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Day 2,129, 10:39 Published in USA USA by Jude Conners


Greetings and Salutations, My Fellow Americans and Ajay:

So I decided to grace you all with another article by the self-proclaimed God of eRep media... eRepublik's Favorite Hippie... His Highest Holyness, Pope Jude the First of the Highest Holy Church of Judeist Dionism.

First thing I see today in the media is a yet another whinny article about being ousted from power yet again by Ajay, who currently goes by the name RGR in addition to countless multies. In the barely intelligible rant, we see some classic comedy, and it is clear that good ol' AJ continues to use the Ajay Bruno Article Generator to write all of his articles.

It's good to see that some things NEVER change. Keep the classics coming, Ajay!

Ajay (AKA General Cartman Lee, Pizza the Hut I, II, III, etc in his glory

By now, you would think Ajay would know how to do it right... after all, he's had countless numbers of accounts. Maybe using one of these current (or future) multi accounts and NOT connecting it to your marred name, you can come into power somehow. It's doubtful, but a better idea than the current loop you are stuck in. After all...

So the Epic Warfare crap has been completed and flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately, after not competing in the "tournament", I was still the victim of a SPAM message from a Spammer by the name of Plato.

What gets me is that I cannot Report the Spam nor can I send in a ticket. It's retarded. There should be an Opt-Out policy if nothing else. As it is, I had to opt-out of the damn spam e-mail the game sent me over and over again to my real-life email. When does it all end?!?

On a lighter side of things, I will be returning to Wednesday Nights with my music show, Magic Carpet Ride with Jude Connors. Join me tonight for a special show of nothing but 12 inch remixes. For more information, check out my blog. I'll be LIVE at 20:00 eRepublik time, so check it out at RadioStar.FM

And on that note... I'm out! Make sure you tune in and keep the game fun(ny)!

Stay High, eAmerica! And Keep Reaching for the RadioStar!

Jude Conners



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,129, 11:38

No self-respecting father would use drugs.

I hope CPS gets involved soon, for their sake.

and obsessed much? Weirdo

J.Lucent Day 2,129, 19:33

I've noticed you like to take jabs at peoples real life habits. It's a little shocking, and certainly shows a lack of character on your part. I'm glad Jude woke me up to your antics.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,130, 00:00

It's always fun being told about my RL from a man who RL got kicked out of not one but two universities for STALKING.

Uschmidt Day 2,130, 00:12

Ajay pssshhhht! Go to your doctor and tell him.

Delyruin Day 2,130, 02:01

Maybe YOU should smoke some do need to mellow out a bit.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,130, 08:37

You must be hard on some sort of drug. Seriously man. At your age I doubt you have even 30% of your original brain cell numbers. (implying you have a brain, which is at very best doubtful). Oh wait... it's the IQ, I should not troll boys with special intellectual needs due to IQs below 90.

Sorry man, I will make sure I'll treat you exactly according to your IQ level.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,129, 12:15

You are becoming my favourite publisher here \ o /

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,130, 00:00

I write but to amuse.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,130, 10:38

favourite? We don't put a U in that word in the USA k thx

Mr.Tosi Day 2,129, 12:54


Kooguy Day 2,129, 14:23

Glad I checked my subs today.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,130, 00:01

Me too, Koo

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,129, 14:42

if this clown says it's bad - it's gotta be gooooood!
Now you got subbed!

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,130, 00:02

Thanks for the sub. Keep reading, I plan to release more in the near future - for your reading pleasure, ofc.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,129, 22:20

hugs for jude

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,130, 00:01


Miss you on our TeamSpeak

chickensguys Day 2,129, 23:56


Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,129, 23:59

Told ya... true genius here!

chickensguys Day 2,130, 00:01

I was laughing about the CPS comment

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,130, 00:02

What can I say, Ajay loves Jude?

Uschmidt Day 2,130, 00:13

Jude for president.

Delyruin Day 2,130, 02:00

I wouldnt call CPS on you Jude. ❤

MuleBore Day 2,130, 03:37

Comment deleted

yenchizzle Day 2,130, 07:21

Write more Jude. Your the man! Even with those nasty RL habits! hahahaha 🙂

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 2,130, 07:31


D.AMBRIZZI Day 2,130, 07:58

we should do something to stop the players who are using bots on wrm market

vote and share

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,130, 08:34

Much respect Jude. \o/

Gnilraps Day 2,130, 08:54

good to see you around

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