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Hey guys i'm new

Day 1,788, 18:22 Published in USA Croatia by JeffCoop

Hello guys i'm new and i don't really know what to write about I am in AMP and a part of eUS training corps and if you guys have any tips for me or what I should write about please leave in comments and vote and subscribe.



potato134 Day 1,788, 18:26

Welcome to the game 🙂

JeffCoop Day 1,788, 18:29

thanks don't forget to sub

Adiath Day 1,789, 05:45

Welcome. If you need any help, plenty is available, just ask. If your big into writing articles, remember interesting topics and spelling/grammar and you will have plenty of readers in no time.

JeffCoop Day 1,789, 11:58

thanks for the tip

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