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Hello Argentina! Helicopters For You / Lottery

Day 990, 14:28 Published in Argentina Germany by eDeutschland

Maybe you know me as "Apache Kampfhubschrauber" on your helicopter market. Due to config-changes in my company, i have some special offers for you ( one of the best prices eworldwide):

(see below for lottery)

5 x:
80 Ammunition (Damage)
50 Attack
30 Defense
40 Durability
Price: 2,3 Gold per unit

2 x:
75 Ammunition (Damage)
42 Attack
20 Defense
13 Durability
Price: 0,9 Gold per unit

1 x:
75 Ammunition (Damage)
42 Attack
20 Defense
1 Durability
Price: 0,1 Gold

Price for all 8 helicopters in one delivery: 11,5 Gold

If you are interested, please send me a message to my citizen account.


UPDATE Day 991, 2:10 eRep time: Winner of the lottery is Feedek!

I have a special gift for you:
You can win a Q4 helicopter with these config:
80 Ammunition (Damage)
50 Attack
30 Defense
31 Durability

The only thing to do is, to vote subscribe this article and write the vote and subscribe- number as a comment.
You can vote and subscribe until day 991, 02:00 eRepublik time. ONLY 11 1/2 HOURS!
Winners taken via Winner will receive their helicopter within the next 14 hours.

Good luck and greetings from Germany




Buckelflips Day 990, 14:36

vote 5
subscribe 1

Leandro Vitale
Leandro Vitale Day 990, 14:37


Fergrod Day 990, 14:47

suscribe 99
vote 9

Moritz von Sachsen
Moritz von Sachsen Day 990, 15:01

vote 10
sub irgendwann früher schon

WeedSmokerBg Day 990, 15:03

vote 11 sub 100

Tsubasa Haruo
Tsubasa Haruo Day 990, 15:29

Vote 14, sub 101

Roseo Cross
Roseo Cross Day 990, 15:31

vote 15, sub 102

DRLHyper Day 990, 20:01

Vote 18, sub 103

Feedek Day 990, 20:03

c19 sus 104

Bancien Day 990, 22:00

sub 105 vote 22

eDeutschland Day 991, 02:09

Winner of the lottery is Feedek!

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