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Household Management

Day 1,819, 18:16 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero
Economy: The word "economy" is derived from the Greek words oikos which means "house", and nomos meaningn "the manner of allotment". These words together defines "economy" as "household management".

If you've the recent Government Finance report, you'll see that we are still on the road to complete bankruptcy. Our government continues to spend more than they take in and as a nation, yet we are not any better for it.

I for one do not want to increase taxes without spending decreases. We are now discussing this on the forum: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

I would like to see all tax increases matched with a spending decrease. For example, if the government raises taxes by 10%, they also need to cut spending by 10%.

Hoping we can get our income-spending deficit under control before we go completely bankrupt,



Jeiry Day 1,820, 02:56

I don't agree with the picture, but I do agree with the article.

p0lluxx Day 1,820, 02:58

+1 Jeiry

BaraBum Day 1,820, 06:06

v4, s89, shout

lin0leum Day 1,820, 07:48

taxation is theft actually

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,820, 09:22

Avoiding taxes is a crime actually

shadowukcs Day 1,820, 10:39

A crime according to who? The government?

Just because a government deems something illegal, doesn't make it so. Don't forget: what Hitler did to the jews was perfectly legal too at the time.

Jofroi Day 1,820, 13:20

I actually disagree with you Kylero, I think that we should strongly cut the expenses but there is no true need to rise the taxes.

Kylero Day 1,820, 14:06

i agree with you Jofroi. all im saying is that we cant just raise taxes. i prefer only spendimg cuts but this is my only compromise.

Viridi Day 1,820, 16:24


mudduck95 Day 1,821, 18:04

Jofroi has a point. And I do believe that if needed we can compromise. But we need to cut expenses.

Kylero Day 1,821, 18:42

Well it looks like Lily and her cabal didn't want to compromise. They wanted tax increases and proposed it hoping it "works". Just be ready for her and her government to twist the definition of "works".

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