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Guide to IceChat 9 [Intermediate IRC Guide]

Day 1,737, 09:55 Published in USA Saudi Arabia by GZA The Genius

Hello all,

I've noticed some people have had trouble with connecting to real IRC clients that are more reliable than their web-site based counter-parts. In this guide I will go step-by-step on how to download and get set up in a popular IRC (IceChat 9) used in the eRep community.

If you haven't guessed already, the IRC we will be examining is IceChat 9. I've found this to be a reliable and pretty decent IRC to use. It's simple, sleek, and has features to help you save your favorite channels, making them easily accessible at one click of the button.

Step 1: Downloading IceChat 9

Obviously before you begin using this client, you will need to download it first. The download for it can be found here. You will get a setup wizard just like when you download anything else. Go through it and get your IRC downloaded!

*If that link doesn't work (it should automatically begin installing) then here is the webpage to manually download it from. (Refer to picture below.)

Step 2: Setting Up IceChat 9

By now you should have installed IceChat 9. It should be listed on your desktop with an icon. Click on that icon and wait for it to load. Once it has loaded you will need to add to your list of servers, the following pictures will illustrate how to do this.

- You will need to click the add button on the left hand side. (yellow arrow)

- Once you click add, a window will pop up that needs to be filled out. You need to fill in the "Server Name" and "Nick Name" sections. For Server Name, you will enter "" into the field beside it. I suggest putting your eRepublik name as your Nick Name for IRC. Click save.

- Now that you have created the server, you are now ready to connect to IRC! You should see "" in your server list now. Click on it and then select "connect" at the bottom left of your screen. (red arrows)

Now that you have connected, you may join channels with the "/j #channelname" command, and may also identify yourself with the "/ns identify password" command.

I'll show you a few things to get you started in your new IRC.

- This is where you may add your favorite channels. Click "add" and type the channel name into the window. I typed some examples to show you what they should look like if done correctly.

- Once your channel is added to the list, you may click it and then select "join".

* "Nick List" (Listed above "favorite channels") will show the people that are on a specific channel.

This concludes my guide on how to install and use the basics of IceChat 9. I hope it helps and enlightens some of the less technologically inclined. 🙂 If you have any suggestions, questions, or advice, feel free to message me them ingame or on IRC.



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Roper 70
Roper 70 Day 1,737, 12:44

Great job o7
★ Aim High ★

GLHalJordan Day 1,737, 13:54

Nice one, Marine.
★ Aim High ★

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