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Day 1,010, 09:02 Published in Poland USA by bernard75

With Ereptools, Zhunder and scripts like Erep Plus not being updated since the start of Rising, the most important tools in eRepublik are gone and are badly missed.

But young and energetic developers have taken the opportunity to come up with various new ones and i will try to give you a panorama of them. They are divided in the following sections battle stats, maps, market search, scripts, databases/calculators and various:

MaxiHellas by Tall_niki:
The new Zhunder! Incredible amount of work has gone into this and it really has even surpassed Zhunder. You can search for your citizen, watch damage by battle or country, create your own battle stats list and all sorts of stuff like best v2 fighters/countries and battle heroes.

eGobba by Gobba:
This is a flash based world map and while its not being updated, it still beats Ereps map by lengths.
The hospitals, def systems are worthless and the alliances have shifted a bit, but the raw materials and adjacent countries are still up to date.

eRepuplik Market by Railman:
The developer has taken up the challenge to filter the new Erep API for the cheapest products.
It already works with all products and for food and houses it shows you how much wellness/happiness you get for 1 gold and where to get it.

erep.temnyj by unknown:
Very similar to eRepublik Market, but you can search exacter for what you really want. On the downside it is updated less frequently.

Borka's eRepublik Tools by Borka Turbo:
The real gem of this one is the live market search, with which you can search for the best price for a certain product in all erep markets. But be careful, the search is limited to 1 per 15min.

eCompany Manager by Roktaal:
eCM has taken on the legacy of Erep Plus. The script improves eRepublik by adding missing links, buttons, etc. or by removing things users don't like. It is fully customizable and it is modular so every user can turn on/off parts of the script. It has become the most important script to have.

eRepublik Market Tools by asylume:
The main goal for eRMT is to improve erepublik market. This script removes 2 bugs, adds real values and ratios like price per given wellness, health and both of them. With that feature you can always buy the best food offers on market with less time spent, very useful when in fight.

eAnalytics by Liberwing:
This site features several important databases for best salaries around the world, currency exchange market, country statistics and calculators for productivity and fights. You won't find this kind of election tracker and map editor. anywhere else.

CCCP Erepublik Tools Portal by Kumnaa:
The most complete site out there and one of the few that almost completely survived the migration to v2. It boasts a full array of tools, databases and calculators and there is very few you would need from other sites.

eRepData by
Many of databases already introduced are available here. Additional to that you get top citizens
sortable by military or economic skill and even country. Also really great stats on how much of what skills is available in any country and a new companies database.

eRepublik Calc by The eIndian Footprint:
eIndian site with the national database and the only online company calculator to date.
At the moment it works for raw material companies only, but an extended version is being worked on.

Company calculator by aborigen:
Excellent offline company calculator with fully integrated API support.
You need NET. Framwork to run this one.

Zone calculator
Is a very simple tool to find the right ticket you need.

Congratulations to the new elite of developers, keep up the good work!
If you have a useful tool or know of one, please post in comments and i will add it.