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How 'bout that election?

Day 1,597, 08:44 Published in USA USA by Pfeiffer.

Seeing how my name keeps coming up, and I'm not even running for President, I thought I should write a little article about recent events.

First, to gnilraps and Leroy:

The fact that you think Artela, one of the most competent players still playing this game, would need or want me to secretly direct her actions is ignorant. I understand the political reasons for your doing so, but it only goes to show just how little you know about things. Even if she offered to let me do any and everything for her, I wouldn't feel compelled to because she's just that good.

There, now that's out of the way, how about some real content?

I've been criticized recently for saying that Joseph Dinero is unqualified to be President, and loling at his candidacy. I'd lke to point out that the lols were genuine. It honestly made me laugh when I saw him running (and Leroy and gnilly so actively pushing him), given the following...

Joseph Dinero doesn't have the skills or knowledge to run the country. The actual mechanics of doing so in game are fairly simple (although given how he dropped off the ballot I'm not sure we could count on him to manage those). The larger issues require the person in that job to know the various players at the national and international level. The President needs to know the people running our alliance, the countries we are most closely allied with, most of the EDEN CP's and HQ, and the people who are charged with directing the efforts of our enemies. He must know these things to effectively use the incredibly basic game mechanics we've been given. This game is 95% meta now.

When asked directly, Joseph Dinero couldn't name a single member of Terra HQ, EDEN HQ, the Brazilian President, or when given the names, even indicate which country a few rather well known international players hail from.

That is simply unacceptable.

He could very easily have learned these things, and if he ever plans to run again I hope he does. But the fact is that he didn't, and he, to date, hasn't.

To Joseph:

Artela is one of the kindest and most sincere players in this game, so my advice to you, Joseph, is to go and talk to her. If you're genuine about wanting to learn what you need to in order to make a run at the Presidency that won't immediately cause people to ask "Serious or Trollan?", she can help. Maybe there is a position you can fill as one of the Ambassadors to one of our more valuable allies, or as a Deputy in one of the many departments that almost chronically could use active players. There is nothing more for you to learn by doing what you are doing, you need to branch out. Running a small party and militia are valuable experiences, but that's like step 2 of 10 on the way to becoming President.

I welcome the incoming rage and hate, it amuses me how angry people can get when what I'm saying is entirely accurate...but feel free. If staying mad at me keeps you active, that's awesome. Not only do I win the victory of getting so deep in your head that I can control your thoughts, but it's more damage for the US against ONE.

Stay Classy, San Diego



Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,597, 08:59

Ajay tells me you're a bad, bad man.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:00

He's jelly cause my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Gnilraps Day 1,597, 09:01

Thanks for the shout out, there Fluff, but exactly where did I say that Artela needed you to secretly do anything? It seems that you are yet again putting words in my mouth. Since I abhor the way you speak, I'd prefer to just speak for myself, thanks.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:01

You do realize the things you say on IRC and your party forums travel, right? You're so silly, gnilly.

Gnilraps Day 1,597, 09:05

Find me where I've ever insulted Artela with any insinuation that she can't handle the job.

Am I less fond of her administration because YOU are an advisor? ABSOLUTELY. I don't like you one bit.

But never ONCE. NEVER EVER ONCE have I or would I insinuate that Artela is anything less then perfectly qualified for the spot she is going to win tomorrow.

Silly little troll.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:09

lol, whatever you say gnilly. Your self-righteous indignation surely means you hold the superior footing here.

chickensguys Day 1,597, 09:09

Gnilraps get out ,You sir have no discretionary intellect.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:13

Chickensguys comments are master race of comments.

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,597, 09:14

Fluff you and your little circle jerk's entitlement issues are destructive. Your personality turns away a lot of players from participating. You're partly responsible for why this game has gotten so unbearable these past years.

DeathTurd Day 1,597, 09:16

haters gonna hate

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,597, 09:16

I do agree with Pfeiffer that Dinero is nowhere near qualified as president. What has he done in the past? What political experience does he have besides in party politics? He is clearly a lightweight in US and foreign policy something the eUS cannot afford to have as CP

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:16

Yup, I'm the secret Head Admin who changed all the modules into half of what they once were. You found me out, Ricky.

Gnilraps Day 1,597, 09:18

@CG, I was invited by the author of this rag. But I am leaving now that you've arrived.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:19


Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,597, 09:26

I do not deny that my FA skills are not up to standards, but that will change.

The approach that you have towards me and my campaign just makes me want to do it again... and I will.

"I" learn from my mistakes, not sure everyone here who will comment (or write articles) even care about their mistakes. They will just troll you until you stop bringing them up.

As for my supporters. Keep in mind that leaders lead, and bullies bend your will to theirs. As Pfeiffer states "Not only do I win the victory of getting so deep in your head...", don't let him.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 09:30

I wish they wouldn't, Joseph. Their blind rage is amusing, but ultimately hurts the country because it distracts from the real issues.

I hope you do learn from this, but the mistake isn't your lack of experience, it was running at all. You need the experience and knowledge FIRST. Spend 2-3 months learning the ropes internationally, and getting to know the players you'll need to know. Then run again, and you might even get the much maligned Arundel endorsement.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,597, 09:47

Haha, you're a jerk Pfeiffer but I think your heart's in the right place.

chickensguys Day 1,597, 10:10


Donovan Zoi
Donovan Zoi Day 1,597, 10:12

Henry, this is why so many people have chosen to support Joe Dinero, despite his relative lack of experience:

Sorry, but after the PTO "scandal" last POTUS election and the general lack of civility I witnessed from established USWP veterans in the Congressional threads last term, that was enough for me. I'll await my admonishment for not having enough posting experience to voice an opinion on this.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,597, 11:33

For once, I'm glad you wrote an article that doesn't abrade too much. I personally have not seen Gnilraps make those statements about Artela but I have seen plenty of ignorant hatred spewing out of Emperor Rick. I cannot speak on Artela's behalf, but having been accused of being a Pfieffer lackey or pawn previously by Gnilraps and more recently by Rick, I can say it's incredibly insulting to insinuate a knowledgeable and dedicated player as Artela lacks the fortitude to act of her own accord. Further, I suppose if I were Pfieffer I'd accept it as quite a compliment.
Setting personality conflicts aside, I can honestly say if you show mechanical competency and put forth the effort anyone can achieve some level of "success". Of course, it's much easier and probably more exciting to hate Pfieffer for being an aggressive, narcissistic asshole.
Protip: It's one of his distraction tactics and thus far he's still winning. If you are still falling for it after several years of playing, shame on you. (Yes, I'm looking at you Gnilraps and Leroy.)

Last thought - does anyone else find the sad irony in several of the very same players who continuously call for "civility" and "respect" are not-so-civilly insulting Artela's abilities and diminishing her hard-earned accomplishments?

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 11:35

Your lack of involvement does weaken your argument a bit, Donovan, but I understand exactly what you're saying. I can't speak for anyone but myself, so let me explain why I often go off on people on the forum.

They do stupid things, repeatedly.

I don't get on new people for not knowing something, and I don't jump all over people who aren't involved for not knowing things those of us who are more active do. I get pissed when I see people who should know something (and oftentimes have had it pointed out to them previously), simply ignoring it and acting in foolish ways with no justification. Learn the game mechanics, read the rules, THEN make a decision or take an action. If you screw it up, you screw it up...just don't do it again. It's the repeat offenders and the bad trolls who receive 95% of my rage, and it's rightly deserved.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 11:36

rainy ilu and I want you to be my pawn



General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,597, 11:44

Leader of EDEN & TERRA = me

nuff' sad

Don't you have some gators to organize in the bayou?

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,597, 11:49


send moar cheesy poofs

Andy Dufresne
Andy Dufresne Day 1,597, 12:20

Let's end the madness. General Cartman Lee for President!

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,597, 12:48

I like how Rainy ignores everything fluff has ever said this past few years. But I say one thing and now I'm the master of the Internet hate machine.

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,597, 12:54

btw ive made a point NOT to mention Artela's name during this whole election period.
gg rainy for reinforcing my opinions

JakeLeonard Day 1,597, 13:02

Prepare for the administration that will make eRep shut down the game. Permanently.

Animis Day 1,597, 13:03

YH: This is hardly about Artela, there is effectively no one who would disagree about her skills and qualities; she is CP ready. Even those who do not like her would be hard pressed to prove she is not qualified. But, as I said, this is not about about her. This isn't even about Dinero, he is not ready, everyone knows that too. He is playing the game and giving it a shot, not a terrible thing. But, you know that too. This IS about you taking another set of cheap shots at Gnil and Leroy and anyone else who gets in your sights. No doubt you will attempt to bash me for just stating this obvious truth. Stop being a troll, it is unbecoming.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,597, 13:04

Chance Harrison wrote yesterday

I have nothing against Artela. Except for the fact that she used to tank heavily for ONE.

That's almost like not being a natural born eCitizen. Oh wait...

Chance Harrison [Insert Obama joke here]

JakeLeonard Nice zinger there, Chance!

Haliman I demand to see her eBirth Certificate.

Emperor Rick It's sad because it's true 🙁

Captain Kushskins I think she deserves a Chance

JakeLeonard The only "Chance" she deserves is giving JD a BJ when he's elected. LMAO

JakeLeonard ^^^insert Bill Clinton joke

Chance Harrison BTW my opinion or comment on said matter in no way reflects the opinions of the Bastards of Liberty Party.

INB4 SMEAR Accusations.

rainy sunday ahh, yes. Champions of respect, honor, duty, dignity and hypocrisy...stay classy, yo!

Chance Harrison Very classy actually. Facts are facts are they not?

Emperor Rick Chance - Jake, We know that we're right. We don't need to go down to their level.

rainy sunday...says the guy spamming the feed with the same backhanded compliment for the last 48 hours. You could at least switch it up a little, Rick and quit stroking Pfeiffer's ego. derp

Emperor Rick You're such a big man Rainy

rainy sunday maybe you missed the point?

Emperor Rick maybe I just don't feel like bothering with a person who's unfortunately made up his mind / doesn't care about the political environment. You can go ahead and keep your status quo, we on the other hand will continue to fight against it.

rainy sunday WELL, WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?

rainy sunday and you still are obviously missing the point.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 13:05

@JakeLeonard - dafuq?

@animis - no, clearly 'everyone' doesn't know that. If they did, people wouldn't have taken him seriously. People didn't take Civil seriously the 18 times he ran, but he was infinitely more qualified. Some serious derping is going on.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,597, 13:07

Oh, and Artela didn't 'tank heavily for ONE'. As the British CP she fought for her country, but until Emerick decided to screw up a number of decisions and write some really horrible articles they were a Terran country...that changed right when she was taking over in the UK too. Which was seriously messed up given all the time and effort she has given to Terra both before and after. She was never a ONE tank.

Check your facts, kid.

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,597, 13:24

wtf Jake

All other discussions aside, that is way out of line.

Animis Day 1,597, 13:28

18 times - dayum, he should be given a massive consolation prize by Admin!

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,597, 13:33

More comments than votes, LoL, typical Fluffer

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,597, 13:37

@Emperor Rick
I've never "ignored" Pfieffer or the manner he addresses people. Just because I personally disapprove of how an individual speaks does not make me the internet morality police nor does it invalidate the point he makes. I understand there are people who will impose their views on how things should be, I've made my concern more about how things are. When those of you who cry foul at every petty, snide insult step it up to compete on a level higher than presenting personal grievances only - you'll provide others with something more to support with confidence. I've had some good exchanges with JD and I would like very much to see him proceed, integrity intact, and excel.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,597, 14:07

omg my name is in rainy sunday's comment

I did it mamma

I made the show

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,597, 14:18

I really don't know what to say about the comments I see above (that I am assuming if from IRC). I can only say WTF?

Guys get out of hand, but..... I am sorry Artela and Rainy. Sincerely.

Inwegen Day 1,597, 14:41

Joe, seriously, apply for an ambassadorship or something. Get involved with learning the meta-game. Your perseverance (stubborn-ness?) is good, but like you and others have admitted, you've not quite got the skills required yet. Really, we'd be happy to help you learn. We may get called a**holes, douche bags, etc. and, to a certain extent, we can be. But, really, it's because we want to see success and when people take positions and make arguments that simply aren't proper use of game mechanics, we'll call it out every day of the week.

Call it the school of hard knock if you'd like. We may be rude or brash, but we just want to 'win' the game. Now, that may be slightly impossible to do considering the game cannot be won, but we want to win as much as possible and it's better to be direct and blunt about lessons than to beat around the bush and not have the lesson taught.

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Day 1,597, 14:45

This is all actually pointless because you guys are just going to let Pfeiffer control the USWP on the 15th and unite to PTO my WAY less powerful party..

Congratulations, Pfeiffer now controls the Presidency with one of his top lieutenants. Artela is right up there with Vanek at the senior level of his evil minion hierarchy.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,597, 14:54

@ Inwegen - Thank you for the advice. I was already a deputy, and reg. ambassador before - to Venezuela.

I am working on my weaknesses as we speak.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,597, 15:14

Oh, and Artela didn't 'tank heavily for ONE'. As the British CP she fought for her country, but until Emerick decided to screw up a number of decisions and write some really horrible articles they were a Terran country...that changed right when she was taking over in the UK too. Which was seriously messed up given all the time and effort she has given to Terra both before and after. She was never a ONE tank.

Check your facts, kid.

A) She did tank heavily for ONE in UK, FYROM, Serbian and Polish battles etc.... I saw it first hand. She wasn't CP, jamesw was. She was there anytime jamesw, alfagrem, metalmickey999 and a bunch of others weren't there to pick up the slack. She was MoD at the time while I was CP and or Congressman.

10) I'm not a kid.

Fact check complete. You want pics or it never happened? I haz those.

Also while I am flabbergasted that you can actually write an article that contains some validity and zero curse words "you afraid of FPs?" I find it humorous that you "know" what it takes to become a CP.

I'm pretty sure you've never been one. At least not officially. Btw, this isn't a personal attack. Merely a response to your statements towards my comment.

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,597, 16:08

..and our next Country President will be the ex-Country President of the United Kingdom...!?!?

Simulare Day 1,597, 16:27

Are you seriously debating the qualifications required to hold a fictitious position in a mediocre browser based game? I assure you, the qualifications to collect garbage are far more demanding than those needed to hold office in eRepublik. If you enjoy playing the game and you can get people to vote for you because they like you than you are qualified. There, done.

I'll give you this much - you people are entertaining.

Donovan Zoi
Donovan Zoi Day 1,597, 19:49

@rainy - Hey, I used the word "civility" in the comments. Was that directed at me?

If you read my article, you'll notice that I never slight the politcal abilities of either you or Artela. My focus was to capture a few insights that may have otherwise gone unmentioned, to underscore my opening premise. The questions I have raised are valid, and pertinent to the concerns raised by many in this thread. Oblige's appointment of Artela to the VP spot will always be seen by me as a coronation of continuity and Joe's candidacy, though relatively untenured, became a lightning rod upon which those of similar mind could gather.

@Henry - Thanks for the cordial response. I'm insulted.

Seriously, you were alright to me during my short time in USWP. But I can't abide by alot that I witnessed, so I guess we just have different ideas of what it takes to reach goals and motivate people. I look forward to earning my wings.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,597, 21:04

@Donovan - No, that wasn't directed at you or in reference to any one specific comment or article. I've watched this community maybe too closely for the last three years. (sad, I know) Among the long-time players, I'm fairly aware of who complains the loudest. who is destructive vs. constructive, who quits in a huff if their diva-like demands are not met. I find it obscenely funny when I've been accused of being too neutral or "soft" that when I finally do speak up, I'm suddenly accused of "child-like temper tantrums" and "taking things too personally" or worst of all, being Pfieffer's pawn. I know who is honest and not. I can say with some assurance, the 'good guys don't always wear white'. I also feel if certain people who complain incessantly about all that they find offensive spent more time creating and fostering an environment they desire and less time bitching about what is, they'd probably be better received on all fronts.

@mccvii You bring up a valid point. The only real qualification for any of this crap is too much time on your hands and some degree of self-loathing. 😁

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,597, 21:05


Sir Arthur William Currie
Sir Arthur William Currie Day 1,597, 21:31

pfieffer is a boob but i love him anyways, Artela is gonna kick butt as CP and thats the end of my little story.

Samuel Seabury
Samuel Seabury Day 1,598, 03:39

This has nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all to do with the average eUSA citizen. This argument is of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite. There is hardly anyone left living who was even around when eUK belonged to TERRA. And - just for the record, the "metagame" does not equal the "game mechanics". Compute that, get it into your heads good and straight. Elitists like Pfeiffer will fudge the point to their own advantage, but you won't ever see them work to make democracy really work in the eUSA - it is too easy for them to stick to their increasingly smaller circle of rich friends.I'm sorry Joe Dinero didn't get to stay on the ballot. He got half the votes in our SFP straw poll, with both PQ and myself supporting him. For all the obvious reasons.

Fitisin Day 1,598, 06:40

We're not having a good few days in the war module...stfu and fight.

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