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Hello very private MU is taking in people for free (one time only)

Day 1,843, 19:46 Published in USA USA by Sgt. Flatt

So my MU has stated that we want to be a privately owned Club/MU so here is the deal! The First Five People you are in free of charge!
In this "CLUB" you can buy any weapons, the lowest price of the Month on that weapon is how much we charge you. So lets say you buy 7 Q1 weapons from us when the price is at .48 usd but later in the month the price drops to .33 usd, that will be the charge for every weapon.
If you don't make it into to top 5 you will either be removed or you will have to pay an acceptance fee of 50 Usd! Well that's all I have to tell you all, If you need any further questions don't hesitate to ask!



dobleu Day 1,843, 22:46


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,844, 04:48

The worst way to waste your gold.

Sgt. Flatt
Sgt. Flatt Day 1,844, 06:39

Actually Mister I didn't waste any gold. Me my brother and my friend all pitched in like 2months ago

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