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Help our friend!

Day 2,102, 14:07 Published in Japan Serbia by Rik Daphnee


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Hello my friends,
I will be very short this time. Today I saw some shouts from my Korean friends, and I saw that they got a lot of fresh bloods. I mean, they started Baby Boom!

As you can see on the picture, more then 1.200 new players arrive in eSouth Korea in last 24 hours. They had similar action one or two years ago when they get 4.000 new players. But, just few of them stayed in eRepublik. Since eSouth Korea is our closest friend, I feel obligated to help them. I think that eJapan must feels obligated right now and help our friend.

How can we help?
There are 2 ways to help eSK:

1. Let's gather money, weapon and food. As much as we can... They will need that for their growth! So, if you are available to help, please donate weapons, food and money to my account. All stuff will be donated to eSK as a gift from them people of eJapan! List of all donors will be available HERE.

Here you can donate!

2. Fight for their liberation! I hope that our and their Governments will organize something soon. If not, their players will be bored soon (we all are bored -.-). That happens few years ago... So, let's get some fun!

It's all from me, for now! I will keep you in touch about everything.

Rik Daphnee



Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,102, 14:10


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,102, 14:10


synhro Day 2,102, 14:16

Voted & supported.

Doom Occulta
Doom Occulta Day 2,102, 14:23

ljudi, ne nadajte se. to samo kineski radnici na crno u donjoj koreji došli do kompjutera i neta, nema leba od toga... 😛 😃

mancera Day 2,102, 14:26

Voted! Let's help the babies 😃

Hitoyoshi Day 2,102, 14:33

Voted & supported.

Pegavac Day 2,102, 14:46


scylerx Day 2,102, 15:18

glas & podrška

scylerx Day 2,102, 15:23

pomoć poslata, nema se za više 🙂 ako je ovo prevara, će te izgazim 😉

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 2,102, 15:32


Aister Pendragon
Aister Pendragon Day 2,102, 16:08

voted and donated

let's help the loli, I mean, the baby

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 2,102, 16:41


ardishabutaro Day 2,102, 18:36

voted and supported!

Auraborus Day 2,102, 19:07


metehan2010 Day 2,102, 19:17


kowalski_afc Day 2,102, 22:05


Sidarta Milidragovic
Sidarta Milidragovic Day 2,102, 22:26


arhangellord Day 2,102, 22:48


Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,102, 23:06

Yeah err.. If I'd donate, I'd donate to the eSK gov instead of you.. anyways voted.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,103, 02:01

However you want, its totally up to you. I just wanted to collect stuff and donate all of them as a gift from the people of eJapan. Its all.

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 2,103, 04:38

The summer of 2011 when the FSR were finally outnumbered due to the baby boom. Good memories.

theirina Day 2,103, 04:53

Thank You!

Dr.You Day 2,103, 04:57


9ood man
9ood man Day 2,103, 05:14

thanks 🙂

EI matador
EI matador Day 2,103, 05:18

glas, uzvik

rusty gun
rusty gun Day 2,103, 05:23


K Id Panther
K Id Panther Day 2,103, 06:01

voted and shouted!

K Id Panther
K Id Panther Day 2,103, 06:02

Successfully transferred 1000 item(s) to Rik Daphnee.

Jack  Minow
Jack Minow Day 2,103, 06:03

Done !
I've donated some Q2's


Kajino Day 2,103, 06:34

Hard vote!! Thank you for writing this article 🙂

It must be big help for eSK at this time.

Kajino Day 2,103, 06:35

Comment deleted

Nil Gnarey
Nil Gnarey Day 2,103, 06:49

Thank you! v

God Cocoa
God Cocoa Day 2,103, 07:04

thank you + v

ShinTaecheol Day 2,103, 07:14


penjualbunga Day 2,103, 07:49

Welcome to eWorld SNSD, Super Junior, Running Man,etc

DYoung Day 2,103, 07:57

Vote Thx!!

GenLeeSunShin Day 2,103, 10:22

Votec & many thanks

Rakuscek Day 2,103, 11:26

ahava3233 Day 2,103, 20:27

I'm all for helping ya'll but the MPP that is about to be signed is a waste of CC. That money should've gone to help the baby boom. SK should've gotten on the board first before we signed that, the government could've reacted in time anyway given RoC can't attack immediately after a successful RW but has to wait at least 24h.

ahava3233 Day 2,103, 20:29

(If SK has no land, the MPP serves no purpose as MPPs only take effect in standard wars, plus people in SK see no benefit either in helping Japan as they have no territory to fight from)

Aragaki Ayase
Aragaki Ayase Day 2,103, 22:01

You have successfully donated 10 Gold. If the user accepts, the amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

beefa Day 2,104, 01:09

你也認同 日本應該跟韓國綁在一起 對台灣作戰 ?

Haiglun Day 2,104, 03:35


Jewelz Cheng
Jewelz Cheng Day 2,103, 22:39

give them back Jeju 🙂

Rik Daphnee Day 2,104, 00:13

Comment deleted

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,104, 01:18

So you can take it? lol, anyways eChina holds Jeju, not eJapan.. silly.

Jewelz Cheng
Jewelz Cheng Day 2,104, 02:04

Oh yes , your reminder has been very helpful lol

DiosKira Day 2,104, 08:56

Vote + Donate

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 2,104, 12:44

Donate to you? Lolno

Is there any Korean I can donate to? I've got 60 gold to giveaway.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,104, 13:07

As I said in some comment above, you don't need. Point of this action is to gather as much as we can money/weps/foods and donate it as a citizens of eJapan. But, the goal is to help babies. So, if you wanna help, you can also send your gift to Koreans, directly.

I wanna thank you because of that donation, Yakumo.

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