

ANANTHAKRISHNAN Day 2,135, 00:32

Thanks all of you

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