Have a nice accelerator booster day !

Day 2,641, 23:28 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea
Before all things i would like to say an Happy Valentine's day to all !

Now today i would like to talk about the new change : damage booster and this very uggly page of our battles.

♫♪ Why not listen a good music : Dire Straits ..Money for nothing ♫♪

I hope you have humor ... I profit to say thanks to plato for my FP last week when i made a game...
"...k ME IN THE ..R TONIGHT". I had the best answer : 500 foods Q7 = one Forfeit point (not bad).

Admins maybe saw we needed glasses and they had a solution :
More colors, we see more the situation of a battle ...

They saw we were so slow in battles and specially in epic ones ....

You must see, if i write that, it's because i don't care about those changes.
It's just see one action to push the minister of education to be crazy !
It proves that admins take care about us.

The real problem is now for big fighters they must change their profil !

Before we saw : ... Don't try to steal my BH and several players had a screen with massive bombs... a big amount of Energy bars... Now we will see...

Sure i don't make this kind of articles to have a revolution, all makes what he wants ! "Civil wars" are coming ! Hurry up !

It's important to say to new players, "don't buy useless boosters" when you have not the best Str in your division, keep your golds to upgrade your Training Ground for example.

For me, nothing changes, i have already glasses, and i'm not able to change a lot of things for my friends in battlefield.
We need sometimes players who are doing nothing ... Huh !

I hope you will keep your smile and ....