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Hagrid's Lotto [Week One]

Day 2,430, 07:57 Published in Australia Australia by DodgyHagrid
Ladies and Gentlemen,boys and girls step right up!

Welcome to the first Hagrids weekly lotto, here's a quick summary: I'm going to put up prizes for grabs weekly and for a small entry fee you have a chance of winning that prize.

In future contests I plan to up the stakes and include more than just one winner, all depending on how previous lottos go. And now enough chit-chat, here's what's up for grabs

This week we have a prize of 2 Gold for our lucky winner
The entry fee for this weeks lotto is 20cc

Ladies and gents, here's what I'm going to do, send the money to me along with a message telling me you've entered. The winner will be announced on Sunday, and the next contest will come out on either Monday or Wednesday. Remember, this contest will run consistently every week (depending on the success of the program of course).

Good luck to all contestants o7

P.S ignore the fact that my name is indeed DodgyHagrid. I promise that this will be a fair contest using a randomiser and screenshots.


DodgyHagrid Day 2,430, 07:59

Comment deleted

DodgyHagrid Day 2,430, 08:03
Hagrid's Lotto [Week One] Try your luck. Anyone may enter!
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Schoft Day 2,430, 08:06

good luck

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,430, 08:09


I can't win RL lottery so maybe I'll get lucky here!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,430, 08:16

Good luck \o/

J Seemore
J Seemore Day 2,430, 12:56


VampDeath Day 2,430, 19:34

Voted o7

Guagature Day 2,431, 04:30

Dodgy lottery sounds dodgy to me, count me in

George Obrien
George Obrien Day 2,431, 05:07

Im in

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