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Hi there!

Day 1,914, 04:30 Published in Singapore Indonesia by Samuel Gan

Hi there!🙂



Zordacz Day 1,914, 11:01

Comment deleted

PutinPOWER Day 1,914, 12:44


Aleenik Day 1,915, 07:40

Hi. I'm sorry eSingapore sucks and is once again about to be occupied. Even when you aren't occupied your bonuses are shit anyways.

Maybe it's time to give up on eSingapore and move to an eRepublik that will offer you a better elife.

Morphine Day 1,916, 02:53

this is a training war, so we can fight for true patriot medal... so the region will get back soon.

Aleenik Day 1,916, 03:00

Oh, ok. That's good.🙂 I still feel bad for you guys though. I feel bad for all small eRepubliks.

Morphine Day 1,916, 03:04

that's the game... there's nothing you can do about it but if real Singaporeans will join the game and work for the better of Singapore, maybe it will be different. Until then.....

Morphine Day 1,916, 03:04

Comment deleted

Samuel Gan
Samuel Gan Day 1,916, 03:27

Romanians are now holding this country in the government of you we're to notice...🙂

Solidados Day 1,921, 02:08

cam you be more clone than you are right now?

Costobocus Day 1,922, 05:19

I tried to give you more votes, but unfortunately I could not

Samuel Gan
Samuel Gan Day 1,922, 00:42

This is my only account...🙂 Who knows about you?🙂

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