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Holy crap. 2013!

Day 1,871, 14:23 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Koragi

Whats up eWorld? I have been pretty busy with Christmas and New Years, but now i'm starting to come back to eRep more often and spending more time on it. I would like to know how everyone's Christmas went and New Years! Comment below! So presidential elections are coming up, seems like its Akki vs. Orazian. Who will win? ISP is supporting Orazian so I am hoping also that she will get all the necessary support and votes needed to win and become ePrez. Also, Orazian's cabinet is looking quite awesome, it's full of active people from all party's so no biased picking there, nice job! I haven't known Orazian long but in the time I have known her she has been a kind person to me and seems able and willing to run eJapan for the good of the eJapanese people as she is very active unlike our current president who does not even respond to messages sent to him, and he has a inactive minister of immigration which is why almost all citizen requests coming into eJapan on the forums haven't been accepted.

Also, the regular stuff from Sotoba News will not be returning until a later date at which I do not know of right now, but for now enjoy these cool new graphics the paper has. Also, speaking of graphics, the new ISP graphics are pretty amazing Zodi.

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Oraizan Day 1,871, 14:41

I basically worked for most of the holiday season and was very stressed out. Only had one day off a week, and that was usually spent spending my hard earn money or doing a bulk of eRep work so I had less to do busy days. x.x Now finally I can relax, so it's all good. And I got a new phone~ finally Oraizan has come into the tech era of smart phone. lol
How was your holidays?

Zodiarque Day 1,871, 14:44


Nice !!

darlosworld Day 1,872, 04:16

Christmas and New Year in Tokyo, though sickness kept me in my appartment for a few days. Going back to Yamaguchi in the morning. That's it really.

Koragi Day 1,872, 12:57

Well, i got a new computer and had a very nice christmas dinner not too much but it was good.

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,873, 05:27

^Good for you, looking forward to your next articles, about ( internatinoal ) new year's eve it was excellent, didn't yet celebrate the Christmas ( because I'm an Orthodox Christian and we, Orthodox Church, use the old Julian calendar, so we celebrate Christmas on the 7th January, and we even celebrate an orthodox-serbian new year also by the old Julian calendar, new year's eve is on 13th January ).

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