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Hello Everyone^^

Day 1,740, 11:10 Published in South Korea United Kingdom by Kwon Eun Seo

Note: I apologize to all the Korean readers out there in advance. I am not good at Korean since I live in US in real life but when I decided to sign up for eRepublik I decided to join eSK instead. I do know some Korean but probably not enough to write an article with it.

So I have been thinking for some time, should I really spend 2 gold and make a newspaper? at first I was like 'no way' I need the gold for other stuff. But as I looked around, everything in gold is so expensive. I could see how much money this game makes from all the people buying gold. But I will try playing without using real money for now. To be honest, I wouldn't have created this newspaper if I didn't win 2 battle heroes and gotten 4 extra gold. Can't wait to fight in Division 2, hopefully I'll get there in 2 weeks!

I have only been playing eRepublik for 17 days and I really enjoy this game. However, I keep running out of Korean Won and need to trade gold to get more (which is not worth it 1 gold only equals 500 KRW). In fact, I've been looking at the prices of all of eSK's ally nations and came to UK because here is where the cheapest food and weapons are at.

Anyways, Please add me as a friend! If you are new, feel free to message me and I'll try to give you some advice and food/weapons or maybe a job 🙂

Don't worry, I'll probably write more articles later on KPOP and other Korean entertainment and maybe even about eRepublik. I won't put those 2 gold to waste!

Also, if you guys have time, you should watch The Moon That Embraces The Sun. I'm currently watching it and its so good (I know I am very late lol)



Jeremy Jeong
Jeremy Jeong Day 1,740, 11:45

v1 s1

Welcome to eSK, buddy!
Don't buy currency (KRW) with your gold! Instead of that, just sell your gold. You well make more currency~ 😃

Kwon Eun Seo
Kwon Eun Seo Day 1,740, 11:49

oh wow how did I not think of that!
thanks Jeremy

Jeremy Jeong
Jeremy Jeong Day 1,740, 12:51

One more thing, I think Serbia and Poland have cheaper products than UK. They are friends of eSK also. Have a nice weekend!

Yellowboom Day 1,740, 13:37

I'm so sexy and i know it!

emitbreaker Day 1,740, 16:49

v3 + s2

greenpine Day 1,740, 22:50

권은서양? 미쿡 어데 사남? 이말이 무신 말인지나 아남?ㅋㅋ
데돱좀 해주시게낭 ㅋㅋ

cyver2 Day 1,741, 04:00


ManuR Day 1,741, 11:21

welcome here in eSouth Korea

K D.O.G Day 1,741, 11:36

Comment deleted

Nekorf Day 1,741, 17:45


Ahn Lee
Ahn Lee Day 1,741, 19:33

welcome 🙂
there will be lot of different ways to play and enjoy this game, but i will just leave my opinion for u to think about.
unless you work and have enough to spare to buy lot of golds and invest in some stable income, it is best to just take ur time and slow down on tanks or breads. in the beginning, i feel if you save up for either training facilities and raw material factories, it is more efficient later.
hope u enjoy the game!

lcome Day 1,741, 20:56

you are welcome 🙂

GIMMEBANANA Day 1,742, 06:39


Actually, I regarded you as a multi-ID or PTO ID, because you wrote " 무료 한국 무료 일본" in your profile.

I really know this reason now. Welcome to eSK

P.S. when you changed your profile? haha

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