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Day 1,899, 18:40 Published in Turkey Canada by dick_dastardly

03:33] <%Iota> how exactly are we supposed to know what page you're talking about though
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:27:28] <dick_dastardly> every time i try to open market space
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:27:50] <dick_dastardly> market place*
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:27:50] * DDSS (cgiirc@45F42DD8.AFCEF27B.20873EC1.IP) has left #help
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:27:57] * Kittens is now known as ScoobySnacks
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:27:59] <dick_dastardly> i get:
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:28:01] <dick_dastardly> Page not found (404)
01[03:33] <dick_dastardly> [03:28:01] <dick_dastardly> The page you are looking for has not been found. However, if you believe that life isn't fair and the page should be at this address, you can try again whenever you wish.
01[03:34] <dick_dastardly> so maybe
[03:34] <ScoobySnacks> wut
01[03:34] <dick_dastardly> i meant market plac
01[03:34] <dick_dastardly> place*
03[03:34] * Nol888 ( has joined #help
[03:36] <%Iota> yes but what is this market place
01[03:36] <dick_dastardly> do you even play the game???
[03:37] <%Iota> no
[03:37] <%Iota> :oþ
01[03:37] <dick_dastardly> thats it, im done
01[03:37] <dick_dastardly> have fun
01[03:37] <dick_dastardly> for the next person
01[03:37] <dick_dastardly> try market
Session Close: Fri Feb 01 03:37:42 2013



Oinyo Day 1,899, 18:41

how odd. voted

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,899, 19:03

pirinc! 🙂

Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako Day 1,901, 23:18

: D

12Ahmet86 Day 1,901, 05:46

What XD No English English Pert Any Englsh XD

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