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Happy eBirthday, van Spijck!

Day 1,642, 11:58 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Zeeuwsmeisje

Today it is precisely one year ago, that van Spijck read about an online strategy game named eRepublik and decided to check it out. Soon, he even stopped playing Civilization, so I knew there had to be more to this game... After I joined myself, I realized it are the game mechanics that enable you to play, but it are the players that make the game. I guess no one knows this better than van Spijck...

In the past year, van Spijck put a lot of time and genuine interest in getting to know people from around the globe and made some close friends in the process. I may have missed a few, for which I apologize, but for his first eAnniversary I contacted some names I knew and asked them to contribute to this article.

The plan was to make this a fun article with meaningless pics, but after reading their personal words, I decided there was no need to. Let me be the first to say: Happy eBirthday, love, and enjoy these beautiful words from your mates!


3 months after van Spijck joined us on eRep he became an Alpha Unit member where he stayed for 9 months! I have seen van Spijck grow from rank Captain to National Force and from 500 strength to 5000 strength! He has come far but knowing van Spijck this is only the beginning! He’s a great player that dedicates most of his time to improve our little eRep community through politics. I think it’s safe to say that van Spijck and I have become good eFriends and I hope we will enjoy his presence in this game for many years to come! Happy one year anniversary mate!

Ilphen, eGermany:
It was around the time when I was elected CP of Germany for the first time when I got to know van Spijck. He was one of my contacts to Netherlands and since then we have had good relations, he is one of the few guys I can always talk to regarding NL even if he isn't in the govt. He gets shit done and I really appreciate that! I'm certain we'll enjoy a few drinks in Zeeland sometime in the future and I'm looking forward to that. Happy Birthday van Spijck! 🙂

MaryamQ, eBelgium:
I've been playing this game more than 2-1/2 years, but I am continually impressed by some of the "younger" players who have risen to prominence in the Low Countries in the past year. I have gotten to know van Spijck through numerous late night chats on IRC - I swear the man never sleeps - and have been fascinated by his broad range of interests and insights both inside and outside eRep. Happy eBirthday, mijn vriend, and may you have many more!

MUFC92, eIreland:
I'm honoured to be here and talk about van Spijck, he's the only guy who is always awake, always ready to chat. One of best players in this game, good friend! He makes Netherland look a lot better. Happy Birthday from ICA brah o/

AlexMCS182, eFrance:
I met van Spijck around the time when we finally succeeded to liberate NL from Poland, I was tanking, and he added, what I didn't know at this moment, was that I found out an incredible friend.
Indeed, a friend who follows me everytime, ready to help anytime, very friendly, open-minded, he goes to the people easily...
The kind of guy you're very glad and honored to get in your circle of friends.
Happy B-day van Spijck o/ Long live to you here and keep up the good work !

Tamas Vlad, eUSA:
Van Spijck, yesss, a great guy, and friend... we talked several nights from nonsens to strategies of creating an Empire together using nothing but diplomacy and words 🙂 It's true, he is always there if you need him, and always so kind and patient to listen everything you have to say. Happy Birthday my friend. (Gefeliciteerd met uw verjaardag. Groetjes van mij.)

Prince of Estherland, eGreece:
I deal with many ministers and ambassadors every day, but he is always one of the most fun to talk to! Great guy, always funny, honest and a man of his word... 🙂 The words are the mightiest weapon of all after all..! 😃 Really valuable player 🙂
van Spijk I wish you to have a fantastic and happy birthday! Gefeliciteerd! 🙂

ArikAharon, eIsrael:
I remember the first time I spoke with van Spijck.
He was a cool dude. But above that - he was smart.
I knew that someday, he will do great.

van Spijck, in a short while (1 year) you managed to make your self a lot of friends.
I'm one of them. Happy e-Birthday mate 🙂

Che Kukaken, eNorway:
Van Spijck is and has been a great ambassador for the eNetherlands. Through his extensive work for the best of his efriends and ecountry, he really has been/is a voice of truth in good and bad eDays!."

Congratulations with your ebirthday m8.
Van spijck is smart serious and the most important thing he is a great friend. so van spijck happy e-Bday.

Konrad Neumann:
Van Spijck a citizen an international eCitizen and a friend to all. As you celebrate your first eRep birthday, I want to congratulate your first year and I wish you a happy first eBirthday. May you set sail on many more happy years and always maintain your great passion in both eRep life and real life.

Shtula, eSerbia:
My friend, I would like to congratulate you, wish you all the best for your one year anniversary. You are the great fighter,great player and eNederland can be very happy with you. Pozdrav! Shtula. 🙂

Ice Mean, eCroatia:
I met Van Spijck when i started my job of Ambasador in eNL. He was the first person which helped me, later when I met him we became good friends, hours and hours talking about eCro and eNL and something about RL. Bro happy 1 year playing hope, it will be lot of years in eRep and lot of chatting too long time in night. Brooo happy 1st year in eRep 😁)))))



Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,642, 12:01

Happy Birthday. We love van Spijck!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,642, 12:02


one year of epicness!

Kurdt   Fradenburg
Kurdt Fradenburg Day 1,642, 12:03

I dont know you van Spijck but it looks like your a good dude

happy birthday

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Day 1,642, 12:06

Happy eBirthday friend! Take only the best from your eLife 🙂

Plugson Day 1,642, 12:13

I've only know van Spijck for a couple weeks but can say he's a good fella. o7

That's one fine cake.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,642, 12:13

Happy eBirthday van spijck!!

Stakerauo Day 1,642, 12:13

Happy eBirthday, van Spijck! : )

AlexMCS182 Day 1,642, 12:15

Happy eB Day to an incredible mate o/ !

Rineke Day 1,642, 12:15

Happy eBirthday

FrankieVB Day 1,642, 12:16

Happy eBirthday!

jhonatan94 Day 1,642, 12:18

Congratulations my friend!
i wish you an excellent day!!!

Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,642, 12:19

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happy birthday:D

Eefde Day 1,642, 12:27

Happy eBirthday! : )

Soutatzu Day 1,642, 12:30

van Spijck is a good tank 🙂

ishabad Day 1,642, 12:34

ahppy eBirthday

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 1,642, 12:36

Have a great day sir! Congrats! o7

kuckuck Day 1,642, 12:40


ElGorro Day 1,642, 12:46

Happy eBirthday!

Gilio82 Day 1,642, 12:57

Happy B-day!

QuasiByte Day 1,642, 12:58

Happy eBirthday!

Mr. Sphere
Mr. Sphere Day 1,642, 13:47

Same here Van Spijck, Happy eBirthday! This is your day so enjoy!

Niemand Day 1,642, 14:14


Ely.nea Day 1,642, 14:20

happy birthay to you ^^

Ice Mean
Ice Mean Day 1,642, 14:36

Sretan ti 1. rođendan u eRepubliku brate 😁))))
happy 1st Bday in eRepublik broo 🙂

ilphen Day 1,642, 14:39

Happy birthday! o7 : D

Freiheitskaempfer Day 1,642, 14:41

happy birthday br0 o7

AL Soldier95
AL Soldier95 Day 1,642, 14:41

Happy eBirthday van spijck!!

ArikAharon Day 1,642, 14:43

Happy eBirthday mate : )

Tsahi K
Tsahi K Day 1,642, 14:44

Happy eBritday mate 🙂

MaryamQ Day 1,642, 14:56

Happy eBirthday, van_Spijck! I'm grateful to be able to call you friend, and thank you for the hours you have invested in making so many friends and trying to make a better eWorld. You're one of the best!

Viglius Day 1,642, 15:04

Happy eBirthday! ^^

straatpup Day 1,642, 15:42

happy eBirthday!!

Nico Costello
Nico Costello Day 1,642, 16:00

happy bday!!!

Shtula Day 1,642, 18:12

Great article. : ) happy eBirthday mate!!

av khan
av khan Day 1,642, 18:37

Happy birthday o/

Aldous Zamiatin
Aldous Zamiatin Day 1,642, 18:39

Happy eBirthday, buddy!

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,642, 18:41

Happy Birthday!
Don't forget to be a bad bad boy for a day xD


Karakoran Day 1,642, 21:27

Happy eBirthday, van Spijck

PPandP Day 1,643, 03:43

Happy eBirthday, keep being as useless as you are now 😃

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,643, 05:13

Happy eBirthday!

DimlightHero Day 1,643, 05:43

Happy eBirthday bro. I'm glad you've found this game

Shrike88 Day 1,643, 07:55

Gefeliciteerd met je eBirthday!

epix Day 1,643, 08:13

Happy eBirthday van spijck!!

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