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Halloween Competition Starts on Day 2170

Day 2,169, 10:10 Published in Greece Greece by tsakali


Hello guys and girls ! This is my first article in English, for two reasons; the first is that I would like everyone to understand what the article talks about; the second, is because I have lots of erepublik friends from many countries that speak different languages, so, I believe that I would exclude them from getting infromed about the Competition that starts tomorrow, if I wrote it only in my language, i.e. Greek.

Q1: What's the idea of the Competition ?
A1: The idea of this contest is to unleash your Halloween spirit by creating the most horrific work of art; the entry can be a story, poem, lyrics of a song etc.

Q2: Is there a limitation ?
A2: The only limitation is that it must respect the same eRepublik rules that apply in eRepublik media as well.

Q3: What's the Theme of the Competition ?
A3: The theme of this contest is obviously Halloween.

Q4: Oh great ! And now I understood it everything tsakali ! Can you give me a specific example of what do you mean? Can you give me some examples for instance of the subjects or are you so IDIOT that YOU CAN NOT ???
A:Hey, hey, hey ! Watch your language my friend ! YES I CAN ( that I'm thinkg about that "Yes I can", it reminds me of 2008 President's Obama campaign and ask for the copyrights 😃 ) Here are a few subjects for your inspiration, but remember that you’re not limited to them: "How the Headless Chicken Lost His Head", "Plato and the Escaped Pumpkin" or "Lana Liberates Lapland".

Q5: Ok, now I got it.Are there any kind of rules tsakali?
A5: What do you think ? Of course there are.The Rules are:
1.In order to take part in this contest, you must either post your entry directly on the link to the topic (as a reply) here: or write an article on eRepublik media and link the article on the topic above (I gave you the link above, don't ask again).
2.You have to make the post to that link by Sunday 3rd November (Day 2175) 23:59 eRepublik time.
3.You must come up with a title for your entry.
4.The content must be original, no plagiarism is allowed.
5.The content has to be related to the theme given above.
6.One citizen can participate with a maximum of 2 entries

Q6: When will the winners will be declared?
A6: The winners will be declared on Wednesday 6th November (Day 2178).

Q7: How can I guarentee that my entry is received?
A7: To guarantee your entry is received, include the following text to your article and/or Forum post: "This story/poem/etc. participates in the Halloween Community Contest (link:"

Q8:And what about the Prizes?
A8:The prizes for the top 3 are following:
1st place: 50 gold
2nd place: 20 gold
3rd place: 10 gold

Q9:Who is going to choose the winners?
A9:Do you have to ask that too??? Are you so......!@@#$$%$#%$^^&^%&*@!# ? 😃
The winners will be determined by the horrific Plato himself!

Q10: Tsakali? Why do you have so many friends from around the globe?
A10: Hm...don't know...but I like that, cause if I go for instance a trip to a country, I can tell these erepublik friends to drink a cup of coffee.

Q11: Do you travel? And when will you travel next time?
A11: No friend 😃 No money, no honey ! After all, I'm from Greece, which our politicians brought our country to this terrible condition.

Thank you guys and girls for reading it.Before you leave, please take a moment and make these steps:
1.Vote this article
2.Sub to my newspaper (and if you want, send me a pm to sub to your newspaper too, I always sub back)
3.Shout this article to your friends, MU, Political Party: "Halloween Competition Starts on Day 2170: "

Good luck and have fun!



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Shout: "Halloween Competition Starts on Day 2170: "

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Слава Україні!

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