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HoC Candidate Analysis

Day 1,896, 12:47 Published in India India by Maxi Tippkick Maximillian

Right at the moment our nation is going through a crisis which might be the biggest one we suffered.My article does not mean to offend any person or group,but to only discuss these issues which have troubled us during the crisis.If we can inform India about the government only then will India be free.
As you know Dinesh Raju of Jai Hind and Cadfan of YUUVA India are the candidates running for HoC(Head of Congress).Here is my analysis of the candidates.

In experience Dinesh Raju has won 3 congress elections and his eRepublik birthday is Oct 8,2012.Cadfan on the other hand has won 2 congress elections and his birthday is Dec 12,2012.So in experience Dinesh Raju gets the point.
Dinesh Raju 1>Cadfan 0
2.Political statements on Congress laws
Dinesh Raju has declared to follow the bearaucratic rules of Congress and said that those rules are good.Cadfan on the other hand has said that these laws are too big and detailed and says that the bearaucratic laws should be replaced with smaller and lesser authoritarian laws.In times of war,the best government is a government that acts fast and by smaller laws the government can act faster in war time.So in congress law statements Cadfan gets the point.
Dinesh Raju 1=Cadfan 1
3.Political statements on Citizenship laws
Dinesh Raju has declared that the current dealing with citizens is effective and making anyone a citizen is too risky.Cadfan has said that these laws are too pesky and Congress members should be able to make anyone a citizen.The problem with that is a Croatian PTO and we could be destroyed from the inside.So in citizenship law statements Dinesh Raju gets the point.
Dinesh Raju 2>Cadfan 1
Dinesh Raju's military rank is a general and his citizenship rank is 144.Cadfan's. military rank is a colonel and his citizen rank is 172.So in Ranking Dinesh Raju gets the point.
Dinesh Raju 3>Cadfan 1
So in my opinion Dinesh Raju is the candidate that is better for the post while Cadfan should probably get those stats higher.
Jai Hind



Ind1anMartyr Day 1,896, 18:44

Interesting analysis... good job! Although its not only a Croatian PTO... India being small, its always open to PTOs by anyone! : D

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,896, 22:38

Thank you 🙂


Lonqu Day 1,897, 03:32

Voted, but you made 2 big mistakes.

Firstly, you misunderstood Cadfan's stance on CS. Where does it say he will let anyone in? He's actually proposing to make the CS system more efficient by using forms instead of forums - the only thing being changed, is how applicants apply.

Secondly, what does ranking have to do with politics?

Xicor13 Day 1,897, 03:53

you have made a brilliant effort,but frankly,quite inaccurate on almost all points but still,it gives a good idea of raw stats,if you could come to IRC some more viewpoints can be added : D

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,897, 04:02

RD1234 Day 1,898, 23:35

As alector pointed out, ranking has nothing to do with politics. One more thing I would like to add is you used the number of medals Dinesh has, imo, number of medals doesn't really show out someone is more experienced than the other, The First and the last point, I would like to know why you have considered it.

Good luck for whoever is going to be HoC 😁

RD1234 Day 1,898, 23:38

Why not interview them directly and publish it? Would be more effective in judging, Further more, When you entitle the topic as "Analysis" try not to jump into conclusions that one is better than the other! Let the public decide on it 🙂


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