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Guide to mIRC [Beginner's IRC Guide]

Day 1,737, 12:22 Published in USA Saudi Arabia by GZA The Genius

Hello all,

This will be another addition to my IRC guide series. I will be going through and showing you how to download and setup mIRC.

mIRC is a totally customizable IRC that is very user friendly. It's what most people will start out using when downloading their first IRC client.

Step 1: Getting mIRC.

Before you can use mIRC, you will first need to download it. This is the download link for mIRC.

You will be directed to a page that looks like this.

Click the big green download button to begin the download.

Step 2: mIRC Setup Wizard.

Once your mIRC has downloaded you may now begin the setup. Open the file you just downloaded to reveal a window.

Click "Run".

Now you will click "Next". This should bring to a license agreement. Click "I agree". Click "Next" again.

Now, we are at the "Choose Components" section that should look like this:

This is where you will be able to choose the components that mIRC will install. These are the components that I personally choose:

Now once you've selected the things you want mIRC to install, click "Next". You should now be here:

I recommend using the default settings on this step, as they are good settings to follow. Click "Next".

You will now be at the Install step. Click "Install".

Once you're at this screen, select "Run mIRC" and select "Finish".

*If you already clicked finish before selecting run mIRC, that is fine, just open mIRC from your desktop.

Step 3: Getting mIRC Setup to Use.

By now you should have mIRC downloaded, installed, and open for the next step. It should look like this once you've opened it:

Click "continue" and wait a moment. (You will always get this message when opening mIRC.) Now you should be able to click "continue" again. Don't bother registering it, as it costs money.

Now you should see this:

Fill in the fields with your information like this:

I will be using my eRepublik name as my Nick Name. (I highly suggest you use your eRep name also.) The alternative nick name is incase you ever disconnect and will need to be different from your normal Nick Name.

Now click "Ok".

Here you will need to double click the Rizon server, then double click random server. If you do not double click, it will not go through.

*(If you cannot find this server list, go to File < Select Server.)

Once you have done that, you will be returned to the Nick Name screen, just click "Ok".

Once you click "Ok" your server list should look like this:

* If there are any other servers other than Rizon listed there, you may right click on them and select "Close".


Before you connect, let me show you some handy tools. This will automatically sign you in to IRC whenever you hit "connect" and will also join channels automatically.

First, we need to go to Tools. Select "Options".

You should now see a pop-up window that looks like this:

Once here, you will now Click "Perform". You should then see this:

Now, check the box that says "Enable perform on connect". This will tell your IRC to perform the commands that you type into the box below.

Once you have checked the box, you may now add some commands for your IRC to perform for you. The first command we will put here is the "/Msg NickServ identify password" command. Putting this command here will automatically sign you into IRC each time you connect, as long as you are using your registered Nick Name.

It should look like this now:

*You will NOT type "password", you will replace "password" with your real one.

You may add some channels for your IRC to automatically join for you. To do this, you will use the "/j #channel" command. I will show you some examples:

Notice I added and #flighttraining to my "Perform" list. This will tell my IRC to join those channels whenever I connect.

*You may add as many channels as you'd like, but be sure to hit enter after typing each command.

Click "Ok" to close the perform pop-up and to make these changes. Click "Ok" again to exit out of Options.

Step 4: Connecting to IRC.

Now that we have our Perform set up, we can now connect to IRC. To connect, press the button that looks like a lightning bolt:

Once you've clicked "connect" (it may take a second to connect) you should be connected to IRC. You should now be signed into your Nick Name and it should have joined the channels we put in the "Perform" list.

You may also get this:

Uncheck the box that says "Pop up favorites on connect". Click "Ok".

You should now be able to use mIRC regularly and without problems. Now whenever you open mIRC, just hit the "connect" button and you're on your way! Good job!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or advice, then please feel free to send me a message ingame or on IRC.



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Roper 70
Roper 70 Day 1,737, 12:46

mIRC is the best, I highly suggest you at least give it a try everyone. Fields just took the time to make it so simply anyone can do it.
★ Aim High ★

Daz840 Day 1,737, 13:03

wow very nice great job

Ignas2526 Day 1,737, 13:46

Great article!

GLHalJordan Day 1,737, 13:49

Awesome. This one should be submitted to the DoE.

Nice work Marine. o7

GZA The Genius
GZA The Genius Day 1,737, 22:27

Thanks guys. 🙂

Blacksheep Counselor
Blacksheep Counselor Day 1,737, 22:43

wow very nice m8

Peter.North Day 1,737, 23:58

very usefull article. but won't mirc require payment after 30 days? or can we expact a registry hack in ur next article? ))

Timothe Loya
Timothe Loya Day 1,738, 00:19

Yay! Peter he specifically says you can ignore it as registering will cost money. I assume this is much like winzip where it says trial for 30 days but never actually enforces it.

GZA The Genius
GZA The Genius Day 1,738, 07:49

I've been using mine for 908 days. O.o some people seem to have that issue and some don't. I dunno, I'll be looking into it for sure, though.

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