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Happy new year and im sorry! [Last article from bATRA]

Day 1,870, 06:03 Published in Norway Norway by bATRA

Hello fellow eNorwegians o/
Its with tears in my eyes i have to write this article and it will be my last one after playing this game for almost 3 years.

My story regarding recent events
As you all might know i sold Nordjylland to Alexander of Babylon for 20k CC.
My intention was fast cash and money to buy supplies for eNorway. ( at Rizon)

3 Days ago i got contacted by Alexander of Babylon right befor i was heading to my familys cabinet in the mountains of Norway. I talked with him for about 6min befor leaving. I then lied to my people:
Because i didnt want to say that i sold Nordjylland for 20k CC. I was going to NE Denmark back right away but lack of time and being on vacation stopped that.

We dont have internet in the cabinet but i took my skiis to a vacation senter couple of miles away to check how things are going in eNorway. I had to change DO back to something else then Nordjylland and went skiing back to the cabinet. The next morning i did the same thing to see that DO was on Nordjylland and i knew that my deal with Alexander of Babylon was destoryed.
I didnt logg into Rizon and EDEN channels because i had already given my trainee there work orders. But they had set prio 1 for Norway in Nordjylland without talking to me and i didnt check prios. Safe to say that i fucked myself in the ass.

My intention are pretty simple and i dont expect you to forgive me in anyway.
I would get 20k CC for Nordjylland from a known medalhunter and business man. Many of you think he is a scammer but that isnt really 100% true. I would then NE Nordjylland right back giving 20k CC and lossing fish bonus for 2 days. (This is a small sum but its better then nothing)

I blocked Nordjylland a few weeks and from Lazokrati PTO in Denmark. I gave Norway a fishbonus after talking to German CP but i knew the province isnt Norwegian. We had to release it for the next congress election and i wanted to earn some cash from it befor we had to give it back.

Why did i want to sell Nordjylland?
Its simple, I needed money and i didnt get access to the bank of Norway. We had NE on Lituania but i didnt want to attack because supplies wasnt ready and MoD was pretty afk at the time. He told me yesterday that he had supplies without informing me. This is a vote i made so i could get some cash for a war. If you take a fast look you can see that only 1 person voted None.

"My answer is NONE (neither 10k, nor 20k) because I believe we should spend whatever ammount necessary and affordable (regardless if it is 20k or even 100k) to see the war ends from the victorious side" Vileskont

What happend when the vote was closed? Nothing. Not a single CC for War and i became pretty pissed at that point. Why do you think i asked Alexander of Babylon for just 20K CC? because that is what i needed.

Anyways, I got 5k CC from Alexander of Babylon ( and didnt get the rest because i was afk and didnt change the DO.

This is my current cash:
I gave all money i got from Alexander of Babylon to Tommy Skaue because i know he could keep it safe. I also gave him 10 gold for keeping it safe and the trouble. The money was never meant for me and i have never been like that. Gold and CC isnt why i play this game, I play it so i can talk to friends and enemys! I have been loyal to eNorway for almost 3 years and people still dont trust me. I cant blame them 🙁

More information:, and

Good bye
This is my last article and im going to be two clicker for a long time now. I might even stop playing if i lose interest in this game. When i decide to stop playing i will sell all my companys and donate all the gold to eNorway.
Im going to write a short resume of a couple of friends and say what i think about them. Best of luck and i love you all.

Collection of close players.

Tommy Skaue (cherub)
A close friend in this game and a great role model for many young players.
Caring and nice person, Someone you can trust and respect. I might not know him in real life but i still consider him a real life friend. Take care and dont forget to take care of eNorway when im gone. Thank you for being the heart of eNorway!

Someone that like to argue and point out every single wrong move by anyone. Someone i have tried to ignore for a while now and could easy see him as a bully. Someone that rather talk then do anything himself. Someone that took money for Q6 weapon factorys and never gave it back to eNorway. Someone that is trust worthy and is skilled with budget/economy.

He like it when everything is safe and relaxed. Really careful and really great guy when you get to know him 😉 He is also very trust worthy and have been working for eNorway under a long time. He is the founder of FSK and work daily so that you all can get weapons. Thank you taulen for your hard work and take care of eNorway.

A young but very smart guy. Skilled writer and want more than he can do. He is one of those who manage to make eNorway PTO free and i respect him for the time and efford he have put into this game.

A very young playing that i have been talking and teaching for a while now. He is a future star in the political scene of Norway if he have time. Very funny and smart guy that i will talk with more in the future i hope!

Suger daddy 😉 He love to donate food and everything to anyone. He is almost to nice to everyone. He used IRL money so that his workers could get a really great pay. Extremly nice and he should get all respect in the world for that. There should have been more eCitizens like him.

van Spijck
My friend from Netherland and the one that gave Norway-Netherland a really strong and great relationship. He is currently SC and lets all hope he can turn EDEN around and bring back the brotherhood! He use countless of hours on this game and i hope to talk more with him in the future. Best of luck my dear friend.

A very polite and fair eNorwegian. He might not be a norwegian in real life but i trust him like one. He should get more respect and love then he currently get and have been PP for Tek a while. Thank you for all the work you have done for TeK!

Ursidae Polar aka bjørnen
Founder of Kickstart and currently aSC helping van Spijck to get EDEN back on track. This guy is amazing and not in a homo way ;P Very smart, funny and caring. Thank you for all your work and good times!

Che Kukaken
Former CP and one of the first to discuss about a Norway, Sweden and Finland cooperation. Todays Asgard and is a really good friend. I have learned a couple of tricks from this guy and thank you for all the work!

One of my first trainee and gave him position in my government. I talked a lot with him befor but i have lately lost contact with him. Im sorry for that and i could blame lack of time but that is pathetic. Very friendly and funny guy that take his job serious. Best of luck in the future and thank you for the work!

A old eNorwegian soul that i brought back to life! He was a mentor when i was a really young ecitizen and he have created a huge babyboom once! If we want to get eNorway back on track this is the guy you should ask. I havent talked that much with him that much in IRC but i still respect him alot. Thank you for everything from younger days to old days!

This guy like to express his words and feeling with the use of pictures. Have been a congress chairman for a long time and thank you for the work.

Norwegian tank and someone i havent talked that much too! I still want to thank you for all the damage under the years and please protect eNorway in the future!

Founder of The Party and have been CP 3 times. His work have as Minister of Immigration, Minister of Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs have given eNorway a great foundation. Thank you for all the work!

She is a girl and that is why i love her 😉 Keep playing so that eNorway dont get 100% infested by guys.

Per Jostein
A very skilled MoFA and someone i have worked with for some time. Thank you for all the work and may the potatos rape in the future.

Old CP and thank you for all the work. Dont know you that much but i just wanted to mention you!

This guy hidding in the dark two clicking. He have been MoI befor and i have tried a couple of times to get him to work! Thank you for being part of eNorway and not quiting. Best of luck!

eNorway biggest money spender and first GOW. Really great guy and lets hope he can tank Norway in the future too!

This guy have been a norwegian congress member many many times and is currently a SEAL. I really hope he will come back to eNorway someday and i wish him all the luck!

Bob Turkee
Former CP of eNorway and someone i looked up to when i was a young citizen. He is still a SEAL but he is back in eNorway after i have been nagging on him for a while 😉 Dont know him that good because he have been afk for a long time now. eNorway need you and please help! Thank you for all the work you did in the old days and best of luck!

This guy helped bring back TeK and i respect him for that. He is a foreigner but a skilled writer and very nice. I hope he will come back to eNorway someday and help rebuild it. Hope you are having a good time back home and you are always welcome in eNorway.

This is all from me and its been both stressful and sad couple of days :'(
Take care everyone and ill be two clicker to atleast Mar 04 (so that i can say that i have played this game for 3 years)

Lots of love and hugs! Best of luck and im really sorry 🙁
Former CP of eNorway.
Former MC of EDEN.
Former MoD of eNorway.
Former MoI of eNorway.
Former MoE of eNorway.
Former PP of TeK

Contact me at skype: crazybatra irc: bATRA (#enorge at quakenet)


Alexander of Babylon
Alexander of Babylon Day 1,870, 06:06


EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,870, 06:11

second+v s old

first= tank please : (

Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Day 1,870, 06:12

vote and good luck in RL o/

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,870, 06:16

Good luck Batra!

SokoBiH Day 1,870, 06:21

you forgot something : D

The guy I like" : P

Good luck Batra!

Clorofila Day 1,870, 06:25

voted... wish you the best Batra, don´t forget this is a game, enjoy it and be back to ahve fun and play for EDEN the best you can. 😘**************

Jochen Lutz
Jochen Lutz Day 1,870, 06:29

Good Luck!
I wish you all the best in RL!

redbody Day 1,870, 06:57

Good luck, bATRA! : )

Vileskont Day 1,870, 07:09

bATRA, as I already told you- we are all people and but his- born imperfect! Everyone makes mistakes! Mistakes are what we learn from and what makes us better! You should not stop playing for making a mistake! It was your position that augmented the mistake but still you are a fellow citizen and we are a good community, I believe! This is what sets eNorway apart! This is why I am here, work, train, and fight for eNorway! And therefore I strongly I believe you deserve a second chance. And I, as a player and currently a PP of TeK am willing to give you one! Because I believe that Christmas has made us all good and forgiving. That is from me, I hope you think this over and change your mind! Best of luck! And Happy New Year!

Gameiro101 Day 1,870, 07:10

Good luck bATRA.

And don't give up the game, Norway need everyone 🙂

Steina Day 1,870, 08:21

Aww, bATRA, think it over. We need active Norwegians : )
Good luck at the army!

Ursidae Polar
Ursidae Polar Day 1,870, 08:52

Thanks for the good times, bATRA - hope to see you around soon and that you're not leaving for good! ; )

eisenmutter2 Day 1,870, 09:20

"I would get 20k CC for Nordjylland from a known medalhunter and business man"

i think the word you are looking for is goldbuyer not businessman

Chepe Nolon
Chepe Nolon Day 1,870, 09:22

Keep in touch mate you're one of the best in here 😉

MrVmax Day 1,870, 09:36

Good luck bATRA!

And remember that eNorway still needs you. 😮)

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 1,870, 11:35

Thanks for your kind words. Your records show numerous great deeds for eNorway and our community. I am more than willing to disregard this "glitch" and hope you will stay around. As pointed out, this is still just a game and you can rest assure most players have made them, more than once.

taulen Day 1,870, 11:55

I just dont understand how you can call it a "glitch", but done is done, and in the end, no real foul. But that dont mean I like what you did.
Just going to point out a few small errors in your article.
If alexander of babylon IS NOT a scammer, I dont know who qualifies to be called just that. I have personally been scammed by him.
And the second thing is you're saying is that fredrikz never gave back the gold/money for the Q6 faactory, thats not true either.

But eitherway I'm saddened to see you leave, hope to see you back sometime.

taulen Day 1,870, 11:56

Just a quick correction
I just dont understand how you (skaue) can call it a "glitch", but done is done, and in the end, no real foul. But that dont mean I like what you (bATRA) did.

Per Jostein
Per Jostein Day 1,870, 12:58

thanks for your words, batra! I hope you come back to activity some day.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,870, 13:10

Aye, you're "safe to say" hit's right on the nail. Fortunetly you where going into 2 click mode by the 9th anyway. In a wile we'll be laughing about this, although like a farmer with toothache. Wish you all the best in your coming military career, and hope you won't be a stranger. Take care my friend. o7

T Cherub
T Cherub Day 1,870, 14:58

I didn't expect you to get it, taulen... we see it differently, that's all.

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,870, 19:02

bATRA: thanks for your efforts as CP. I wont dwell on this last incident as it dosent represent the great job you have done for eNorway. Hope to see you back soon. Gl in the army.

Divonex Day 1,871, 23:00

Good luck bATRA!

fredrikz Day 1,871, 04:42

Sad to see you go. You fucked up greatly but that doesn't mean that you are not welcomed here.

Sad to see that you continue to lie, even in your farewell speech. No money was never denied to you, no access was never denied to you. Our bank has millions of NOK, there was no need for 20k NOK. And for what war did you need the money? Our NE with Lithuania was long gone. Your entire motive is a lie and thus just makes this even more strange.

I won't comment about what you wrote about me, I understand that you are angry at me for having the guts to take this up.

I am sincerely hoping that you will return someday, you have many friends here.

fredrikz Day 1,871, 04:55

I will however continue to wonder on why you :"didnt want to say that I sold Nordjylland for 20k CC" and when was you actually planning to tell?

You continue to bable about that you needed it to buy supplies for a war, when no war was in miles reach and our army had more than enough supplies stacked up.

Pacheeee Day 1,871, 04:56

Sad to see another Scandinav leave the game, God knows we need everyone we can get our hands on to keep Balkan out of the picture!

As many others say; no reason to pull the plug just because of a single mistake. I mean, there's not many CP's who haven't done something to piss off someone. Afterall, most of us are not trained politicians and sometimes things in this game have to be decided on a short notice..

Lombaxine Day 1,871, 06:48

It's sad to see yo leave bATRA. I was gone when all this happened, so I haven't really had the chance to be mad at you or anything 😉 I hope this after all isn't the last time we see you in here 🙂

Endymionis Day 1,871, 09:23

It was a considerable mistake, but you have also done a lot of good for Norway.
Sad to see you go, hope you will be back when you have finished protecting Norway irl.

Delirium90 Day 2,028, 12:28

not last article : P

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