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Day 1,879, 04:44 Published in USA Portugal by Rubicon8

Greetings fellow Americans,

Good morning!

This is my first article in eUSA.

Until a few weeks ago I was a ePortuguese citizen, but since my nation is wiped and with no perspective of regaining control, I have decided to come to America.

Here are my first impressions on eAmerica:

BONUS - I was surprised to find out that your government decided to loose some bonuses "in order to refrain immigration into america"!!!

Really?! Are you serious?

So you are determined to ruin your economy in order to keep the aliens out.

Well, it is your right.

IMMIGRANTS - It seems that eImmigrants are not very welcome in the eUSA.

No problem,

Afterall, we all know that America was built by the Cherokees and the Navajos (sarcasm mode - no prejudice against native americans, it's just a way of ilustrating the absurd of this xenophobic reasoning)

POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT - Confusing... to say the least.

It seems that in eAmerica everyone else is... an ELITIST!

You disagree over someone's argument: call him an elitist!

You dont like another player: call him an elitist!

Your political opponent? Obviously an elitist!

And that resumes ideas debate from what I've seen - "their" elitism versus "our" elistism

Now the golden question: WTF IS AN ELITIST?

I would appreciate some feedback on the issue.

THE NATION'S FUTURE PROJECTS: honestly, I don't get it.

In the past 2 weeks I had the chance to fight for eAmerica on a single battle.

I couldn't fight more, because there were no more battles.

So, It is kind of a "farmville" strategy.

Which doesn't make much sense (to me). Afterall you gave up the bonus, loosing the production income, and on the other side you don't fight.

Since you aren't focused on maximizing production or in military conquest - whats the goal?


I belong to the AFA and to the American Eagle Division, because they were the ones who sponsored my citizenship application.

I don't know the controversy around Ronald Gipper Reagan and I dont really care, so dont bother me with that bullsh..

I wrote this article with no intentions to offend anyone. I you feel offended... it's your problem!

And in case I dont see you, good afternoon good evening and good night!




Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,879, 04:51


TI84Plus Day 1,879, 05:34

good one

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 1,879, 09:25

Welcome friend!

No matter how many disclaimers you put, no matter how many appeals you make, they'll bombard you with "you're supporting a stalker..." - and whatever else they accuse RGR of - messages.

AFA wants lower taxes (we're not fighting wars, why do we have high taxes and where is our money going?) and full resources. It's not complicated at all. They're excluding the number one party in the country from participating in decision-making. None of our current government leaders are attempting to reach out, to see if the current situation can be resolved. There's nothing else left for us to do but to keep persevering in our struggle for inclusion and equality.

\\\\\ A F A /////

K1tho Day 1,879, 09:54


FormulaUno Day 1,879, 09:54

Awesome "Truman Show" sign off at the end there!

Very well stated article. I like the outside perspective of how ridiculous our elected reasoning is. I also don't know (or care) about RGR's history, I joined the AFA because they were nice to me and didn't talk down on the party I was in at the time, just told me why they think the AFA is better.

I didn't realize the economy bust was intentional to stifle immigration. Seems like bassakwards thinking to me.

Welcome to the states, and enjoy the show!

nuno258 Day 1,879, 10:20

good article

voted 😉

mamne Day 1,879, 10:34

Very smart politics indeed.
"If I can't be the number one, I'll ruin it for everyone."

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,879, 10:47

xD. Voted.

Elitists are people who hoard power among themselves and choose the top leaders from a relatively small cabal. They persecute, discriminate, and hate on those who oppose them in a desperate attempt to keep their loosening grip on power.

LordRahl2 Day 1,879, 11:00

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,879, 10:47
"Elitists are people who hoard power among themselves and choose the top leaders from a relatively small cabal. They persecute, discriminate, and hate on those who oppose them in a desperate attempt to keep their loosening grip on power."

Which means that RGR(Ajay) is an Elitist.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,879, 12:51

^ Guy who stole our old party through deception and lies.

Viarizi Day 1,879, 13:39

Excelent analysis of our current sytuation!

Great article R8!

Syz2 Day 1,879, 14:39

Actually, AFA are the ones that call people elitists. If you don't support AFA "You must be a puppet of elitists!!1!"

Not sure why you came here anyway. America is in a bit of a low spot right now.

TheJakal Day 1,879, 15:09

Viarizi, did you apply via the IES?

Illusive Serb
Illusive Serb Day 1,879, 15:10

Respect for the article and the reporter that wrote it. Wise words.
Elitist? Normally I would say an elitist is every old player. As in fossil old. In every single game I played, old players behave like a**holes to the new players. As if they own the game and every new player. But here, it's just "ultra tanks" (titans) and a few high-born politicians, who also think their "game exp." makes them more important than you or me.

SpicyandNice Day 1,879, 15:25

Nice article and nice to know. 🙂

FirstLaw Day 1,879, 16:00

You're asking the same questions a lot of us have been asking for a long time. If you think the country is being mismanaged, then you're right.

LordRahl2 Day 1,879, 16:20

^RGR who is uses dictatorial means to retain power is upset that he and I differed on the direction of a party. He therefore stifles my free speech and block my right to vote.

This is the read elitism.

olygator Day 1,879, 17:05


Infinite One
Infinite One Day 1,880, 04:18


Winter Night
Winter Night Day 1,880, 11:27

LordTroll2 is a PTOer. Shame on LordTroll! 🙂

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