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Day 1,779, 19:04 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1779

Dear eAmericans,

this is 3rd article since i officialy announced my CP candidature.

-My official announcement
-About opponent / now former one

Today, i will present to you, why you should vote for me, but not for other candidates.

Last few days, there was many rumors about unity candidate, candidate who will fight against me, "dirty foreign PTOer". That's proof some guys here don't realize this is just a game, and i'm just a human, like they are, but, that's thier problem, not mine.

Anyway, uniti candidate is Pfeiffer aka Henry Arundel, guy who made problems in USA more than i did. Bad choice in any way. But that's what our Government doing last few months...making bad decisions! Right?

Let's take a look on some previous "achievements" of our Gov and their unity candidate:

-lost bonuses
-lost all foreign regions
-bad immigration policy
-bad foreign policy
-broken relationships with old and loyal allies
-corrupted state apparatus
-low transparency
-bad inner policy
-eUSA civil war
-broken relationships with officers and units
-fall of usable damage
-broken relationship with foreigners in USA
-arrogancy, dictatorship, monopoly, imperialism....

those are just few of many things that our previous Governmens did. And, after all this, do you need anything else to choose tomorow.

eUSA have all predispositions to have strong economy and powerful army. We can chose our own allies and enemies, and no need someone else to do that for us. I have few primary goals, and i will present to you just few.


These days, many of my opponents trying to show me as "enemy of CTRL", but thats not true. I'm open for any option, but we must follow procedure, and respect some principles. Few days ago, we situation when our new allies have DO "Fight for Serbia in Punjab" and official USA DO was 'Fight for China in Punjab". Now, i'm asking you, is this normal ?! Huge damage is wasted for nothing.

Second thing related to CTRL is our MPPs. CTRL main goal is to move playground from Balkans to other parts of eWorld, but Poland and Spain still hold majority of their MPPs with Balkan allies, and we broke all our MPPs we had. I think that's stupid and unnecessarily. We are one of most powerful countries in eWorld, and as i said, we can chse our allies and enemies, no need someone to dictate that for us.

-Foreign affairs-

Many of you know my oppinion about relationship with old, or now i can say former allies, or even enemies. I think it's really stupid to loose all good MPPs we have. I'll try to rebuild good old relationships, but within CTRL interests. We can hold good old relationships and follow CTRL.

-Inner affairs-

We lost all our foreign regions and bonuses. Curent Gov explain that as strategy agains PTOers. But what they can't realize is that foreigners or PTOers are not in USA becouse bonuses, but becouse PTO. Right?

So, my oppinion is that loss of our bonuses and regions is unnecessary and i'll try to bring back all we lost in last few weeks.

Citizens need bonuses, becouse our economy falling down quickly, and if we continue like this, we will reach bankrupt and total collapse.

Also, our priority must be keeping new players in game as long as it's possible. We need fresh blood, new faces and new leaders.

-Immigration policy-

This issue is related with previous one. IES must work better and must follow precedure, and we won't have any problems. Problem with our IES agents is that they are arrogant.

But that's problem with whole Gov. Arrogant and selfish guys, who think this is their country and they can do what they want. They looking on eUSa as their own property, and we must stop that.

Those were just few of issues i need to deal with if you chose me. I'm ready and i'm not affraid of my job.

But, you must know i'm not alone. behind me is my team,a nd they will give everything to make eUSA better place for everyone.

This is my cabinet:

Vice President - Potato134

Potato has a wide range of experience in government and party leadership, and he demonstrates that this is a unity ticket which seeks to bring Americans together and heal our country.

Chief of Staff - Chickensguys

A Congressman and former Chief of Staff. Expirienced in these affairs.

-Deputy Chief of Staff - resita2009

An experienced leader with a great deal of respect with the Romanian-American community.

-Director of Ambassadorial Affairs - Clorofila

Last few terms doing this job

Secretary of Defense - Deificus

Deificus - One of the most respected and effective SoD's in American history who will be coming out of retirement to fix the damage done over the past few months to America's military.

-Deputy Secretary of Defense - Dihenekis

Dihenekis - The long-term Greek MoD who will provide aid and coordination in making sure Americans of all backgrounds are able to effectively coordinate our military strategy.

Secretary of State - TBD

-Deputy Secretary of State - TBD

National Security Director - GreekM4n/DrummerMike

Greekm4n is proposed by Potato, and i still waiting for his answer. He has a lot of experience in this area and is a strong and natural fit to move up to this senior position.

DrummerMike - Probably he will be on this position. Expirienced politician. Most of career spent in ePhilippines politics.

Secretary of Interior - behnam jabarri / George Griphin

behnam jabbarri - expirienced politician, or how he like to say ‘ Politician not an ordinary soldier”. He will help me to fix inner issues,a dn we have lot of it.

Secretary of Media - Richard Nixon II

An experienced writer who can be relied on to provide the general public with fair and concise news regarding your government.

-Deputy Secreatry of Media - Captain Kushskins

Secretary of Immigration - Savonrepus

A several term Congressmember who will fix the corrupt immigration system and make sure that all new immigrants intend to serve our countries best interests.

-Deputy Secretary of Immigration - dllp

Secretary of Education - emdoublegee

Curent SoE adn guys who knows his job well. ITs important to continue what he started and we will give him chance to achieve that.

If you find my program and goals accetable for you, then remember this:


It's time to say enough to dictators, elitists and monopolysts. Its time for democracy!!!

If you miss'd last night eNPR debate, you can listen all here. I would like to say tnx to Custer and Aerilea for giving me opportunity to present myself and my program and goals.

This is a first step in recognizing me as nonPTO candidate. Apreciate that.

French player Saberan make interview with Pfeiffer and me and take a look on french point of view on CP elections in eUSA.

For shout:


New in "HMS" !!! Need place for your advertisement with huge number of visitors?! Then, you are on right place. One of pics bellow can be yours.

If you want to advertise yourself in my newspaper pls fill this form and you will get all info.



potato134 Day 1,779, 19:12

please take English classes

arash irani 5
arash irani 5 Day 1,779, 19:14

1st ! voted

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,779, 19:16

if my bad eng is ur only pain in the ass, i think thats good proof i did good job in this campaign xD

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,779, 19:17

potato, at least he speaks a second language.

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,779, 19:22


Termonuklearni Pazuh
Termonuklearni Pazuh Day 1,779, 19:27


Bucephalus92 Day 1,779, 19:32

Ugh I finally managed to decipher it all, let me help some of you still trying now and give you some advice, its awful and not worth your time.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,779, 20:00

I don't care if English is his first language or not, at the end of the day he has a clear plan and I think anybody who disagrees that our current government is a colossal failure either has their head in the sand or is sitting in a very comfortable and privileged position. eUSA has been abused for too long.

Real life ethnic, linguistic, and national origins are irrelevant in this game. Hanibal is an experienced player and I trust him to do a good job.


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,779, 20:12

ty Captain Kushskins, i rlly apreciate that !!!

Hale26 Day 1,779, 20:20

Well written article, though I will be voting for unity candidate. Sorry Hannibal, but I will not vote for a party that can not restrain it's congressmen. (You're people keep letting in Serbs, who are fighting FOR Fryom. And I must remind you that FYROM is denying 8500 allied citizens around 2 bonuses each. That's 40% production.)
It's a shame we don't have an opposition that plays by the rules.
P.S- Vanek and Israel Stevens later answered my question. I blame "Che Anarchy" for all this -.-.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,779, 21:21

LOL@ a clear plan. All of which requires a cooperative congress AND military. Two things which he would not have. Tool.

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Day 1,779, 22:31


BeachBunny Day 1,779, 23:36

@John Jay lol that is something he will definitely not have! Cold day in hell before that happens in my opinion! Do any of you see a Cabinet! I don't see a Cabinet at all he doing this all by his self?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,780, 01:01

I'll be voting for Henry Arundel, not cause I like him, but because I bleed American.

Thanks for appearing on eNPR Tuesday night.

Colonel Landa
Colonel Landa Day 1,780, 01:21

I vote for Hanibal! Ljubomorne duse mogu da ga puse xD

Glyphe Day 1,780, 01:44

kutluk is amerinci

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,780, 01:45

America was built by immigrants, it'll have to be rebuilt by immigrants once again.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,780, 01:47

America was built by immigrants, it'll have to be rebuilt by immigrants once again. +1

Sinan Ks
Sinan Ks Day 1,780, 02:30

America was built by immigrants, that's true,but at least they call it HOME.
You want to rebuilt it with a bunch of Serbians???
And that invertebrate Ronald Gipper Reagan???
Albanians aren't voting for Serbian Barbie!!!

Jr.Bishop Day 1,780, 02:35

@arrogancy, dictatorship, monopoly, imperialism....

yup this is the source of all problems and current administration don't have problem with that ,contrary they enjoy it ^^

ujku76 Day 1,780, 03:15

altinks +1

Krimpie Day 1,780, 03:27

I see a) You got kicked out of another MU and 😎 you finally removed all the serb flags from your paper

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,780, 04:15

leewas i left GAMA, im not kicked. and i dont know about flags u talking about ?!

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,780, 04:24

Dobar clanak. Steta sta STVARNO ne mislis tako 😃

America was built by immigrants - Correct, but not by Serbian immigrants 😛

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,780, 11:56

kalimero00 a otkud znas sta ja mislim. ja opet kazem, dajte dokaze za bilo koju tvrdnju, ja cu reci da sam provaljen i paliti dalje.

a imate sansu da podrzite ovaj program, pa ko zna..sanse da zaista sprovedem program su 50-50 xD zar ne mislis da su to dobre sanse xD bolje nego sto vam ameri nude

Rona1d Day 1,780, 05:58

altink +2

OpaGangnamStyle Day 1,780, 06:09

good luck : )

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,780, 06:12

@Hanibal LA

Bojim se da ni ti ne znas sta mislis haha.

Nisam eAmerikanac pa se "nebum mesal" kako si rekli purgeri... ali da mi uz vas tribaju kokice... tribaju! LOL

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,780, 06:58


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,780, 07:22

kalimero da nebi rizikovao sa kokicama, sutra nek tvoju stisnu vote Hanibal LA xD cisto da osiguramo dobru zabavu xD

fingerguns Day 1,780, 08:37

We don't believe in cheap politic.propag.
There are 2-3 players/AFA/
who want
all the polit.power in eUSA
and to be absolute masters of all players
VOTE Henry Arundel for POTUS

naturaIMystic Day 1,780, 08:54

America was built by immigrants, it'll have to be rebuilt by immigrants once again.

Romper Day 1,780, 09:00

Serbian pTO vs Dioshits/Brits pTO? Same s*it, but funny. Keep it up!

Gmarsanu Day 1,780, 09:33

voted and sub

PortaFTW Day 1,780, 09:35

Go die trash!

fingerguns Day 1,780, 10:23

lol@immigration policy

Bexhet Daberdini Day 1,780, 10:55

Comment deleted

sasa55555 Day 1,780, 11:39

I will VOTE for HANIBAL LA....XD


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,780, 12:04

i dont need serbian troll in my comments xD

5440 Day 1,780, 12:36

One of the (many) funny things about using the whole RL "America was built by immigrants" thing, is that RL America doesn't even allow first generation immigrants to be president.

lrn 2 America

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,780, 12:39

I will vote for Hanibal

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,780, 12:49

5440 im eBorn and eRaised eAmerican xD im not immigrant at all xD

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 1,780, 12:53

omg, .... buy more votes, buy, buy, buy

Cthulhu.. Day 1,780, 13:26


Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,780, 13:30

NO to Serbia
NO to Hanibal


Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,780, 13:50

@Liquid Oxygen
NO to Serbia

LOL that is contradiction, noob!

p.s. Serbian PTO or Dioshit PTO = the same.

5440 Day 1,780, 13:51

Hanibal you should probably delete your articles with an Indo flag before trying to make that kind of claim.

PeVall Day 1,780, 14:13

btw hannibal on your profile pic take off "semper fi".

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,780, 14:34

^ Don't call yourself a conservative when you back Fluffer.

Kilimandjaro Day 1,780, 15:07

We Americans from Allaska support HanibalLa for president!

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