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Below is a list of Department of the Interior programs. If you are in need of assistance, you are encouraged to contact any of these programs and ask for assistance. The USA Department of the Interior is here to help.

USA WELCOMING COMMITTEE - the "grand-daddy" of them all! The USA Welcoming Committee is a self-sufficient quasi-organization which no longer receives government funding due to the amount of donations it receives. The "WC" offers moving tickets to help new eAmericans move to fortress regions (such as California), gifts to boost wellness above 40 (to allow eAmericans to fight then use the hospitals), food, and education. Currently staffed by Blazix, Colin Lantrip, Jude Connors, and Ligtreb; the USA Welcoming Committee is always ready to help!

THE SALVATION ARMY - Drawing from the inspiration of private organizations like Operation Eagle Drop and the Wasteland Commission, this government-sponsored mass-mails the eAmericans living in the Wasteland - regions without the benefit of a Q5 hospital. The Salvation Army then supplies them with all they need to move and lead a new productive eLIfe in the fortress regions. This includes tickets, food, gifts, and even a job if needed. The Salvation Army is a one-stop shop to help eAmericans lost in the Wasteland. Lord Rahl currently serves as the Director.

MEALS ON WHEELS - The "MoW" program is so awesome that our brothers in the Great White North have a Canadian version of the program. James Strife is the longtime director of this historic program which distributes food (and moving tickets) to eAmericans that fill out this form.

NORTH AMERICAN UNIVERSITY - Free to all eAmericans, NAU teaches awesome courses for character and player development. Brought back to life by the current NAU Dean - Fionia - North American University offers the following courses;

* World History 101

* Journalism 101

* Business and Economics 101

* Military 101

* Game Mechanics 101

* New Senator Orientation

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - Each day, more and more "Babies" are born in the eUSA. The CDP, created and directed by Maxx Johnson, selflessly contacts each of these babies to help them with questions and guide them to a better eLife. This is a new program that has been more than successful.

USA FLYING UNICORN SQUADRON - The USA Flying Unicorn Squadron has a new mission. Headed by Archer Bullseye, the FUS mans the USA National game chat room and functions as a "Help Center". They provide links, advice, and moving tickets to those who need it.

For more information or to help out, contact these programs. Also feel free to contact me at anytime either here on on my personal account. You can click my name below to send me a friend request.

Jude Connors
eUSA Secretary of the Interior