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Day 1,925, 12:14 Published in Turkey Turkey by Sedats41


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One of the most horrible tragedies, which Azerbaijan experienced in the 20th century, is the genocide in Khojali. It is like the genocides committed in Khatyn, Lidisia, Oradur reflected in the history of mankind.

In the early hours of February 26, the armed forces of Armenia, the armed Armenian militants of the Nagorno-Karabakh, and Motor-Infantry Battalion 366 of the former Soviet Union dislocated between Askaran and Khankendi (Stepanakert) occupied the town and committed genocide against the Azerbaijanis.

The night, in which the Armenians committed the genocide in Khojali, 613 peaceful residents were murdered with a special cruelty, torture, beheaded, and blinded. Pregnant women were bayoneted; among them were 63 children, 106 women and 70 old men.

Is it forbidden to remember Khojaly?

Avatarini tak Hocaliyi unutma

Change your avatar dont forget Khojaly


AydinCakus Day 1,925, 12:28

Ciddi olmasına rağmen pirinç.

IIIMettallicAIII Day 1,927, 10:44

ikinç v+s

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